Normandy Horses in South Korea

HM Kim - 25/10/17

Normandy Horses galloping in the South Korean Market

French horse industry excels at international level in horse races and equestrian sports and the Normandy region in France is known as the best stable in the world. It is also the birth place of the Selle Francais (French Saddle Horse). 20% of French sport horses and 34% of Selle Français horses born in France are produced in Normandy. The top 8 world-class Selle Français stud farms are located in Normandy. The finest French riders are established in the region.

Normandy can offer sports and racing horses sales services as well as training services for Korean professionals. The region is already cooperating with the USA and China and would like to start business with South Korea since the equestrian sports and racing are developing.

Mrs Anne Jumaucourt from the Normandy Horse Council will be in Seoul on October 29 - 31st, 2017 to meet with Equestrian Clubs and and Korean Racing Authority.


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