TAMI Industries’ ceramic membranes are renowned in the field of membrane separation processes for their durability and extreme efficiency

Hyun Mo Kim - 04/07/17



TAMI Industries’ ceramic membranes are renowned in the field of membrane separation processes for their durability and extreme efficiency


Specially adapted for the food processing, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

The use of ceramic membranes has increased in popularity over recent years in the various industrial separation processes currently available on the market. Their characteristics of high mechanical resistance, durability and ease of use have contributed significantly to this increased popularity.

Although representing only 10% of the global market, in very many applications ceramic membranes are challenging organic membranes. The main advantages they offer being greater durability, significant chemical stability, complete temperature independence and improved mechanical resistance to pressure. Thus, corrosive products, steam sterilization, high-temperature separations or hydraulic accidents in circulation pumps are easy to control using ceramic membranes.

TAMI Industries’ R&D department has gone to considerable lengths to develop new inorganic membranes. This hard work has resulted in the creation of high-tech ceramic membranes with the exclusive characteristics of non-circular petal-shaped channels. Compared to circular channels, non-circular channels provide a larger filtration surface for the same external volume of the membrane thus ensuring improved filtration performance as well as increased turbulence and reduced fouling.

The original shapes of the ceramic membranes designed by TAMI Industries means they are more compact (patents on non-circular channels), which increases permeability and offers a wide choice of cut-off thresholds - Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Fine Ultrafiltration (patents on the layers), high mechanical resistance (patent on the base materials), significant chemical stability (pH range from 0 to 14), high heat resistance (up to 300 °C ), low risk of fouling, reliability and durability (an average useful life 3 to 4 times longer than their organic competitors).

The external dimensions of TAMI Industries’ ceramic membranes are compatible with all existing equipment and facilities on the market that use ceramic membranes. This functionality means that renovating industrial infrastructures is simple, only the ceramic membranes need to be replaced (process known as RETROFIT).

 As a result of this R&D investment it is now possible to offer membranes with the best filtration surface /external volume ratio of the membrane associated with control over the shaping of the membrane’s materials, thus allowing very narrow distributions of the pore diameters and a more uniform performance. In addition, investments in external growth have guaranteed the manufacture of the supports, which means that TAMI Industries has complete control of the ceramic membrane production process from start to finish.

This investment has led to a significant improvement in performance and, therefore, increased energy savings, along with lower operating and infrastructure maintenance costs.

There are two separate ranges of ceramic membranes available:-

              - A range of tubular shaped products for industry (Inside CéRAM)

             - A range of flat products for frontal and cross-flow filtration for laboratory tests (Inside KéRAM).

Currently, TAMI Industries is the only company in the world capable of producing and offering such high-performance tubular ceramic membranes on an industrial scale.

Main fields of application:-

              - pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors - culture media clarification (production of amino acids, antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, etc.)

              - food-processing sector – debacterization of milk, fractionation, standardization and concentration of milk and lactoserum (WPI/WPC), clarification of wines, fruit juices, cider and sweetened juices …

              - environmental sector – treatment of metallurgy effluents, oil/water separation (degreasing baths), laundry water, paper industries and textile industries effluent treatment…

This list is far from exhaustive, ceramic membranes are capable of fulfilling the requirements of numerous other applications.


TAMI Industries, your ideal partner for all your filtration processes

About TAMI…

TAMI Industries, designs and manufactures industrial filters (ceramic membranes) for the separation of molecules or particles contained in liquids. It operates in the fields of Fine Ultrafiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration. TAMI offers a wide range of cut-off thresholds – microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration.

TAMI Industries, head office in Nyons (South-East France), is a global player in the ceramic membranes sector, 85% of its revenue being achieved internationally. Currently, TAMI Industries has four subsidiaries abroad, in Germany, Canada, Mexico and China.

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