Faiveley Transport : platform screen doors for new metro in São Paulo

Hyun Mo KIM - 19/05/16

Faiveley Transport : platform screen doors for new metro in São Paulo

Brazil: Faiveley Transport to supply platform screen doors for new metro line 6 in São Paulo

Faiveley Transport has been awarded a multi-million contract by MHI Transportation Systems Brasil Limitada (MTSB), a brazilian subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.,  for the supply of Platform Screen Doors for the metro Line 6 of São Paulo, Brazil.

With approximately 15.3 km and 15 new stations, the line 6, also known as the Laranja (orange) line will run between the Brasilândia and São Joaquim stations. This new line represents a huge step forward in the development of the metropolitan transportation system to alleviate major traffic congestion problems in the densely populated Brazilian city. Once commissioned, it is expected to carry more than 630,000 passengers per day.

Faiveley Transport’s scope of supply includes the study, design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning of full-height platform screen doors for 30 platforms with a total of 3, 960 meters of façade to prevent passenger accidents and ensure safer train operation.

Many of the Group’s sites will be involved: engineering will be managed by the Saint Pierre des Corps (France) site, Faiveley Transport’s Platform Screen Doors Centre of Competence, while manufacturing will take place in Shanghai (China), with the support of the Hong Kong (China) site. Project management, customer interface, installation, testing and commissioning will be handled by the São Paulo (Brazil) site.

Deliveries are expected to be completed in 2020.

Rémi Causse, President of the Access & Mobility Division, said: "We are very pleased to work with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on this project. This contract allows Faiveley Transport to maintain its position as leader on the Platform Screen Doors market in Latin America. It also demonstrates our capacity to be a long-term partner by supporting new customers in all regions of the world thanks to our understanding of the project’s requirements and expertise of the entire Platform Screen Doors value chain acquired over 30 years of experience."

About Faiveley Transport Group:
Faiveley Transport is a global supplier of high added value integrated systems for the railway industry. With more than 5,700 employees in 24 countries, Faiveley Transport generated sales of €1,048 million over the 2014/2015 financial year. The Group supplies manufacturers, operators and railway maintenance bodies worldwide with the most comprehensive range of systems on the market: Energy & Comfort (air conditioning, power collectors and converters, and passenger information), Access & Mobility (passenger access systems and platform screen doors), Brakes & Safety (braking systems and couplers) and Services.

Charlotte Rougeron - Group Communication Manager -
Domitille Vielle - Group Financial Communication Manager -

Source : 25 April 2016 http://inpublic.globenewswire.com 
Official website :
French Rail Industry : http://business.youbuyfrance.com/french-rail-industry/companies

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