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Discover the 70 winners of the French Tech Ticket Season 2 !

H M Kim - 17-mars-2017 06:31:33
Discover the 70 winners of the French Tech Ticket Season 2   Attentive readers may remember that France’s President, François Hollande, hosted a reception at the Élysée Palace in March 2016 for the 50 winners of the first season of the Paris French Tech Ticket program. Applications closed last September for an even bigger second French Tech Ticket season, which will this time host 70 startups in partner incubators throughout France. The 70 selected startups were chosen from a record-breaking 2,700 applications, nearly twice as many as for the first season (1,380), and were received from more than a hundred countries, including India, the United States, Egypt, Brazil and Russia. The winning startups will get to enjoy the various benefits of the French Tech Ticket program,  including: €45,000 per team over the course of a year (€20,000 to cover personal costs and €25,000 to cover professional services); 12 months in one of the 41 selected partner incubators; A fast-track procedure for team members to obtain a French residence permit; Tailored program of events to support their growth (masterclasses, networking, etc.); A specific Help Desk to help them through administrative procedures. Stratio, Inc. Members   Mr Jae Hyung LEE Mrs Sejin PARK   Business Area(s) Food & Beverage Quality Insurance, Medication Identification, Imaging System for Night Vision, Security, Agriculture   Description Stratio, Inc. has the mission of bringing infrared vision to the mass market. Along with a proprietary shortwave infrared image sensor, the company is also developing low-cost, portable spectrometers.   Point of Contact:         contact@stratiotechnology.com        +1 650 796 7456   Website:      www.stratiotechnology.com         Social Media:   Linksquare   http://en.businessfrance.fr/news/discover-the-70-winners-of-the-french-tech-ticket-season-2  

French Ministry of Agriculture makes Business France responsible for ‘France Export’ initiatives in the agri-food sector

Hyun Mo KIM - 04-mars-2016 03:57:23
Ministry of Agriculture makes Business France responsible for ‘France Export’ initiatives in the agri-food sector The agri-food industry is a major part of France’s international economy, generating more than €60 billion of annual exports and a €9 billion trade surplus. Every year, more than 4,000 companies in the sector receive government-funded support to help them go global. In 2015, the French government made a decision to hand Business France responsibility for all inter ... national business initiatives hitherto outsourced to Sopexa on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. Following an agreement signed with the Ministry this Thursday, Business France is now the sole government body responsible for export support programs, such as B2B meetings and ‘France Pavilion’ events at major international trade shows.    

The Agricultural Show in France goes digital

Hyun Mo KIM - 29-févr.-2016 01:55:47
The Agricultural Show in France goes digital   The digital passion of the farmers      Drones to monitor the agricultural crops, connected objects to provide plants the appropriate amount of water and fertilizer, tractors enhanced digitally...Le primary sector is digitally doping itself as will realize the visitors of the International Agricultural Show which will take place form Saturday February 27 until March 6 at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, France.      

VEGEPOLYS : International Cluster

Hyun Mo KIM - 15-févr.-2016 01:31:45
  VEGEPOLYS : International Cluster VEGEPOLYS : A unique force in Europe 4 000 companies – 30 000 jobs – 450 researchers – 2 500 students – 25 higher training courses Born on the territory of the Pays de la Loire, the French state gave the label "competitiveness cluster" in July 2005 to VEGEPOLYS. As a competitive cluster with worldwide reach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, is developing its own international network and making partnerships with other French and non-French clusters.   VEGEPOLYS is founded on a historical tradition of production in the Pays de la Loire region of France. The pedoclimatic conditions in the region and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades, enabling the region to become the leader in the specialised plants field. The Pays de la Loire region is alone in Europe in bringing together in a single geographical area both private enterprise and public research and training establishment a major European force in the plant world , on which VEGEPOLYS is based.   Making businesses more competitive The creation of value does not just involve product innovations, but also all other kinds of innovation: human resources management, production processes, marketing, logistics... VEGEPOLYS’ role is to organise and provide an impetus, in order to identify common problems and lead project groups. These activities take the form of workshops and strategy meetings.   International events VEGEPOLYS’ reputation is growing thanks to its presence at numerous events with its partners, and its actions toward key players:   ·          Participation in international exhibitions in France : SIVAL, Salon du Vin, Salon du végétal   ·          Participation in well-known international shows abroad : Hortifair, Fruit Logistica, IPM Essen, VitaFood, IBMA   ·          Participation in international congresses worldwide: In Vino, JAS, HIE, MexicoBio, SHE, Hydrangea...   -           Official website : http://www.vegepolys.eu/en/home/ -           Business France and VEGEPOLYS jointly organize international partnership Missions . More information: renaud.zurfluh@businessfrance.fr -           VEGEPOLYS   : The specialized plant sectors :   http://export.businessfrance.fr/Galerie/Files/Divers/VEGEPOLYS_specialized-plant-sectors.pdf -           French companies on youbuyfrance.com : Agri-food Sector > Horticulture and Timber, clic here     Agri-food Sector > Fresh fruit & vegetables and processed vegetable products, clic here  
주한 프랑스대사관 경제상무관실(유비프랑스 서울) 에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 경제상무관실은 프랑스 통상담당장관 직속 기관인 프랑스 무역진흥청 (UBIFRANCE)의 일원입니다. 경제상무관실은 프랑스 기업들의 한국 수출 및 진출을 돕고, 한국과 프랑스 양국 기업의 교류 촉진에 힘쓰고 있습니다.  전문지식과 경험을 지닌 한국인과 프랑스인이 팀을 이루어 프랑스 기업의 한국시장 진출의 조력자로서 다양한 임무를 수행하고 있습니다.   -  경제상무관실은 한국의 주요 기업, 공기관 및 한국정부와 협력 관계를 지속적으로 유지. 발전시키고 있습니다.   -  17명의 전문가들이 다음 4개의 부서를 이루고 있습니다 :       농식품기술부     소비재/ 바이오테크놀로지/ 의학-제약산업부     인프라/교통/산업부     첨단기술/혁신산업/서비스부  -  경제상무관실은 프랑스 기업들의 해외진출을 돕는 프랑스 무역진흥청의 세계적 네트워크의 일원입니다. 2011년에는 20,000개의 기업이 전세계 경제상무관실의 서비스를 이용하였고, 전 세계적으로 670개의 행사가 개최되었습니다.   경제상무관실의 역할은 다음과 같습니다. -  프랑스 기업에게 한국시장에 대한 다양한 정보 제공 -  수입업체, 유통업체, 고객 및 파트너를 찾는 프랑스 기업을 위한 시장개척방문단 조직 -  프로모션 행사 (전문전시회의 프랑스국가관, 바이어 미팅, B to B 미팅) 개최 -  프랑스 제품과 기술을 찾는 한국기업 지원 한국 경제상무관실은 프랑스 파트너 France de l’export 와 한국주재 파트너 한불상공회의소 와의 협력을 통해 15개의 행사(전시회, B to B 미팅, 전문세미나

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