Launching the “Welcome to France – Helping you to settle in” service

Magalie Fièvre - 08-mai-2017 14:51:55
  The " Welcome to France " site, launched by Business France in februar 2017, is aimed at those who wish to set up business in France or move back to the country for their professional career.   This website offers a single service point for international talents, providing all the necessary information and details on administrative formalities to make for a smooth and successful move to France. This service provides customised assistance for all candidates seeking expatriation to the country.   Business France is setting up an information service for international talents and their families, who have moved for professional reasons. The Welcome to France site is designed to guide you through the various steps required for your expatriation to France. "Welcome to France" is a useful source of information for international talents and their families when dealing with the following administrative formalities:   - Visa, residence permit and work permit requirements   - Taxation   - Social protection   - Practical aspects of daily life: schools, finding accommodation, etc.   “Welcome to France”, a service to assist international talents in their move to France,   Potential expatriation candidates to France can contact the Welcome Office with any questions at any time via an online request form. They will receive an initial reply within three working days. Visit: www.welcometofrance.com  

Norske investeringer i Frankrike fortsatt høye i 2016

Magali VOISIN-RATELLE - 24-mars-2017 12:07:50
  I 2016 resulterte totalt syv norske investeringer i 166 nye eller opprettholdte stillinger i Frankrike. Disse investeringene var hovedsakelig rettet mot beslutningssentre i tillegg til industri - og produksjonsprosjekter. Selskapet Sapa Profiles, datterselskap til Orkla ASA, spesialist på innovative aluminiums løsninger, har investert to millioner euro for å utvid e selskapets fabrikk i Albi-Le Garric, i Occitanie-regionen.   Denne investeringen vil kunne resultere i av et tjuetalls nye arbeidsplasser. Sapa forblir den st ø rste norske arbeidsgiveren i Frankrike, med over 2 000 medarbeidere. Den franske filialen av Norske Skogindustrier AS, en av verdens ledende bedrifter innen produksjon av publikasjonspapir, har investert 7,1 millioner euro i et produksjonsanlegg for biogass i Golbey i nordøst i Frankrike. Investeringen ble gjort i samarbeid med Bio méthodes, datterselskap til det amerikanske selskapet Arbiom, som utvikler ny teknologi for bioraffinerier. «I dag ansetter norske selskaper mer enn 4 000 arbeidstakere p å fransk territorium. Frankrikes gode plassering hva gjelder norske bedrifters investeringsbeslutninger reflekterer en global trend, frukten av kontinuerlig reform- og forbedringsarbeid for å fremme landets attraktivitet (arbeidsmarkedsreform, gode forhold for utenlandske arbeidstakere, fleksible investeringsbetingelser, skattekutt..)» , sier Jean-François Dobelle, Frankrikes ambassadør til Norge. I 2016 ble det gjennomført 643 planlagte utenlandske investeringer, st ø ttet av Business France med lokale samarbeidspartnere (en økning fra 522 i 2015). De norske bedriftenes gode resultater føyer seg inn i bildet av Frankrikes som en stadig mer attraktiv destinasjon. I 2016 ble 1117 nye utenlandske investeringsbeslutninger foretatt i Frankrike, en ø kning p å 16 % fra 2015, med 30 108 nyetablerte arbeidsplasser.  

France in focus: Nordic companies in the ALPC region

Amelie Argenti - 29-janv.-2016 18:34:20
The Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes region is vast and rich in resources and solutions not only for local French companies, but also for the numerous international groups and organizations that set up in the area.  The region boasts of sub-surface resources from groundwater, limestone, oil & gas, to thermal springs, but also industrial complexes, clusters & centres of excellence, and high-tech facilities able to accommodate a range of organisations. Of note also is that ALPC has devoted an important part of their budget to innovation and R&D projects in the region. Over the years an increasing number of companies from the Nordic countries have bought, invested in or otherwise established themselves in the ALPC region. The sectors covered range from construction to pharmaceutical development, paper production and retail to name a few.        A selection of the Nordic companies and their activities in the ALPC region are included below: Yara International ASA , originally Hydro Norsk, was created in 1905 in Norway. The group specializes in agricultural products and environmental protection agents and is the leading provider of sustainable crop nutrition solutions. Yara has an annual turnover of around 15 billion USD and over 12 000 employees globally. The group has several facilities in France including the site in Pardies in the ALPC region, created in 1986 with the acquisition of AZOLACQ. The totally integrated plant is part of a large industrial complex and as Yara themselves illustrate the location is near the Spanish border and well served by daily flights, a speedways network, and connected to the national railway grid.   The Danish company Ambu is specialized in diagnostic and life-supporting procedures ranging from anesthesia to patient monitoring and emergency care devices. The company was created in 1937 and is today fully operational on a global scale, with exports accounting for over 98% of their sales. Ambu has an annual turnover of around 300 million USD and over 2200 employees globally, of which 29 are based in France. As part of the group’s strategy, activities on several markets were concentrated on one sole location per country. The French subsidiary Ambu SARL has been based in beautiful Bordeaux since 1988.     Stora Enso is a Finnish company with expertise in the biomaterials, paper, packaging industry, and wood products sectors. The group has a massive production capacity with 7,1 million tonnes of paper, million tonnes of board, 1.3 billion square metres of corrugated packaging and 5.6 million cubic metres of sawn wood . Stora Enso has over 26 000 employees in more than 35 countries and presented a result in 2014 of 11.4 billion USD in revenue. Stora Enso Bois in France has set up in two distribution centres, one of which is Rochefort in ALPC. Emphasis has been placed on product development, IT- and e-business development. Capio Group is a Swedish healthcare provider founded in 1994 operating in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France. The group offers a range of healthcare solutions through its hospitals, primary care facilities and specialist clinics. In 2014 Capio’s more than 12 000 employees treated 4, 6 million patients across the four countries. The French branch of the group represented the second-largest segment by net sales and number of patients visits in 2014 and employs over 5000 people in the country. Capio France was created in 2002 and has since established eight emergency hospitals, twelve local hospitals and three specialist clinics primarily for rehabilitation and psychiatry. The most recent opening in 2015 of the Belharra clinic in Bayonne will be able to accommodate around 50 000 patients a year and represents an investment of 80 million EUR by Capio in the region. For further information on the Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes region or Nordic companies and investments there, please contact Amelie Argenti, Amelie.argenti(@)businessfrance.fr  

France in focus: the high-flying aerospace industry in ALPC

Amelie Argenti - 29-janv.-2016 18:33:57
Few regions in the world can truly boast of such a dynamic aerospace sector as Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (ALPC). The region has a long history in the aerospace industry which has resulted in it positioning itself as a global leader and reference point in several subsectors of the field. Key figures of this sector in ALPC include: - 700 active companies - 40 000 jobs in the sector - 4 billion EUR in revenue Areas in which the region is a world leader include: turbines for helicopters, top of the range corporate jets, landing and braking systems, launch vehicles and propulsion and deterrent weapon systems to name a few. As a result of this know-how two important clusters have been created in the region. The first, Aerospace Valley  was created in 2005 through the close collaboration between the Aquitaine and the Midi-Pyrenees regions, and represents roughly one third of Frances aerospace workforce. The cluster has received funding for 450 R&D projects, representing 1.1 billion Euros. The second cluster AEROTEAM  situated in the Poitou-Charentes area was created in 2008 and has diligently promoted the partnerships, R&D and collaborations in the area. With over 150 companies in Poitou-Charentes, including large groups such as Thales, Zodiac Aerospace and Dassault Aviation, the merger with the Aquitaine region has created one of the largest gatherings of companies in the aeronautics industry. With such a large and specialized aerospace sector, it was a little tough to select just 3 companies to profile in this article. Nevertheless a selection was made, so we begin with the giant: Airbus. Airbus Defense and Space , part of the Airbus employs over 14 000 people and has a revenue of 14 billion EUR globally. The group has wide ranging expertise developing technology and programs for everything from defense and security to telecommunications and manned space missions. The site in Aquitaine was built in the 1960s and is made up of 70 000 m² of offices and workshops. It specializes in subassemblies, high-performance filament-wound and woven structures, thermal protection, atmospheric re-entry systems and complex testing. Dassault Aviation  has 4 sites in the ALPC region and over 2900 employees, almost a quarter of the groups global workforce of 11 700. The group produces falcon jets and military aircrafts and created the famous Mirage jets series. There is currently a partnership with northern Europe for the Dassault group in the form of the established collaboration with Swedish Saab AB as well as EADS in the creation of the nEUROn, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle. Zodiac aerospace founded in 1896, has been active in the sector for over 100 years with its earliest designs focusing on hot-air balloons and airplanes. Today the group’s activities are focused in three core segments: comfort and life on board aircraft, onboard systems, and safety on the ground and in-flight. With over 100 sites and a global workforce of over 30,000 people, the group retains an important presence in France and has five sites in the ALPC region alone. For further information on the aerospace industry in the Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes area, or to come into contact with the region to explore collaboration opportunities please contacte Amelie Argenti, amelie.argenti@businessfrance.fr Picture courtesy of Invest in Aquitaine

France in focus: The new region Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes

Ulrikke Ørnholt - 22-janv.-2016 11:03:01
Since the first of January 2016, the 22 regions of France have become 13. Every month we will take a closer look at the new territories and explore the vast richness and diversity that each region presents, as well as the links many of the regions have with the Nordic countries.   First up, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes: This large new region in the southwest of the country covers 84,061km2 which represents approximately 1/8 of France. The territory has several large cities including Bordeaux, Bayonne, Limoges, Poitiers, Pau and La Rochelle and totals 5,8 million inhabitants (similar to Denmark, Finland or Norway). In terms of its economy, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes has a large agricultural sector, representing 9.4 billion euros in revenue. Naturally its expertise and know-how in viticulture is renowned (Bordeaux and Cognac), but the region also has numerous gastronomic delicacies and goods and boasts of the highest number of entities with labels of excellence in France (155).   (photos courtesy of :  http://laregion-alpc.fr/  ) Of note also are the regions’ globally renowned clusters and centres of excellence within the aerospace industry (Aeroteam and Aerospace Valley), home to companies such as Airbus which we will be taking a closer look at in a later article. The aerospace sector counts 700 companies and employs 40 000 people resulting in a revenue of 4 billion euros. Tourism is another important contributor to the territory’s economy, unsurprisingly, with its beautiful ranges from the sea to the mountains, bringing 12,2 billion euros. Numerous other sectors also benefit from the know-how and production sites in the region including the pharmaceutical, marine and wood industries, green and renewable energies, ceramics, and textiles to name a few. Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes is also an important region for innovation and research with five universities, several Grandes Ecoles and numerous important clusters. Over the coming weeks several of the regions’ industries and specialties will be highlighted and explored. Should you want any specific information about the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes region do not hesitate to contact Amelie Argenti: amelie.argenti@businessfrance.fr

Hvordan lykkes i Frankrike

Ulrikke Ørnholt - 24-sept.-2015 15:27:45
Frankrike er et marked med store muligheter, men også mange utfordringer for en norsk bedrift. Lær mer om dette i vårt frokostmøte i samarbeid med Innovasjon Norge sitt Paris-kontor 29. september.   Frankrike er verdens femte største økonomi og en av Norges viktigste handelspartnere. For tiden er det store forretningsmuligheter for norske bedrifter som leverer varer, teknologi og kunnskap innen fornybar energi, design og mote, helsetjenester og sjømat.   Den franske stat har virkemidler for å tiltrekke seg utenlandske investeringer som norske bedrifter burde vite om. Dette gjelder spesielt for utenlandske oppstartsbedrifter som kan motta både støtte og mentoring på lik linje med franske selskaper. Paris har tatt sikte på å bli en av verdens viktigste start-up byer. Sammen med et nettverk av de største franske byene finnes det et vell av muligheter for norske selskaper som ønsker å jobbe med likesinnede og få kontakter inn i relevante miljøer.   Vi får også høre historien om hvordan det gikk da Salma skulle etablere sin merkevare i verdens mest kresne matmarked. Dette har endt med suksess, men veien dit har ikke vært rett frem.   Det blir muligheter for å booke møter med representanter fra Innovasjon Norge sitt Paris-kontor i etterkant av møtet for individuelle samtaler og rådgivning på konkrete prosjekter.   Vil du vite mer om hvordan du lykkes i det franske markedet, enten du skal etablere deg der, eksportere eller bare gjøre forretninger med franskmenn. Kom på frokostmøte i Bergen Næringsråd 29. september kl 08.15-10.00!   Program    08.15     Registrering 08.30     Velkommen ved BN og IN 08.35     Det franske markedet – do’s and don’ts og oppdatert markedsinformasjon – Martin Hennum, seniorrådgiver Innovasjon Norge Frankrike 09.00     Salma – opp- og nedturer ved etablering i Frankrike ved Trym Eidem Gundersen, adm. dir Salmon Brands AS 09.30     Virkemidler fra franske myndigheter for utenlandske selskaper, Gilles Debuire, Direktør BusinessFrance / Invest in France i Stockholm 09.50     Spørsmål og kommentarer  
BUSINESS FRANCE hjelper små og mellomstore franske bedrifter med deres internasjonale utvikling. Med 80 kontorer i 70 land, er BUSINESS FRANCE et nettverk av flerkulturelle team og en verdifull internasjonal plattform for franske bedrifter. I Norge er BUSINESS FRANCE tilknyttet Den franske ambassaden. Ved vårt kontor på Majorstuen i Oslo jobber det 7 franske og norske medarbeidere med god kunnskap om både det norske og franske markedet, under ledelse av Pascal Lecamp. Vi jobber innenfor 4 hovedområder: • Industri – Transport – Energi • Nye teknologier – Innovasjon – Service • Matindustri – Drikke – Landbruk • Mote – Interiør – Helse – Kosmetikk Vi leverer kunnskapsbaserte produkter og tjenester til franske bedrifter: Våre skreddersydde tjenester inkluderer alt fra markedsinformasjon til rådgivnings- og ma

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