2016 Korean Startup Investment Trends

H M KIM - 28/03/17

2016 Korean Startup Investment Trends

techforkorea    POSTED ON 2017/03/17

Platum published a research report analyzing 2016 annual Korean startups’ investment trends. The report summarizes the monthly investment trends, investments by scale, investments by business type/period, investment firms, and annual M&A status in 2016 based on publicly released 347 cases of startup investments and 22 cases of M&A information.


Basic Data Used in the 2016 report includes below:

1.    Number of Investment and M&A in 2016 : 369 (347 Investments and 22 M&As)

2.    Number of Startups that raised funding in 2016 : 210 (232 companies with full disclosure, 5 partial disclosure, and 76 nondisclosure of the amount)

3.    Number of Businesses Involved in Investment in 2016 : 249 (with company names released)

4.    Definition of a Startup: “A company with a business model that is expected to grow rapidly based on new ideas or technologies, usually a company not listed on the stock market or merged into a large company” (partially adopting the definition from Startup-Alliance Korea)

5.    For companies that raised funding more than twice a year, figures have been calculated based on the accumulative investment amount (including partially disclosed amount).

6.    Investment scale graph is targeting the 237 companies with fully disclosed and/or partially disclosed amount only.

7.    Assessment of business period has been calculated with Dec 2016 as the end date.

8.    Most joint investors do not open their investment amounts; thus, only the numbers of investment participation and scale of investment have been applied.


Korean startup market had significantly more dynamic year with 49% of YoY growth (233 in 2015, 347 in 2016) in number of investments and 23% increase (811.96 Billion KRW in 2015, 1007.8 Billion KRW in 2016) in investment size. There was an average of 29 investments per month, with December being the highest (217.4 Billion KRW in total investments).


The full report in PDF is attached.

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