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  • Bioalternatives

    BioalternativesBioalternatives is a private company (Contract Research Organization) specialized in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology. Bioalternatives provides services to support the early stages [...]


    CORYSCORYS is a world leader in training and engineering simulators for transport and energy industries. is a French company subsidiary of Areva TA (for 66%) and EDF (for 34%). CORYS has [...]

  • Groupe ELIXENS

    Groupe ELIXENSCombining ethics and know-how, from the production of plant materials to the creation of fragrances and flavors, the ELIXENS group capitalizes on over twenty years of its founders [...]


    POMONE POMONE Paris proposes premium cosmetics based on the botanical high technology of the apple and manufactured in France with the greatest care. POMONE Paris formulae are on the cutting [...]

  • Neotec Developpement

    Neotec DeveloppementRAILWAY SECTOR Mechanical lorries eqquiped with scissors platform and/or lifting baskets. Rail road/off road vehicles and trucks. 20' tooling modules with scissors platforms,lifting [...]


    ATI-INTERCOATI-INTERCO, ESARIS Industries Group, produces high reliability and high performance electrical connectors for aeronautics, spatial, defence and mass transit industries. ATI-INTERCO [...]

  • Once Upon A Vine

    Once Upon A Vine Based in Avignon, the capital of the Côtes du Rhône, once upon a vine is an Export Management Group dedicated to promoting French artisan winemakers and the fruits of their [...]


    VIGNOBLES DENIS LAFONIndependent wine producer in AOP/AOC Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux,we have established our reputation offering a large range of red (Merlot dominant) and white wines regularly rewarded in [...]

  • Interval Export

    Interval ExportInterval is a 37 year-old company. We are exporting 4200 T of specialty cheeses and butters all over the world. Shipments are generally made to North America (55% of our activity) [...]

  • Cci Grand Est

    Cci Grand EstCCI INTERNATIONAL GRAND EST, the export department of the Grand Est Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is meant to support and assist the companies in their international development, [...]


    CREATION & IMAGE PARIS Established since 1986 and located in Paris, CREATION & IMAGE PARIS has stored up skills and knowledge in the design and production of high standing uniforms. CREATION & IMAGE PARIS [...]


    PATISSERIE DES FLANDRESFrench family company from North of France, we are specialised in the manufacture of waffles. We propose a traditional range of sweet crispy butter waffles and an innovative range of [...]


    SAUCE BISTROTSauce maker in the Pyrenees Made in France Fine foods shops and restaurants Website in FR-EN-SP-CN


    CILASOFTCilasoft is an international software company that specializes in security, audit, and compliance software for the IBM Power Systems running the IBM i operating system. The Cilasoft [...]

  • i2a

    i2ai2a is a French company specialized in Microbiology solutions for laboratories. i2a covers a full range of products: unique automated standardized streaking methods, Mass [...]


    ANVIS INDUSTRY SASDesign, sales and manufacturing of antivibratory rubber products and expansion joints as well as all specific application of rubber.

  • ENAG

    ENAGFor over 65 years, ENAG has been innovating, designing and manufacturing products for dynamic and static energy conversion, integrating the most reliable technologies in the fields of [...]


    DUFLOT INDUSTRIE Duflot Industrie, producer of technical non-wovens, is the expert in thermal and acoustical insulation. We can process all kinds of fibers existing, through carding machine and [...]


    GORGY TIMING SASGORGY TIMING designs, manufactures and markets time distribution and synchronization systems, as well as LED communication displays. Company with ISO 9001 certification for customer [...]


    CLEARSYClearSy is a French SME company which specialises in developing SIL1 to SIL4 level safety systems and software. It develops complex systems, from their design to putting them into [...]


    BANC NATIONAL D 'EPREUVEA benchmark laboratory since 1782 > INDIVIDUAL PROOF OF WEAPONS The National Proof House tests all firearms prior to circulation or following any alteration of essential [...]

  • ADPI (ADP Ingénierie)

    ADPI  (ADP Ingénierie)ADPI is a French firm of engineers and architects, operating worldwide. This 100% subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris makes use of the know-how it has acquired through the development of [...]


    GROUPE DESIGN MBDMBD Design is the leading industrial design agency for public transport vehicles.Since 1972, we work on the styling and ergonomics design of trains, metros, LRV, tramways and ships. [...]


    NICOMATICNICOMATIC is a connector manufacturer (in the top 100 connector manufacturers worldwide) and a manufacturer of domes (in the top 5). From its origin in 1976 as a micro screw machining [...]


    SAPHYMO Saphymo's acclaimed Radioactivity hub has led the company to partner top nuclear industry players in France and abroad, as well as in many other industries such as Defense, Security, [...]


    NEXANS FRANCEFrench company Expert in cables and cabling systems


    ENVIRONNEMENT SATechnological leader, Environnement S.A designs and produces since 1978 a complete range of state of the art pollution analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition and software for [...]


    MOURGEON INDUSTRIE ET ENGINEERINGwe are able to supply equipments for small unit, like for private diesel car, as well as for very big such as safety for power unit (locomotives or airport ground [...]


    IFT GROUPE OMERINPresentation of the OMERIN division principale range Low and medium voltage high temperature unipolar wires and cables Low voltage high temperature multiconductor cables [...]


    PAULSTRA  VIBRACHOCFrench company specialized in Noise and vibration control systems

주한 프랑스대사관 경제상무관실(유비프랑스 서울) 에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 경제상무관실은 프랑스 통상담당장관 직속 기관인 프랑스 무역진흥청 (UBIFRANCE)의 일원입니다. 경제상무관실은 프랑스 기업들의 한국 수출 및 진출을 돕고, 한국과 프랑스 양국 기업의 교류 촉진에 힘쓰고 있습니다.  전문지식과 경험을 지닌 한국인과 프랑스인이 팀을 이루어 프랑스 기업의 한국시장 진출의 조력자로서 다양한 임무를 수행하고 있습니다.   -  경제상무관실은 한국의 주요 기업, 공기관 및 한국정부와 협력 관계를 지속적으로 유지. 발전시키고 있습니다.   -  17명의 전문가들이 다음 4개의 부서를 이루고 있습니다 :       농식품기술부     소비재/ 바이오테크놀로지/ 의학-제약산업부     인프라/교통/산업부     첨단기술/혁신산업/서비스부  -  경제상무관실은 프랑스 기업들의 해외진출을 돕는 프랑스 무역진흥청의 세계적 네트워크의 일원입니다. 2011년에는 20,000개의 기업이 전세계 경제상무관실의 서비스를 이용하였고, 전 세계적으로 670개의 행사가 개최되었습니다.   경제상무관실의 역할은 다음과 같습니다. -  프랑스 기업에게 한국시장에 대한 다양한 정보 제공 -  수입업체, 유통업체, 고객 및 파트너를 찾는 프랑스 기업을 위한 시장개척방문단 조직 -  프로모션 행사 (전문전시회의 프랑스국가관, 바이어 미팅, B to B 미팅) 개최 -  프랑스 제품과 기술을 찾는 한국기업 지원 한국 경제상무관실은 프랑스 파트너 France de l’export 와 한국주재 파트너 한불상공회의소 와의 협력을 통해 15개의 행사(전시회, B to B 미팅, 전문세미나

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