France remains a top country for investors

Magalie Fièvre - 29-mai-2017 10:02:44
The freshly released EY’s annual survey about the attractiveness of the European countries shows that France is a hot spot for FDI : • In 2016, France remains ranked 3rd in Europe in matter of the number of establishment creating jobs, with 779 projects. • France has held for over 15 years the 1st place in terms of receiving industrial establishment in Europe. • France is the 3rd best country in the world regarding the reception of Research and Development establishment. • According to EY’s Barometer, the improvement of the economic picture is becoming confirmed. Innovation is from now on the 1st competitive advantage of France. • France’s policy of promoting its economic picture is recognized. Find out more in the EY’s Attractiveness Survey https://go.ey.com/2qakfku

The French maritime industry present at NorShipping 2017

Victor Brynning - 12-mai-2017 14:08:48
Pavilion number: D03-24   Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is hosting the French pavilion on this year’s NorShipping, where exhibitors from various French maritime sectors will be present. The French maritime industry is a first class technological and industrial pole, particularly known for freight and defense technology. It can offer innovative solutions both in France as towards international markets, where particularly the maritime construction and repair sector stands out. Having around 40 000 employees, the French maritime industry remains one of the world leaders in these technologies   in the world’s civilian and military markets - as number six in the world, and as number two in Europe. The success that France has gained in the maritime industry comes from the high quality craftsmanship related to its impressive technological capacities, as well as its highly recognized commercial efficiency. The industry is also characterized by an advanced specialization – where the competencies in the French shipyards are known for delivering complex fabrication with high added value for the customer, namely for luxury cruise ships, tanker ships, aircraft carriers, submarines and sophisticated recreational boats. This year we strongly encourage you to pay the French pavilion a visit, where the following companies will be present: GAZTRANSPORT & TECHNIGAZ - Engineering Company - expert in containment systems with cryogenic membranes used to transport and store liquefied gas, in particular LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). ( www.gtt.fr ) GERFLOR - Marine flooring expert, offering a complete flooring solution dedicated to new builds, retrofits and revitalization programmes. ( www.gerflorgroup.com ) DASSAULT - Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. ( www.3ds.com/marine-offshore ) ATOS - With a proven track record of over 50 years, BEN Marine is today a registered Atos brand. With its experienced engineers in critical products, Atos ensures product reliability, compliance with civilian and military standards, constant innovation and adaptation to your requirements ( www.benmarine.fr ) iXBLUE - Six core areas of expertise for the company as a whole: Shipyard, Inertial solutions, Underwater acoustic solutions, Photonics, Mechatronics, Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys. iXblue has developed a unique knowledge in vacuum infusion and using state-of-the-art design software, iXblue builds custom-made vessels as well as standardised series. ( www.ixblue.com ) ENA SHIPYARD - Entreprise Nouvelle Antillaise -   has been offering extensive ship repair services in Martinique Island, French West Indies, for more than 30 years.   ENA SHIPYARD can undertake a wide range of shipyard services of the highest possible quality. ( www.ena-antilles.com ). MARINELEC TECHNOLOGIES - is a leader in alarm and monitoring solutions for the marine industry.   The company improves safety of seamen and ships offering a comprehensive and competitive range of products combining reliability, quality and ergonomics, and providing worldwide customer service. ADD MODULES – is a sail developer whose solution applies on all existing rigs, and whatever chassis (dinghy, windsurf, sail cart, speed sail…). The Add-Modules semi-rigid wing sail facilitates the practice and performance in all weather conditions: a stable profile which comes down on the frame and ensures better courses, – ease of adjustment that expands the range of use of the sail, more lift and less drag.   About Business France : January 1st 2015, Business France was founded as a fusion of UBIFRANCE and AFII (the French agency for international investments). Business France has around 1500 employees located in France and in over 70 countries around the world, and offers its promotional services towards both private and public sector. For more information, go to: http://en.businessfrance.fr/ For more information about the French presence during this year’s NorShipping : Business France Norway Victor BRYNNING - Tel : +47 23 33 33 68 Email : victor.brynning@businessfrance.fr      

Launching the “Welcome to France – Helping you to settle in” service

Magalie Fièvre - 08-mai-2017 14:51:55
  The " Welcome to France " site, launched by Business France in februar 2017, is aimed at those who wish to set up business in France or move back to the country for their professional career.   This website offers a single service point for international talents, providing all the necessary information and details on administrative formalities to make for a smooth and successful move to France. This service provides customised assistance for all candidates seeking expatriation to the country.   Business France is setting up an information service for international talents and their families, who have moved for professional reasons. The Welcome to France site is designed to guide you through the various steps required for your expatriation to France. "Welcome to France" is a useful source of information for international talents and their families when dealing with the following administrative formalities:   - Visa, residence permit and work permit requirements   - Taxation   - Social protection   - Practical aspects of daily life: schools, finding accommodation, etc.   “Welcome to France”, a service to assist international talents in their move to France,   Potential expatriation candidates to France can contact the Welcome Office with any questions at any time via an online request form. They will receive an initial reply within three working days. Visit: www.welcometofrance.com  

Norske investeringer i Frankrike fortsatt høye i 2016

Magali VOISIN-RATELLE - 24-mars-2017 12:07:50
  I 2016 resulterte totalt syv norske investeringer i 166 nye eller opprettholdte stillinger i Frankrike. Disse investeringene var hovedsakelig rettet mot beslutningssentre i tillegg til industri - og produksjonsprosjekter. Selskapet Sapa Profiles, datterselskap til Orkla ASA, spesialist på innovative aluminiums løsninger, har investert to millioner euro for å utvid e selskapets fabrikk i Albi-Le Garric, i Occitanie-regionen.   Denne investeringen vil kunne resultere i av et tjuetalls nye arbeidsplasser. Sapa forblir den st ø rste norske arbeidsgiveren i Frankrike, med over 2 000 medarbeidere. Den franske filialen av Norske Skogindustrier AS, en av verdens ledende bedrifter innen produksjon av publikasjonspapir, har investert 7,1 millioner euro i et produksjonsanlegg for biogass i Golbey i nordøst i Frankrike. Investeringen ble gjort i samarbeid med Bio méthodes, datterselskap til det amerikanske selskapet Arbiom, som utvikler ny teknologi for bioraffinerier. «I dag ansetter norske selskaper mer enn 4 000 arbeidstakere p å fransk territorium. Frankrikes gode plassering hva gjelder norske bedrifters investeringsbeslutninger reflekterer en global trend, frukten av kontinuerlig reform- og forbedringsarbeid for å fremme landets attraktivitet (arbeidsmarkedsreform, gode forhold for utenlandske arbeidstakere, fleksible investeringsbetingelser, skattekutt..)» , sier Jean-François Dobelle, Frankrikes ambassadør til Norge. I 2016 ble det gjennomført 643 planlagte utenlandske investeringer, st ø ttet av Business France med lokale samarbeidspartnere (en økning fra 522 i 2015). De norske bedriftenes gode resultater føyer seg inn i bildet av Frankrikes som en stadig mer attraktiv destinasjon. I 2016 ble 1117 nye utenlandske investeringsbeslutninger foretatt i Frankrike, en ø kning p å 16 % fra 2015, med 30 108 nyetablerte arbeidsplasser.  

EquipHotel, Trender, Innovasjoner, Business & Events

Ulrikke Ørnholt - 19-avr.-2016 14:12:02
EquipHotel er en inspirasjonskilde for arkitekter, dekoratører og designere fra hele verden. Sammen med hotell og restauranteiere henter de inspirasjon fra messens levende scenografi til utformingen av morgendagens hoteller og restauranter. Med bistand fra et eget panel av anerkjente eksperter, blir trender og forbrukerkoder analysert, samtidig som det blir rettet spesiell oppmerksomhet på utvalgte innovasjoner. I mer enn 50 år har EquipHotel hjulpet den franske og internasjonale hotell- og restaurantnæringen med å tolke tidenes trender, registrere nyheter og fremme kontakter i bransjen – alt med ett og samme mål, nemlig å kunne tilby nye, konkrete løsninger og skape forretningsmuligheter for alle aktører innen hotell og restaurantvirkssomhet.   // Opplev EquipHotel 2016 • 360 graders perspektiv :   1 600 utstillere, hvorav 30 pst internasjonale – 30 sektorer fordelt  på   fem haller med et globalt produkttilbud • Internasjonal plattform: 111 064 besøkende, av dem 20 pst fra land utenfor Frankrike   • Foretningskontakter : Networking og International Investors’ Club • Events : konkurranser i matlagning og design, 250 live events og demonstrasjoner • Samlingspunkt : Et nettverk av franske og internasjonale samarbeidspartnere og beslutningstakere.     For ytterligere informasjon, se www.equiphotel.com Du kan også ta kontakt med messens representant i Norge: Promosalons Norge/ Franske Fagmesser T: 22 50 88 88 - E-post: norway@promosalons.com  

LAFON searches for partners on the Nordic markets

Amelie Argenti - 11-mars-2016 13:37:25
LAFON Technologies   was created in Bordeaux in 1959 and is, since 2006, part of the MADIC Group. With over 300 employees and an annual turnover of 40 million EUR, LAFON is currently looking to increase their presence on the Nordic markets through new partnerships. LAFON Technologies is a leading manufacturer designing, developing, producing and marketing all oil sector downstream equipment.  LAFON has a recognized know-how in terms of systems and payment terminals, dispensers, storage tanks, mobile stations and petro-equipment. More information about the company: · Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as a proof of its commitment to reduce the environmental footprint · Constant improvement of products and processes for better human and environmental safety · All the LAFON solutions are developed in compliance with European standards, with a high reliability and durability of functioning · The most complete range of products in the market: with over 2,500 products, it provides a complete solution for service station and oil depot managers · Long-term client satisfaction · A fast and uninterrupted service: 45 mechanical, software, electrical and normative engineers · Assistance & training: a specialised team serving oil sector installers · 7% of revenue invested every year in research and development          In the last five years LAFON has developed an electric vehicle charging system called PULSE. The innovative system has been created to function like a fuel dispenser for electric vehicles, with a number of distinguishing features including: rapid charging rate, design and safety features, and easy integration into existing payment and information systems. A more detailed presentation of LAFON Technologies can be downloaded here ; more information about their mobile tanks systems can be found here ; information about their petro-equipment here ; and details of the PULSE system can be downloaded here . Should you wish to contact LAFON or receive more information about their activity kindly contact Anne Saint-Amand in the Business France Oslo office: anne.saint-amand@businessfrance.fr

Aquafadas, leader i Digital Publishing siden 2011

Amelie Argenti - 04-févr.-2016 16:53:45
Aquafadas leder i  Digital Publishing siden 2011, søker samarbeidspartnere i Norden. Aquafadas gjør at bedrifter i alle bransjer kan skape og distribuere applikasjoner og grafikkrike interaktive innhold som dokument, kataloger og tidskrifter. Med Aquafad a s verktøy, kan man kommunisere med investorer, gi verktøy til sine salgsteam, og nå kunder på alle de største platformer på smartphones, tabletter og web. Mer informasjon finnes på deres hjemmeside  www.aquafadas.com eller klikk her for å laste ned selskapets presentasjon.   Aquafadas tilbyr : • Distribusjon på smartphones, tabletter og web (store applikasjoner, desktop applikasjoner ...) • Digital innehold (interaktivt innehold) • Spredning av digitalt innehold til flere platformer(innholdsoppdateringer når man vil) • Markedsføringsverktøy (anvende analyse, push notifikasjoner ...)         Noen referanser: CORPORATE              COMMUNICATION           E-COMMERCE               PUBLISHING               Tetra Pak Adecco Volkswagen Deloitte ... Publicis Activ eTF1 Havas 360 Rossel ... Tupperware Nespresso 3 Suisses Carrefour Market    ...    Laguardère Active    Prisa Revista Sanoma Egmont ... Aquafadas søker nå flere samarbeidspartnere og kunder i Norge. Selskapets VD kommer til Norge den 17 og 18 mars for å presentere selskapets grafiske løsninger og program. Er du integratør, mediebyrå, utgiver, opplæringsinstitutt, bedrift… og er interessert i å vite mer om  Aquafadas, kontakt gjerne Frederique Goudard ved Business France Norge (+47 23 33 33 69 , frederique.goudard(@)businessfrance.fr . Business France i Norge (det Franske eksportrådet) har fått i oppdrag å organisere møteprogrammet den 17-18 mars.