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EADS Astrium’s designed & manufactured Measat-3B to be launched in mid-May

Rafizah MAZLAN - 20-févr.-2014 04:38:01

Measat Global Bhd will be launching its sixth satellite, the RM1.2 billion Measat-3B, in French Guiana, South America, in mid-May this year. As prime contractor for Measat-3B, EADS Astrium is responsible for the design and manufacture of the satellite, and the supply of both payload and platform. Measat-3B is built by EADS Astrium based on Eurostar 3000 platform. According to Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Measat-3B which covers Malaysia, Indonesia, South Asia and Australia will help to increase connectivity level up by between 10% to 20%, bridging the digital gaps in Malaysia. Currently, the connectivity level in Malaysia is around 65%, whereby rural areas still have limited access for communication. Measat-3B is a powerful satellite that will more than double the current Ku-Band capacity operated by Measat and allow the Malaysian operator to meet the increasing requirements of direct-to-home and telecommunications services in the region. Measat-3B is completed and being kept in France before it will be launch in May. Measat-3B is designed to have a launch mass of 5.8 tonnes, and electrical power of 16kW and is planned for an operational lifetime of over 15 years. For more details on the article, visit:   Source: Malaysian Reserve  

Deezer signs partnership with mobile telco DiGi

Thomas SALZGEBER - 08-mai-2013 06:03:59

On the 19th of April, French online music streaming service provider Deezer announced a partnership with Malaysia’s mobile operator DiGi, as part of a global alliance with DiGi’s main shareholder Telenor. Available since last year in Malaysia with a catalogue of over 20 million tracks, Deezer Premium+ service is now free for DiGi’s subscribers of postpaid plans for smartphones, tablets or modem. DiGi is the first operator to propose an online music streaming service in Malaysia.

Nexans signs new contract to supply a 22 km electro/hydraulic umbilical to Malaysia’s offshore sector

Thomas SALZGEBER - 08-mai-2013 05:32:08

Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, has made a breakthrough in the Malaysia offshore sector with the award of a major contract by Persada Engineering to supply an electro/hydraulic subsea umbilical for Sarawak Shell Berhad’s F29 field development. The 22 km Nexans umbilical will be installed in a water depth of around 100 m to provide communication and control functions for the F29 field development. Nexans will be responsible for the supply and transportation of the umbilical, together with accessories as required, in a fast-track 72-week contract. “This umbilical contract for Persada Engineering is a very important development for Nexans as it brings us right back into the Malaysian offshore sector with a project for a very influential end-customer; Sarawak Shell Berhad,” says Jon Arne Häll, Technical Director Hybrid Underwater Cables, Nexans Norway. “Nexans’ capability to design, manufacture and deliver complex subsea umbilicals is already well established in the Americas and Europe and this is a great opportunity to show what we can do in Asia.” The F29 umbilical will be manufactured at Nexans’ specialized facility in Halden, Norway. Source: Nexans Press Release

Malaysian-French talks in Telecom and Broadcast technologies

Thomas SALZGEBER - 03-oct.-2012 13:19:25

A workshop dedicated to opportunities of partnerships between French and Malaysian companies in the Telecommunications and Broadcast sector was organized in Kuala Lumpur on Monday the 24 th September 2012 by the French Trade Commission in Malaysia, UBIFRANCE, and supported by MCMC, the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission. This event saw senior level officials from major telecom actors attend the presentations from MCMC and the four French companies BROADPEAK, MTARGET, SISTEER and VIACCESS-ORCA. The workshop was followed by individual meetings organized between French and Malaysian companies for further discussion. The French delegation then headed to Vietnam for a similar event in Hanoi. The presentations shown during the workshop in Kuala Lumpur are available for download at the end of this post . Please feel free to contact the French Trade Commission for further details on this event and the participating companies. Contact : Thomas SALZGEBER,

Telenor Selects Alcatel-Lucent Technology for Mobile Broadband Service

Juliette MALLEZ - 01-mars-2012 09:41:52

European and Asian subscribers of Telenor, a leading global telecommunications service provider, are to enjoy fast, crystal clear 3G mobile broadband thanks to the implementation of ’small cells’ technology from the french company Alcatel-Lucent. Under a new global frame agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will have the opportunity to provide Telenor with small cell base stations to support its customers.  These small cells could be used to improve mobile broadband coverage in homes, offices and public locations in the 11 countries in which Telenor operates across Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia (Thailand and Malaysia).  As required by Telenor under the agreement Alcatel-Lucent will be able to provide its end-to-end Femto-technology based 9360 Small Cell solution, including the 9361 Home Cell, the 9362 Enterprise Cell and the 9366 Small Cell Gateway. The solution includes a network management system which combines Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Management System, Wireless Provisioning System and the Home Device Manager from its Motive Product Division. Alcatel-Lucent is providing full deployment and integration services along with design, installation and commissioning, software integration and project management. Alcatel-Lucent will be able to provide also comprehensive support to bring superior 3G data services to Telenor’s customers as fast as possible.  A catalogue tailored to all of Telenor Group’s mobile operations covers design, installation, integration, testing, maintenance, and capacity management. As required Alcatel-Lucent canprovide consistent quality of services for Telenor and its customers across all the markets in which it operates.    

Meeting between MCMC & ARCEP at Telecom World 2011 conference in Geneva

Juliette MALLEZ - 27-oct.-2011 04:13:58

 Boasting the largest display booth at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World 2011 conference, Malaysia is showcasing its technological achievements in terms of broadband and connectivity. “The launch of the Malaysian pavilion is a great leap for the country, in terms of putting us on the world map, highlighting our achievements in terms of telecommunications and also other aspects in the technology field,” said Information, Communication and Culture minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim on Tuesday. This is the third time Malaysia is attending the Telecom World, featuring homegrown companies like TM, Maxis, Celcom, MSC and Measat. At least 250 world leaders ranging from heads of state and officials, city mayors, telco industry CEOs and technology gurus, of which will lead their own contingent of experts are expected to attend this year’s conference held in the land of neutrality, Switzerland. While global technological giants along the likes of Huawei Technologies Co., Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Intel, NTT Group, NTT DoCoMo, Qtel, RIM, Satorys, Swisscom, Telkom SA, Turk Telecom, TDIA, and ZTE also came in force to mark their presence. This presence was also an opportunity for UBIFRANCE Malaysia to introduce the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) with ARCEP, the French Regulatory Authority. This meeting was very informative and we hope it will be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between our two countries.

Maxis deploys Alcatel Lucent’s 100G network solution

Juliette MALLEZ - 10-août-2011 09:28:58

Maxis Bhd, with the French company Alcatel-Lucent as a strategic supplier, has undertaken a major transformation of Maxis’ core transmission network. Maxis’ optical backbone network is the first 100 gigabit per second (100G) single carrier with optical coherent energy system commercially deployed in the Asia Pacific. By deploying Alcatel-Lucent’s 100 gigabit per second (100G) optical coherent network solution, Maxis is able to cope with increased data traffic, simplify its network, and reduce costs while providing higher efficiency and robustness. In a joint statement today, Maxis’ Chief Technology Officer, Mark Dioguardi said:"Maxis remains committed to providing our customers with the best in network experience."   The statement also said by leveraging on Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical coherent network solution, Maxis will be able to address the growing bandwidth requirements and data usage driven by smartphones, tablets, modems and fiber-to-the-premises services.   Source : Alcatel Lucent

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