Wandercraft, is a world leader in the development and production of robotic exoskeleton

Hyun Mo KIM - 24/01/17



Wandercraft, is a world leader in the development and production of the first robotic exoskeleton allowing wheelchair users to stand up, walk, turn, sit down and soon overcome obstacles. Autonomously, without crutches. Wandercraft will be visiting South Korea February 6-10, 2017 to meet with Korean VCs and invite them to participate in the coming 2017 Series A equity round as well as with R&D Labs to define R&D partnerships on specific aspects of implementing robotics research such as vision and sensors, algorithms, mechatronics. Possible industrial partnerships in design, manufacturing, distribution are also possible with the big Korean business groups.





Ordinary life for extraordinary people

 The digital revolution makes smartphones, driverless cars and virtual realities. Yet millions of people have the same wheelchair as one hundred years ago.

For them, the activities of daily living are an everyday fight. Wandercraft’s fight is to offer an ordinary life to these extraordinary people.



Wandercraft develops and makes the first robotic exoskeleton to let wheelchair users stand up, walk, turn, sit down and soon overcome obstacles. Autonomously, without crutches. 

Wandercraft’s exoskeleton leverages the most advanced digital and robotic technologies. It is a walking robot that fits along the user’s legs and hips. It stands up and walks, thanks to the most advanced robotics technologies and without crutches.

It will be used for the first time in 2016 by 
walking-impaired persons in clinical trials.

Soon, it will be able to overcome the obstacles that made their daily living an assault course.



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Atalante is Wander craft’s first product. It will stand up and walk, without crutches or aids, with its first walking-impaired users during clinical trials planned end-2016.

After Atalante, we will teach our exoskeletons how to step over sidewalks, handle staircases and address real-life environments. 

We are already working to adapt these next versions to a wider user group, allow them to perform activities of daily living that are still out of their reach and contribute to break the disability barrier.






We obviously called our computing unit Wanderbrain. It runs the command software, computes robotic algorithms every millisecond, and controls the exoskeleton motions to mimic human walk.

We are teaching Wanderbrain how to self-balance and the right motions to walk naturally, stand up and sit down and soon to overcome obstacles.

To emulate human walk, the exoskeleton is actuated by 12 motors, each controlling one joint.

The exoskeleton mechanical architecture is powerful, miniaturized and reliable. Our motors are widely used in the space industry.

It is powered by Lithium batteries that will allow several hours of walking or one typical day of use. 



The user pilots the exoskeleton. He or she slightly leans forward and the robot starts to walk, then stops when the user straightens. Turns are initiated by simply turning shoulders in the desired direction.

These are the same movements as those of a non-disabled walker. To detect user’s intent, Wandercraft has created an ultra-thin vest that carries a miniaturized initial unit.




Braces support the user in her / his exoskeleton. They are an R&D topic by themselves. They allow for comfortable and safe usage, with shape memory foams and bio-compatible fabrics. They can be strapped quickly: fitting the exoskeleton must be as easy as sitting in a wheelchair.




Human walk is one of the most complex phenomenons to imitate. On the planet, very few laboratories or companies master truly walking robots.

We work with several of the most advanced labs, including Pr. Grizzle’s team in University of Michigan. Since 2012, we have gathered a fantastic team of PhDs and engineers in maths, robotics, bio-mechanics and mechatronics. They develop the most advanced walking algorithms for exoskeletons.



Until now, we have tested the exoskeleton with non-disabled users.. During the clinical trials planned end-2016, it will let selected walking-impaired persons walk again.

In the short-term, the exoskeleton will be used in clinical trials, firstly in France. 

We will gradually address more users and more pathologies. Wandercraft works to allow as many wheelchair users to walk again as possible.





The first clinical trials will be conducted end 2016 in a technical healthcare center near Paris, France. For the first time, walking-impaired persons will stand up and walk naturally. Their aim is to demonstrate our exoskeleton’s capability to safely walk with a real user.

They will be soon followed by series of in-depth trials to demonstrate more capabilities in more countries, until the exoskeleton can be the daily activity companion of many walking-impaired persons.





Wandercraft was founded in 2012 by three friends from the same promotion of Ecole Polytechnique. Nicolas was the chairman of the school’s robotic club, Alexandre a aerospace fan and Matthieu an expert in robotic algorithms. Their project was to leverage the most advanced robotic algorithms and digital technologies to let walking-impaired persons walk again.





The project has attracted outstanding talents, working halfway between product development and the most advanced robotics science. We cooperate with several leading labs in dynamic and bipedal robotics, including the University of Michigan’s robotic unit, the robotics lab at Mines ParisTech and the LAAS in Toulouse. We won many prizes and awards

Prominent French business angels came to support the Wandercraft adventure in 2013, reinforced by two new shareholders in 2015, one industry player, ECA Group and one VC fund, Innovation Capital. In 2016, Jean-Louis Constanza, a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong knowledge of the disability ecosystem, and long-standing Board member, joined the company to lead clinical trials, marketing and business development.

The team grew to 25 PhDs and engineers, and counting, all world-class specialists in maths, algorithms, mechatronics, mechanics, bio-mechanics and healthcare regulation. Several of our PhDs won international medals and awards in robotics. All gather around one will : to break the disability barrier.







 Nicolas Simon is Wandercraft’s CEO. He also heads Mechatronics and has developed the first design of Wandercraft’s exoskeleton..

Nico owns a MS from Ecole Polytechnique and a degree in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College in London.

He is 29 and has worked 10 years with one idea : to leverage robotics to break the disability barrier.

Wandercraft is based in Paris, France and contributes to the global robotic and medical ecosystem to break the disability barrier.



Alexandre Boulanger, General Manager, heads Mechatronics. He has developed the 12 degrees of freedom exoskeleton’s architecture. Alex owns a MS from Ecole Polytechnique, a degree in Avanced Mechanics in LAAS and another from the Delft University in the Netherlands. He is 29 and pursues the mission to make the simplest robot from an architecture almost as complex as a human.



Matthieu Masselin, General Manager, heads Command. He heads the development of Wanderbrain. Matt owns a MS from Ecole Polytechnique and a degree in Physics from KTH University in Stockholm. He is 29 and focuses on mastering the most advanced robotics to provide our users with all the functions of human walk.



Jean-Louis Constanza leads Business Development, Marketing and Clinical Trials. JL owns an engineer degree in robotics from SupAero and an MBA from INSEAD. He is 55, has founded and led several companies and knows well the disability ecosystem. He works with users and healthcare professionals to provide our extraordinary users with an ordinary life.




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