Introduction of Investment Promotion of Seoul with PwC Korea

HM Kim - 03/08/17

Introduction of Investment Promotion of Seoul with PwC Korea

The Seoul Metropolitan Government with PricewaterhouseCoopers Korea (PwC Korea) is currently carrying out a project to encourage foreign direct investment regarding key policies and industries to establish greater economic growth and sustainable job creation in Seoul, South Korea.

PwC Korea will present a pro-business environment and various investment incentives (i.e. financial support for employment or rent, etc.) for foreign company, and conduct all customized supports considering current business situations of each foreign company. 

PwC Korea would like to provide all information regarding investment environment in Seoul to companies having willingness to expand their business into Asian market and also share ideas and opinions. 

We hope that the opportunity would consolidate bilateral relations between Korea and France for mutual benefit in economic development in the future.


첨단기술/혁신산업/서비스팀 :  주한프랑스대사관 상무관실은 프랑스기업과 한국기업간의 교류를 증진하고 프랑스기업의  한국시장 진출을 돕고 있습니다. 프랑스 기업의 특징과 제품에 따라 수출가능성 조사부터 파트너쉽 및 협업가능성을 모색하며 다양한 지원 업무를 하고 있습니다. 첨단기술/혁신산업/서비스팀은 다음 분야에서 한국기업과 프랑스기업과의 만남을 주선합니다 : - 정보통신 - 전자산업 - 컨텐츠 및 음성영상기술 - 서비스 - 유통 및 상업   담당자 안내 부서 총괄 Sylvain Degueurce * ☎ 02-563-1544 첨단기술 , 혁신산업 , 통신 , 서비스 담당 이지현 * ☎ 02-564-9434

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