LOUIS QUATORZE Launches in Style at Metrojaya, Mid Valley Megamall

Lyslie Legendre - 30-mai-2017 05:54:11
LOUIS QUATORZE was founded in 1980 by Paul Barrate, who was born into a prominent family of French leather artisans. The vrand was named after the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, and was meant to properly reinterpret the sophisticated French noble culture, flavors of art, and the artisan spirit which thrived during Louis XIV’s time. With goal of echoing the flamboyant period of when French culture and art reached its pinnacle, LOUIS QUATORZE has inherited and developed the beautiful Versailles culture with elegant, intellectual, and modern style in its collections, which include handbags, small leather goods, gloves, watches, dress shirts, scarves, ties, and eyewear. LOUIS QUATORZE products represent rich heritage of craftsmanship, French style, and elegance and take deep pride in its superior product quality, and commitment to excellent customer service. On 25 th of May 2017, the French origin brand of leather goods and accessories has officiated its first ever concept store in Malaysia. Launched in one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prominent malls – this first concept store was launched presence of the country’s most influential and recognized celebrities and members of the media. The opening gala event of the first concept store was attended by over a hundred guests.   Today, the brand is available at over 130 department and specialty stores across France, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Korea and connects with worldwide customers through its online platform.

French Fashion Brand LANCEL’s 10th anniversary

Niki CHEVIGNARD - 20-juin-2016 06:33:42
  The French accessories and luxury leather goods Maison Lancel, celebrated its 10 th birthday in Kuala Lumpur in May.   Hosted by Nicolette Veendorp, Lancel Principal from France, Victor Kaw, Maybank Head of Cards of Malaysia and Mrs Angie Kok, Managing Director of Le Monde Fashion Group, the event gathered more than 100 guests on 19 th May at The Gardens Mall, Midvalley.   The white and gold colour themed event started with aperitifs and a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by the LANCEL Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show. A French craftsman was invited to the store, where guests were offered a crafting demonstration and a bag customization.  

MAISON&OBJET Paris : The major trade show of lifestyle experience is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Lyslie Legendre - 14-janv.-2016 09:54:54
MAISON & OBJET Paris  : the major event for professionals working in the art of living MAISON & OBJET is the major event for professionals working in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions. The lifestyle show brings together a 360°product offering :   Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware… The styles coexist in a multifaceted way, throughout the inventive show design which enlivens the spaces. This extraordinary diversity is in line with the varied expectations of global markets.   From 22nd and 26th January 2016 at Paris Nord Villepinte    

Malaysian Medical Device Authority Issues Draft Incident Reporting Structure

Hairel Abbie - 26-nov.-2015 04:17:13
  Malaysia’s Medical Device Authority, a division of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, has just issued a first edition of a draft guidance document (MDA/GD/0014) on Mandatory Problem Reporting for medical devices. The guidance document relates to medical devices (but not those in clinical investigations) and IVDs; establishments; and users and others concerned with the continuing safety of medical devices. The MDA is encouraging a no-blame culture and says the act of reporting an incident to the authority is not to be construed as an admission of liability for the incident and its consequences. The proposed timelines for problem reporting are as follows: Type of incident   Timeframe in which incident has to be reported   For incidents that represent a serious threat to public health   48 hours   For incidents that has led to the death, or a serious deterioration in the state of health, of a patient, a user of the medical device or any other person   10 days   For incidents where a recurrence of which might lead to the death, or a serious deterioration in the state of health, of a patient, a user of the medical device or any other person   30 days   After that, medical establishments are to follow up with a final report within 30 days of the initial reports or within a timeframe as allowed by the MDA, detailing the investigation into the incident and the outcome. Familiar Terms Familiar terms within the context of international harmonization efforts in the field of device reporting are recognized in Malaysia and explained in the guidance document. These terms include: field corrective action and field safety notice, indirect harm, final reports and trend reporting. The authority will also sometimes agree periodic follow-up reporting with manufacturers or authorized representatives for certain types of device and incident, although with trigger points if certain levels are exceeded. As a general principle, there should be a pre-disposition to report, rather than not. Moreover, any incident, which meets the three basic reporting criteria listed below, is considered as reportable: a) an incident has occurred; b) the medical device is associated with the incident; and c) the incident led to one of the following outcomes; i) a serious threat to public health; ii) death of a patient, user or other person; iii) serious deterioration in state of health, user or other person; or iv) no death or serious injury occurred but the incident might lead to death or serious injury of a patient, user or other person if the incident recurs. The draft guidance document states that in assessing the link between the device and the incident the manufacturer should take account of the opinion, based on available evidence, of healthcare professionals; the results of the manufacturer’s own preliminary assessment of the incident: evidence of previous, similar incidents; and other evidence held by the manufacturer. It states that this judgement may be difficult when there are multiple devices and drugs involved. In complex situations, it should be assumed that the device may have caused or contributed to the incident, the draft states. The MDA considers it would want to be notified where: an incident associated with a medical device happened, and, if it occurred again, it might lead to death or serious deterioration in health; or testing, examination of the medical device, information supplied with the medical device, or any scientific literature indicated some factor (eg deterioration in characteristics or performance, or a shortcoming in the information) which could lead to an incident involving death or serious deterioration in health. The MDA also points out that where companies merge or buy each other out and the vigilance and other post-market surveillance obligations are being transferred to another legal entity, it is important that post-market surveillance and vigilance activities continue and that the MDA is appraised of the implications and provided with new contact details as soon as possible IVDs And Further Information In the case of IVDs, the type of incidents that should be reported include: misdiagnosis; delayed diagnosis; delayed treatment; inappropriate treatment; and transfusion of inappropriate materials. In addition, the MDA indicates in its draft that: where an incident occurs as a consequence of the combined use of two or more separate devices (and/or accessories) made by different manufacturers, each manufacturer or authorised representative should submit a report to the MDA; manufacturers should keep their conformity assessment body (CAB) advised of issues occurring in the post production phase which may affect the certification. This would include relevant changes derived from the vigilance system. The draft guidance document, which fits within the framework of Malaysia’s 2012 Medical Device Act, and will remain relevant within the context of the country’s forthcoming Medical Device Regulation, gives a series of examples where reporting is not required, including use error reports. Source : Clinica  

PREMIUM : an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment

Lyslie Legendre - 01-juil.-2015 10:06:03
PREMIUM is an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment, taking place twice annually in the STATION-Berlin exhibition halls. With more than 60,000 visitors, some 1,500 collections on show, and approximately 23,000 square meters of exhibition space, PREMIUM is the only trade show in the world to bring together premium brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at this scale and level of quality. PREMIUM’s calling card: Each and every season, the most in-demand high-fashion collections, the most innovative products, and the most leading trends from around the globe are united in one place, from womenswear, menswear, denim, and sportswear to footwear and accessories like handbags and jewelry. The motto: quality over quantity. The means: consistent curatorial standards, continuous research, and the integration of new collections. The goal: providing clients with outstanding conditions for placing orders as well as the inspirational push to stay ahead in a very competitive market. The season-to-season fine-tuning of the brand portfolio, the high proportion of new collections (25-30%), and the integration of innovative new concepts are what keep PREMIUM consistently unique, one season after another. At PREMIUM, the needs of the retail market are always at the forefront. A clear, well-structured concept, easy-to-access information, stringent brand standards, and comprehensive service are designed to make the work of both exhibitors and trade show visitors efficient and enjoyable. Strong brands, one strong trade show, an alliance grounded in one key quality: The name says it all— PREMIUM. It’s been more than 10 years since the first PREMIUM took place in January 2003. Since then, the revolutionary concept, the unique locations, the creative potential of the city of Berlin, and the visionary spirit of the PREMIUM founders have combined to make PREMIUM a leading event on the world’s fashion and lifestyle stage. PREMIUM is open exclusively to trade professionals: exhibitors, buyers and representatives of the press. More about Premium   French exhibitors : American Vintage, Anna Studio, Brigitte Bardot, IRO, La Manufacture, Les racines du ciel, Léon & Harper, Prêt Pour Partir, Weill, Sessun… More about French brands  

Playtime : The international children’s & maternity trade show

Lyslie Legendre - 10-nov.-2014 02:59:13
Playtime New York 2014 : 1 648 visitors Organized around the theme of ‘Luna Park’, the international rendez-vous for professionals from the children’s universe attracted 1648 visitors , for an increase of +17% over August 2013. This means that the 9th session of Playtime was the most successful summer edition of the trade show since its launch . More than 100 international brands gathered for the first time ever at the  Metropolitan Pavilion , where will be organized all Playtime New York summer  shows , whereas the March show will take place at the Metropolitan West , on the 46th street. Fashion, accessories, shoes, stuffed animals and soft toys, layette, décor and gift objects Fashion, accessories, shoes, stuffed animals and soft toys, layette, décor and gift objects ; a selection of brands with original and complementary universes, attracted by the unique promise of being part of a complete and coherent selection of merchandise in an environment that is both inspirational and dynamic. A choice that paid off for many brands, however some of them exhibited for the very first time . Good news in a still fragile international economic context, in which the United States came out ahead, with its renewed economic activity. A turnkey organization for those exhibitors who came from the United States (52%) as well as from abroad (48%), in order to show their Spring/Summer 2015 collections to buyers and press (respectively 85% and 15% of visitors). Playtime Tokyo 2014 : 2 219 visitors In spite of the economic slowdown in Japan, the fair maintained its attendance level by welcoming 2219 professionals. This result also confirmed how attractive the fair is beyond Japanese borders. Indeed, even though the Japanese constituted the majority of visitors, the portion of visitors from foreign countries, including South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, India and France , grew by 18% over the August 2013 show. Fashion, décor, design, layette and maternity Fashion, décor, design, layette and maternity; the pick of the children’s and maternity universes gathered into two rooms, offering nearly 200 Spring/Summer 2015 collections. Though certain brands have become the indispensable highlights of the event, 37% participated in the fair for the very 1st time, ensuring a complete and dynamic selection for buyers to discover. Next Dates Playtime : In Tokyo:  Feb. 24 - 26, 2015 > Belle Salle Shibuya Garden In New York:  28 Feb 2015 - 02 Mar 2015 > Metropolitan Pavilion  

Christian Dior reopens its Malaysia flagship store in Starhill Gallery

Lyslie Legendre - 04-juil.-2014 11:15:13
Christian Dior reopened its Malaysia flagship store in Starhill Gallery  with an extravagant cocktail affair that had the town abuzz with excitement. For the past few months, the Dior boutique was closed for renovations and this had the patrons of Dior waiting with bated breath for its reopening. The new establishment was revealed with a charming décor that took its cues from the label’s flagship store in Rue Montaigne, Paris. Now, the new space features six different lounges that house a complete line of clothes and accessories taken from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. In this posh  soirée , Malaysia’s  crème de la crème  of high society including Che Puan Winnie Low, Lee Jim Leng, SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin and Tan Sri Francis Yeoh were seen revelling in Dior’s latest fashion and lifestyle offerings. Source :
Welcome to the French Trade Commission – Business France office in Malaysia! “Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners.” As a member of the French diplomatic network in Malaysia, Business France’s three missions are: - Fostering export growth by French businesses. - Promoting and facilitating international investment in France.


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