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More than 1,340 companies in the French medical device sector !

Lyslie Legendre - 01-août-2017 12:22:15

Did you know that there are more than 1,340 companies in the French medical device sector, generating revenues of €28 billion? Did you know that France is the fifth largest market in the world for human medicines, and the second largest in Europe ! In a country reputed for its food and lifestyle, it’s not surprising that health is serious business that gets a lot of attention. France has a community-based healthcare system consisting of 350,000 healthcare professionals, 3,111 hospitals (1,416 public sector, 683 privately run non-profit hospitals and 1,012 private clinics), France is ranked fourth among OECD countries for the number of hospitals per inhabitant and is the top OECD country for access to healthcare. France is also ranked fourth in the world for medical facilities and technology, covering products and equipment in a wide field ranging from syringes and in-vitro diagnostics to MRI scanners. There are over 1,340 medical equipment and facilities providers in France earning €28 billion in revenues. Over half these providers are also engaged in R&D. Moreover, 92% are SMEs, helping France to export medical products worth €8 billion per year. For example, Alcis, based in Besançon (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region), may not be as well known as the Vauban citadel, but the heart valves and catheters the firm produces are sold throughout the world. Alcis employs 25 people and earns over half its US$2.7 million revenue abroad in the Chinese, American, Canadian and Brazilian markets. France is the fifth largest world market and the second largest European market for medicines. In 2015, revenues from pharmaceutical products exceeded €53 billion, nearly half of which came from exports. France’s dynamic and innovative pharmaceutical industry can boast about one of the biggest R&D spends in the French private sector, accounting for 9.8% of revenues of all pharmaceutical companies. France has every justification to be proud of Sanofi, a French company ranked third in the world that spends €5.2 billion on R&D. People say the French are ageing, and they’re right: the number of people aged 60 and over is due to rise from 15 million today to 20 million by 2030, while the number of people over 85 is expected to rise from 1.4 million to 4.8 million by 2050… all of which promises to be a boon for France’s burgeoning Silver Economy! France has dynamic companies fiercely competing to come up with innovative solutions for new customers in this market worth €93 billion in 2013 that is expected to hit €130 billion by 2020 (up 5% per year). French creativity has also been noticed by the reputed MIT Technology Review, which showcases the innovative capacity of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers in a variety of sectors every year. Ten French innovators were singled out in 2016, three of them in the Health Tech category, including synthetic biologist Xavier Duportet, winner of the 2013 “Worldwide Innovation Challenge”. At his Biotech PhageX startup, he is working on smart antibiotics for microbiome precision editing (eradicating only antibiotic-resistant bacteria while leaving useful bacteria untouched). If he achieves his goal, he will have found the answer to the huge antibiotic resistance issue the World Health Organization says is the most serious threat of the 21st century.   So yes, the French health industry is in great shape, best epitomized perhaps by the cutting-edge French medical innovation that created the world’s first artificial heart designed by Carmat: proof, if any were needed, that tomorrow’s healthcare is already a reality in France today! Source : Creative France

French healthcare, the brand of healthcare industry abroad

Lyslie Legendre, Senior Trade Advisor, Business France Malaysia - 22-mars-2017 04:13:51

Matthias Fekl, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad, and Jean-Marie Le Guen, Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie, opened the conference on French Healthcare expertise on the 15 th of March in Paris. The conference, which brought together the main players in the French healthcare industry, was the occasion to launch the brand "French Healthcare". The result of a public and private initiative, this "export label" aims to take a new step in promoting the French offer. Health products are France’s third-largest export market with € 28,7 billion and a positive contribution to France’s trade balance of € 3.3 billion in 2015. France hosts four of the world’s 25 most innovative public research institutes according to the Thomson-Reuters rankings.    

The French company In’Tech Medical acquires Ortho Solutions Sdn Bhd in an effort to best serve the Asia-Pacific orthopedics marketplace

Lyslie Legendre - 23-mars-2016 11:10:15

In’Tech Medical SAS, a leader in contract manufacturing of surgical instruments in orthopedics, announced on the 16 th of March the acquisition of the Malaysian company Ortho Solutions, a premier Asian contract manufacturer of orthopedic implants and instruments. This acquisition provides the In’Tech Medical Group with a well-established platform to increase its presence on the Asia-Pacific markets. It is a key step to In’Tech Medical’s worldwide expansion strategy. This latest milestone comes in the footstep of In’Tech Medical’s acquisition of Turner Medical in 2015 in the United States, strengthening the company’s global leadership as a contract manufacturer in orthopedics. “We’re proud to acquire Ortho Solutions and deliver on our promise to continuously work on better serving our customers across countries and continents,” said Laurent Pruvost, President of In’Tech Medical. “We are excited to welcome Ortho Solutions talented team to the In’Tech Medical family and look forward to working with them on always finding creative engineering solutions to the benefit of our customers around the world.” This transaction was made possible by the long-term partnership between In’Tech Medical and TCR Capital - an independent private equity partnership that has been supporting In’Tech Medical’s strategic growth since 2012. "We are pleased to join forces with a renowned company, such as In’Tech Medical, that shares our values and dedication to manufacturing high quality instruments and implants for the orthopedic industry," said Darren Wong, General Manager of Ortho Solutions. "Their global strength and expertise will enhance our ability to serve our current and new customers, drive innovation, and expand.”   The In’Tech Medical Group is in the business of building long-term relationships with its customers around the world, solving complicated engineering challenges and providing global manufacturing solutions for instruments and implants in Orthopedics. Source :

CMEF China Medical Equipment Fair 2016 from 17th to 20th of April

Lyslie Legendre - 14-mars-2016 03:03:16

Visit the 75th edition of the CMEF : the Asia Pacific’s largest exhibition of medical equipment And meet the French exhibitors at the Pavilion France ( list below) After 30 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, CMEF has become the largest exhibition of medical equipment, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region . The exhibition widely covers ten thousands of products such as medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation nursing, medical information technology and outsourcing services, and it provides services to the entire medical industry chain from the source to the end of the medical equipment industry in a direct and all-round way. In 2015, the event gathered more than 3 800 exhibitors from 26 countries and 100 500 visitors from 140 different nationalities. During the 74 th edition, 600 new products were presented and 65 conference programs with more than 300 speakers and 7 000 participants were organized.   Contact Business France*: Alexandre TE, Project Manager – Biotechnology and Healthcare - Official website: French companies in the medical sector : * 2015 , UBIFRANCE and INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE   French companies on involved in this event : ·   AIR LIQUIDE MEDICAL SYSTEMS ·   Arjowiggins Healthcare ·   ATA Medical ·   BLUESOM ·   Cryopal ·   ECHOSENS ·   Ecm Echo Control Medical ·   IMPETO MEDICAL ·   NOVAIR SA ·   PULSSAR TECHNOLOGIES ·   SEFAM ·   THERENVA ·   THUASNE    

Malaysian Medical Device Authority Issues Draft Incident Reporting Structure

Hairel Abbie - 26-nov.-2015 04:17:13

  Malaysia’s Medical Device Authority, a division of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, has just issued a first edition of a draft guidance document (MDA/GD/0014) on Mandatory Problem Reporting for medical devices. The guidance document relates to medical devices (but not those in clinical investigations) and IVDs; establishments; and users and others concerned with the continuing safety of medical devices. The MDA is encouraging a no-blame culture and says the act of reporting an incident to the authority is not to be construed as an admission of liability for the incident and its consequences. The proposed timelines for problem reporting are as follows: Type of incident   Timeframe in which incident has to be reported   For incidents that represent a serious threat to public health   48 hours   For incidents that has led to the death, or a serious deterioration in the state of health, of a patient, a user of the medical device or any other person   10 days   For incidents where a recurrence of which might lead to the death, or a serious deterioration in the state of health, of a patient, a user of the medical device or any other person   30 days   After that, medical establishments are to follow up with a final report within 30 days of the initial reports or within a timeframe as allowed by the MDA, detailing the investigation into the incident and the outcome. Familiar Terms Familiar terms within the context of international harmonization efforts in the field of device reporting are recognized in Malaysia and explained in the guidance document. These terms include: field corrective action and field safety notice, indirect harm, final reports and trend reporting. The authority will also sometimes agree periodic follow-up reporting with manufacturers or authorized representatives for certain types of device and incident, although with trigger points if certain levels are exceeded. As a general principle, there should be a pre-disposition to report, rather than not. Moreover, any incident, which meets the three basic reporting criteria listed below, is considered as reportable: a) an incident has occurred; b) the medical device is associated with the incident; and c) the incident led to one of the following outcomes; i) a serious threat to public health; ii) death of a patient, user or other person; iii) serious deterioration in state of health, user or other person; or iv) no death or serious injury occurred but the incident might lead to death or serious injury of a patient, user or other person if the incident recurs. The draft guidance document states that in assessing the link between the device and the incident the manufacturer should take account of the opinion, based on available evidence, of healthcare professionals; the results of the manufacturer’s own preliminary assessment of the incident: evidence of previous, similar incidents; and other evidence held by the manufacturer. It states that this judgement may be difficult when there are multiple devices and drugs involved. In complex situations, it should be assumed that the device may have caused or contributed to the incident, the draft states. The MDA considers it would want to be notified where: an incident associated with a medical device happened, and, if it occurred again, it might lead to death or serious deterioration in health; or testing, examination of the medical device, information supplied with the medical device, or any scientific literature indicated some factor (eg deterioration in characteristics or performance, or a shortcoming in the information) which could lead to an incident involving death or serious deterioration in health. The MDA also points out that where companies merge or buy each other out and the vigilance and other post-market surveillance obligations are being transferred to another legal entity, it is important that post-market surveillance and vigilance activities continue and that the MDA is appraised of the implications and provided with new contact details as soon as possible IVDs And Further Information In the case of IVDs, the type of incidents that should be reported include: misdiagnosis; delayed diagnosis; delayed treatment; inappropriate treatment; and transfusion of inappropriate materials. In addition, the MDA indicates in its draft that: where an incident occurs as a consequence of the combined use of two or more separate devices (and/or accessories) made by different manufacturers, each manufacturer or authorised representative should submit a report to the MDA; manufacturers should keep their conformity assessment body (CAB) advised of issues occurring in the post production phase which may affect the certification. This would include relevant changes derived from the vigilance system. The draft guidance document, which fits within the framework of Malaysia’s 2012 Medical Device Act, and will remain relevant within the context of the country’s forthcoming Medical Device Regulation, gives a series of examples where reporting is not required, including use error reports. Source : Clinica  

Meet French exhibitors at the France Pavilion at Arab Health 2016

Hairel Abbie - 26-nov.-2015 03:40:52

  Date begin : 25th january 2015 Date End : 28th january 2015       ARAB HEALTH   will host in 2016 37 country pavilions further enhancing the range of hospital equipment, medical equipment, medical devices and medical technology on display at the exhibition. ARAB HEALTH 2016 will showcase more than 4,000 companies exhibiting their latest innovations to more than 130,000 healthcare professionals attending from 163 countries. MEDLAB is the most influential MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS event in the Middle East. MEDLAB 2016 will showcase more than 500 companies exhibiting their latest innovations to more than 30,000 healthcare professionals attending from 37 countries.   French companies in the medical sector:   AD REM TECHNOLOGY AIRINSPACE AKS FRANCE (NAUSICAA Medical) ALLIBERT MEDICAL HOLDIPLAST APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGIQUES AVANCEES - A T A ATELIERS DU HAUT FOREZ Avalun Bertin Technologies BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES BIOLABO SAS BIOTECHNI CARINA CARINA CENTRECO-Centrexport COLDWAY Cosmosoft DELACROIX-CHEVALIER E I H F Ecodas EDAP TMS FRANCE EIHF-ISOFROID ERMEDI INTERNATIONAL EURASANTE FACULTATIEVE TECHNOLOGIES HOLTEX IDEAL MEDICAL PRODUCTS ENGINEERING INNOV SA INTAIR MEDICAL JRI KINETEC SAS Laboratoire De La Mer LID LILLE EURASANTE MATIFAS MEDIFF MEDINOVA INTERNATIONAL Medlane METACONCEPT INTERNATIONAL MICROVAL MILS SAS MULTIWELL ORTHOPAEDIC & SPINE DEVELOPMENT PETERS SURGICAL PHARMAOUEST INDUSTRIES RHODYS ROCAMED FRANCE S.B.M SA SA BIOLABO SANIVAP SATISFORM SCALEO MEDICAL SEFAM SERF SOLSTEO Sonoscanner SPENGLER SAS SPINEWAY STE AGENCINOX TECH MED TM TEKNIMED TESALYS THUASNE TRADING POINT VERRE ET QUARTZ TECHNOLOGIES VILLARD VISIOMED GROUP YSY MEDICAL SAS  

Medica Compamed 2015: Meet French exhibitors at the France Pavilion from 16th to 19th of November

Lyslie Legendre - 03-nov.-2015 04:19:49

COMPAMED takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany and  is the leading international market place for the medical supplier industry and product development! Thus COMPAMED is No. 1 for the medical supplier industry.    More than 750 exhibitors from 40 nations More than 17,000 international trade visitors 11.000 qm floor space COMPAMED takes place in connection with MEDICA, and in this way depicts the complete process chain for medical products More than 4,800 exhibitors at MEDICA are potential visitors of COMPAMED COMPAMED takes place in connection with MEDICA and offers a wide range of technology and service solutions for use in the medical engineering industry – from new materials, components, intermediate products, packaging and services all the way over to more complex order processing (EMS) and nanotechnology. Companies on involved in this event: ·          AD REM TECHNOLOGY ·          ALTEOR ·          AM CUBE ·          AMINOGRAM ·          APHEX BIOCLEAN FRANCE ·          APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGIQUES AVANCEES - A T A ·          ARTS ENERGY ·          ATELIERS DU HAUT FOREZ ·          Avalun ·          AWEL INTERNATIONAL ·          AXFIL ·          Bertin Technologies ·          BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES ·          BIO EVOLUTION ·          BRETAGNE COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL ·          CAIR LGL ·          CARINA ·          CASTRES- MAZAMET TECHNOPOLE ·          CIR MEDICAL ·          CISBIO BIOASSAYS ·          COLDWAY ·          COMPTOIR GENERAL DU RESSORT ·          CRYONIC MEDICAL ·          DELPHARM BIOTECH ·          DIACLONE ·          Dtamedical ·          E I H F ·          EIHF-ISOFROID ·          ETABLISSEMENTS ASTRA ·          ETABLISSEMENTS DESSILLONS & DUTR ·          EUROCELL DIAGNOSTICS ·          EVOLUCARE TECHNOLOGIES ·          FAVI LE LAITON INJECTE ·          FAVI S.A. ·          FOURES SAS ·          FUMOUZE DIAGNOSTICS ·          GROUPE LEPINE ·          HOLTEX ·          i2a ·          I-CARE CLUSTER ·          ID bio ·          ID bio SAS ·          JCM MED ·          JRI ·          LA DIFFUSION TECHNIQUE FRANCAISE ·          LABORATOIRE DU SOLVIREX ·          Laboratoire PROTECSOM ·          LE GUELLEC ·          LID ·          LOXOS ·          MANUDO MEDICAL ·          MATIFAS ·          MCCB ·          MEDICAL INNOVATION DEVELOPPEMENT ·          MEDICAL PROCESS ·          MEDIFF ·          MEDINOVA INTERNATIONAL ·          MEZIERE IDC ·          MICROVAL ·          MULTIWELL ·          NEOSCAN MEDICAL ·          NG Biotech ·          NOWAK ·          OPTIMIZ ·          PAROLAI ·          PIXIENCE ·          Plastifrance ·          POLIDIS ·          PROGRESS SILICONES S.A.S. ·          QUIES ·          RM INGENIERIE ·          ROVIPHARM ·          SA GALVANOPLASTIE INDUSTRIELLE ·          Saft ·          SAFT ·          SANIVAP ·          SARL JCM MED ·          SATISFORM ·          SILIOS TECHNOLOGIES ·          SKINEXIANS ·          SNEP POLIDIS ·          SOLSTEO ·          SPINEWAY ·          STARVAC GROUP ·          SURGICAL PERSPECTIVE ·          TECHNOFLEX ·          TEKNIMED ·          TERRAILLON ·          TESALYS ·          THUASNE ·          TOP CLEAN PACKAGING GROUP ·          TRIOPLANEX FRANCE SA ·          VALMY SAS ·          VALMY SAS ·          VECTEC ·          VERRE ET QUARTZ TECHNOLOGIES ·          VIGILIO ·          YSY MEDICAL SAS ·          ZEAKON DIAGNOSTICS  

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