2 mexican startups won the French Tech Ticket 2017!

Jérémie Dalibot - Business France Mexico - 16/03/17

French tech ticket, the french program for international startups. The French Tech Ticket is a one-year program by the French government to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and help them set up and develop their start up in France. More than just a start up visa, this 12-month program offers end-to-end support on the journey from early stage startup to successful business – from financial support and training to first customer acquisition. Selected entrepreneurs and projects will work closely in one of the 41 top French partner incubators providing among others mentoring, fundraising strategy, expert advice and pitch practice.

Some improvements and novelties

For this Season 2, the French Tech Ticket Program has been adjusted to better welcome international entrepreneurs. While it was only in the Paris region for the first edition, the Program has been extended to the French Tech Metropoles, organized by thematic and business areas. This is now 41 incubators in France that will host the 70 winning projects, in 2017.

French tech ticket season 2: some interesting figures

- 8150 expressions of interest
- 2700 applications
- 1220 projects from over 100 countries, among which the most represented are: India, the United-States, Egypt, Brazil and Russia
- Among the candidates: 25% women, 75% men, who are 30 years old, on average
- 70 winning projects, 180 entrepreneurs, hosted by 41 incubators, in Paris and in 12 regional cities

French Tech Ticket Season 2: Mexicans Laureates


Loggap connects people who need to buy products abroad with trusted travellers who can ship them, safely. Through Loggap, people can buy products overseas in a more flexible, cheaper and faster way while travellers earning money using efficiently the free space in their luggage. Loggap is not just an app, is a platform that provides all the necessary to make users feel comfortable and safe.

Website: www.loggap.com
Point of Contact: Mr Luis Gustavo HERNANDEZ CARDENAS gustavo@loggap.com


Zaveapp is an application that helps millennials save money in the simplest and fun way. Saving in the form of gamification instead of it being a pain. With Zaveapp, the piggybank on your smartphone, you can think of your bucket list, set your goals (for example birthday trip) and we make sure you will save all the money you need by the time you need it!

Website : www.zaveapp.com
Point of Contact : Mr Octavio NOVELO octavio@zaveapp.com

The program benefits enhanced

this Season 2, the French Tech Ticket Program is even more startup- oriented with tailored benefits. Winning teams will receive the following benefits:

Funding: 45.000€ per team over the course of a year, with no loss of equity (€20K to cover personal costs and €45K to cover professional services)

Resident permitFast-track procedure for team members to obtain a French resident permit

Acceleration program: Tailored program of events to support Laureates projects’ growth

- Thematic masterclasses
- Networking events
- Mentoring sessions
- Two demo days with investors and corporate executives

Incubation : 12 months in one of the 41 selected partner incubators

- Dedicated office space
- Weekly and monthly coaching sessions

Help desk : A dedicated contact to help the Laureates through administrative procedures regarding their installation in France

Soft landing pack: A “Welcome Guide” and special offers from the French Tech Ticket Program Partners to help the Laureates relocate in France

For more information: www.frenchtechticket.com

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