Fransk-norsk droneseminar på Handelshøyskolen BI

Victor Brynning - 30-oct.-2017 16:59:29

Den 24. oktober 2017 ble det organisert et seminar mellom norske og franske aktører innen drone-teknologi ved Handelshøyskolen BI. Langstrakte Norge opplever et stadig økende antall drone-operatører, og har blitt et land hvor bruken av droner har tatt mer og mer del i aktivitetene til store aktører innen energi, olje og gass, jernbane, samt aktører innen forskning i nordområdene. Allikevel er Norge et land som virker å holde seg åpent for hva andre land har å komme med av teknologi og løsninger på området. Sammen med UAS-Norge, interesseorganisasjonen for drone-aktiviteter i Norge, har Business France tatt dette et steg videre, og samlet den 24. oktober en knippe av det beste Frankrike har å by på av drone-teknologi overfor sentrale Norske aktører under et heldagsseminar om droner. Dagen bestod av presentasjoner fra begge parter, samt en B2B-møtedel mot slutten av dagen. De følgende ni franske firmaene var tilstede under seminaret: Delta Drone, Air Marine, Altametris, Delair Tech, Drone Hive, Drone Volt, EZNOV, Hawk og Sterblue . Fra norsk side deltok firmaer fra forskjellige sektorer – alle med en stor satsning på droneteknologi i sitt daglige virke: Statnett, Statoil, NORUT, Luftfartstilsynet, UAS-Norge, eSmartSystems, Orbiton og Bane NOR. Dagen var utvilsomt spekket av både interessante presentasjoner og nyttige møter mellom Norge og Frankrike, som dekket flere områder der droner kan anvendes. Mot slutten av dagen var det tydelig å se at norsk side ble grepet av hvilket potensial Frankrike har på området, og det er stor grunn til å anta at det fransk-norske samarbeidet står fjellstøtt også for hva gjelder fremtidens ubemannede teknologi!  

Taste of France 2017

Mathilde Heggelund Mary - 29-août-2017 09:38:21

Vår årlig mini-matmesse «Taste of France», vil finne sted den 14. september mellom kl. 12:00 og 15:00. Denne messen er åpen for importører, innkjøpsansvarlige og andre profesjonelle innen matverden, som er interessert i å møte spennende produsenter fra Frankrike.    De franske utstillerne er:   GUISABEL www.guisabel.fr PANZANI  FRESH www.lustucru-selection.fr/produits/dans-le-frigo    SOBREVAL www.sobreval.com SALINS www.salins.com , www.labaleine.com , www.saunierdecamargue.fr LA TOURANGELLE www.latourangelle.fr Meld dere på via denne linken innen 1. september, om dere ønsker å besøke eventet vårt. Dere kan se mer informasjon om «Taste of France» og utstillerne på denne nettsiden . Velkommen skal dere være! :-)     For mer informasjon, ta kontakt på mail til:  mathilde.heggelundmary@businessfrance.fr      

Vinmonoplet: Call to tenders - january-march 2018

Magalie Fièvre - 01-juin-2017 19:00:49

On 1 June 2017, the monopoly for the distribution of wines and spirits in Norway published thecall to tender for the first half of 2018. A total of 78 wines, 17 of which are sought. With very precise selection criteria, The Vinmonopolet is looking for wines from the regions of Languedoc Roussillon, Burgundy and Bordeaux, as well as smaller regions such as the Jura and also known and lesser-known appellations (Chablis, IGP Gard, Costières of Nîmes ...). For more information, contact Magalie Fièvre - BF Norway Magalie.fievre@businessfrance.fr

France remains a top country for investors

Magalie Fièvre - 29-mai-2017 10:02:44

The freshly released EY’s annual survey about the attractiveness of the European countries shows that France is a hot spot for FDI : • In 2016, France remains ranked 3rd in Europe in matter of the number of establishment creating jobs, with 779 projects. • France has held for over 15 years the 1st place in terms of receiving industrial establishment in Europe. • France is the 3rd best country in the world regarding the reception of Research and Development establishment. • According to EY’s Barometer, the improvement of the economic picture is becoming confirmed. Innovation is from now on the 1st competitive advantage of France. • France’s policy of promoting its economic picture is recognized. Find out more in the EY’s Attractiveness Survey https://go.ey.com/2qakfku

The French maritime industry @NorShipping 2017

Victor Brynning - 19-mai-2017 16:22:35

Below you can download the official catalogue with a presentation of each company at the French pavilion. We strongly encourage you to meet with the French exhibitors if you’d attend this year’s NorShipping!   More info : victor.brynning@businessfrance.fr  

The French maritime industry present at NorShipping 2017

Victor Brynning - 12-mai-2017 14:08:48

Pavilion number: D03-24   Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is hosting the French pavilion on this year’s NorShipping, where exhibitors from various French maritime sectors will be present. The French maritime industry is a first class technological and industrial pole, particularly known for freight and defense technology. It can offer innovative solutions both in France as towards international markets, where particularly the maritime construction and repair sector stands out. Having around 40 000 employees, the French maritime industry remains one of the world leaders in these technologies   in the world’s civilian and military markets - as number six in the world, and as number two in Europe. The success that France has gained in the maritime industry comes from the high quality craftsmanship related to its impressive technological capacities, as well as its highly recognized commercial efficiency. The industry is also characterized by an advanced specialization – where the competencies in the French shipyards are known for delivering complex fabrication with high added value for the customer, namely for luxury cruise ships, tanker ships, aircraft carriers, submarines and sophisticated recreational boats. This year we strongly encourage you to pay the French pavilion a visit, where the following companies will be present: GAZTRANSPORT & TECHNIGAZ - Engineering Company - expert in containment systems with cryogenic membranes used to transport and store liquefied gas, in particular LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). ( www.gtt.fr ) GERFLOR - Marine flooring expert, offering a complete flooring solution dedicated to new builds, retrofits and revitalization programmes. ( www.gerflorgroup.com ) DASSAULT - Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. ( www.3ds.com/marine-offshore ) ATOS - With a proven track record of over 50 years, BEN Marine is today a registered Atos brand. With its experienced engineers in critical products, Atos ensures product reliability, compliance with civilian and military standards, constant innovation and adaptation to your requirements ( www.benmarine.fr ) iXBLUE - Six core areas of expertise for the company as a whole: Shipyard, Inertial solutions, Underwater acoustic solutions, Photonics, Mechatronics, Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys. iXblue has developed a unique knowledge in vacuum infusion and using state-of-the-art design software, iXblue builds custom-made vessels as well as standardised series. ( www.ixblue.com ) ENA SHIPYARD - Entreprise Nouvelle Antillaise -   has been offering extensive ship repair services in Martinique Island, French West Indies, for more than 30 years.   ENA SHIPYARD can undertake a wide range of shipyard services of the highest possible quality. ( www.ena-antilles.com ). MARINELEC TECHNOLOGIES - is a leader in alarm and monitoring solutions for the marine industry.   The company improves safety of seamen and ships offering a comprehensive and competitive range of products combining reliability, quality and ergonomics, and providing worldwide customer service. ADD MODULES – is a sail developer whose solution applies on all existing rigs, and whatever chassis (dinghy, windsurf, sail cart, speed sail…). The Add-Modules semi-rigid wing sail facilitates the practice and performance in all weather conditions: a stable profile which comes down on the frame and ensures better courses, – ease of adjustment that expands the range of use of the sail, more lift and less drag.   About Business France : January 1st 2015, Business France was founded as a fusion of UBIFRANCE and AFII (the French agency for international investments). Business France has around 1500 employees located in France and in over 70 countries around the world, and offers its promotional services towards both private and public sector. For more information, go to: http://en.businessfrance.fr/ For more information about the French presence during this year’s NorShipping : Business France Norway Victor BRYNNING - Tel : +47 23 33 33 68 Email : victor.brynning@businessfrance.fr      

Last number of the FRENCH FLAIR JOURNAL #3

Magalie Fièvre - 12-mai-2017 10:58:45

For its third issue, the French flair offers an incursion into the French food industry: alternative viticulture, proteins of the future, visit of an urban farm and gourmet stop in Brittany. When our ancestral know-how meets innovation...Enjoy the read :)   For sin tredje utgave, the French Flair  blad tilbyr et nytt reise inn i den franske næringsmiddelindustrien : alternativ vindyrking, fremtiden protein, besøke av en urbangård og gourmet pause i Bretagne. Bladet er på engelsk.

BUSINESS FRANCE hjelper små og mellomstore franske bedrifter med deres internasjonale utvikling. Med 80 kontorer i 70 land, er BUSINESS FRANCE et nettverk av flerkulturelle team og en verdifull internasjonal plattform for franske bedrifter. I Norge er BUSINESS FRANCE tilknyttet Den franske ambassaden. Ved vårt kontor på Majorstuen i Oslo jobber det 7 franske og norske medarbeidere med god kunnskap om både det norske og franske markedet, under ledelse av Pascal Lecamp. Vi jobber innenfor 4 hovedområder: • Industri – Transport – Energi • Nye teknologier – Innovasjon – Service • Matindustri – Drikke – Landbruk • Mote – Interiør – Helse – Kosmetikk Vi leverer kunnskapsbaserte produkter og tjenester til franske bedrifter: Våre skreddersydde tjenester inkluderer alt fra markedsinformasjon til rådgivnings- og ma

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