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    1TO1 CONSULTINGTraining organism specialised in distance and blended linguistic training. A complete solutions for HR, and a plug and play offer for resellers such as training organism, HR [...]


    VIGNOBLES ET VINS DE BLANVILLEBLANVILLE is a family wine estate and the beloved infant of a Dream and a Vision The Dream : to become a full time vigneron in a beautiful Region of France gifted with great people, [...]


    CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE ET D' INDUSTRIE FRANCHE COMTECCI International Franche-Comté assists companies in their international development. Our team provides Franche-Comté companies with turnkey solutions adapted to their strategic, [...]


    LOC MARIA BISCUITSThe specialist in premium and traditionnal cookies. A complete cookies know-how since 1920, with a sweet and a salty range.


    ARAMINELeader in mining and underground solutions, Aramine provides a wide range of products and services for your underground needs. Manufacturer of our own range of narrow vein [...]

  • Ici Et La

    Ici Et LaFounded in Lyon by two creative food engineers, Benoît Plisson and Emmanuel Brehier, ICI&LA is a young food company focused on food innovations. ICI&LA intends to highlight the [...]


    VIGNERONS DE BUZETLes Vignerons de Buzet, it is the union of men and women who wanted to forge their own destiny and give a strong identity to their terroir and wine. Created in the heart of South West [...]


    DOMAINE FREDAVELLEA family heritage, the passion of the vine and wine, the rigor and the sum of powers of two managers led to the creation of the domain and the first vintage in 1999. Today, the [...]


    FAIENCERIE D'ART DES EMAUX DE LONGWY - LES RECOLLETSThe Maison LONGWY Paris LONGWY Paris’ mission is to raise the creative value of the unique art of enamel and ceramics developed from 1798 in Longwy in order to strenghten its [...]

  • Consortium De Materiel Pour Laboratoires

    Consortium De Materiel Pour LaboratoiresCML is a subsidiary of the CML-ID’s group. CML-ID is a French independent family group. André QUENOT created CML in 1971. CML is the leader in France for Clinical Laboratory: Private [...]

  • Mont Saint Michel Distribution

    Mont Saint Michel DistributionThe bay of the Mont Saint-Michel is a source of culinary treasures and a paradise for food lovers. In close collaboration with producers and regional companies, we are in charge of [...]


    DOTSCREENWith headquarters located in Paris and sales offices in Spain and Scandinavia, Dotscreen is a leading European multi-screen app developer and UI specialised agency. DOTSCREEN has [...]

  • S'PACE architecture, ingénierie, environnement

    S'PACE architecture, ingénierie, environnementS international is a group of architects, urban planners, engineers, geographers, landscapers, and researchers of various geographic and professional horizons gathered around the same [...]

  • Philibert Savours

    Philibert SavoursDesigner and engineer of food solution, Philibert Savours creates gustative, technological and functional solutions injecting productivity and artisanal quality. Our speciality : [...]

  • DATA2B

    DATA2BWe are Big Data and Data Science Experts : Our Data Products are made on the basis of machine learning models and rely on the latest Big Data technologies. The unic feature of [...]

  • Doudou et Compagnie

    Doudou et Compagnie French brand Doudou et Compagnie has been creating beautiful toys and gifts for babies and young children since 1999. Cuddly rabbits, bears, dolls, activity toys and musical [...]


    FRANCE ETUVESFrance-Etuves propose ovens for laboratory and industry in various areas: aerospace,electronic,mechanics,plasturgy, energy,textile,pharmacy,cosmetics. All applications: [...]


    ACXYS TECHNOLOGIESAcXys Technologies is a leading supplier of industrial equipment, for surface preparation by atmospheric pressure plasma. The innovative company provides equipment to most industrial [...]


    BOVETTI CHOCOLATSSince 1994, Valter Bovetti produces premium chocolates 100 % natural, presented in fashionable packagings dedicated to gourmet shops or top grade supermarkets. All the chocolates are [...]


    PIERCANPiercan is a French company created in 1948, with its head office in Paris and factory in Normandy. It has also a subsidiary in US since 1995. Our main activity is gloves [...]

  • Champagne Bertrand-Delespierre

    Champagne Bertrand-DelespierreThe House Bertrand-Delespierre is located in Chamery, a typical Champagne village, in the Montagne de Reims area. Champagne Bertrand-Delespierre is a family story, started in 1980 [...]


    VACHER BERENICE"Smeralda Corsa" is a small family business which has decided to feminize the island using the benefits of natural Corsican olive oil olive to bring the softness and beauty of your [...]


    CRISTEL SASAlthough 1983 earmarked the birth of Cristel, the actual expertise of the manpower goes way back to 1826 and the construction of the Feschotte factory in Franche-Comté where the first [...]


    COOKIE CREATIONSThriving pastry industry located near Paris close to Disney Park making cookies,muffins, brownies and other cakes and tarts from selected natural ingredients and authentic know how [...]


    CERECOCERECO is specialized in the production of organic cereals for breakfast. We offer a very wide range of special products : flakes (corn, wheat, spelt, buckwheat), mueslis, crunchy, [...]

  • Eichrom Laboratories

    Eichrom LaboratoriesRadioactivity, asbestos and chemical analyses on all types of samples Services - Radioactivity analyses on water, soils, waste, foodstuff samples... - Chemical analyses on [...]

  • Bonioni Sas

    Bonioni SasFounded in 1956, Bonioni is specialized in the manufacturing of cold headed fasteners such as screws, rivets, pins and special parts from drawing. Bonioni is a family-owned company, [...]


    CLARCO SARLOur company Clarco SARL is a French company established in 1991 in France dealing with pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Since fifteen years, we are importing a traditional Aleppo soaps [...]


    SOLEX METROLOGYUnder the label SOLEX Metrology, KEP Technologies provides industrial solutions for measurement and control: Dimensional Metrology (pneumatic) with or without contact, X-Ray inspection [...]

  • HAP2U

    HAP2UHAP2U provides the missing 3rd dimension to tactile interfaces: the TOUCH. Scroll wheel, sliders, buttons. you touch, you feel. Future has never been so REAL.

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Business France è l’Agenzia nazionale al servizio dell’internazionalizzazione dell’economia francese   Accompagna e sostiene lo sviluppo all’estero delle imprese e le loro esportazioni, gestisce l’attrattività degli investimenti internazionali sul territorio francese. Business France fa del mercato internazionale un’opportunità di creazione di valore per la Francia grazie alle sue imprese, i suoi territori e il suo know-how.   La sede italiana di Business France diretta da David Hubert-Delisle  mette a disposizione delle imprese francesi e italiane un team di specialisti bilingue esperti in relazioni commerciali franco-italiane, dedicato agli esportatori francesi e agli investitori italiani :   Beni di largo consumo Industria Agroalimentare Servizi   Business France in Italia fa parte dell’ Area Med-Est che comprende: Malta, C

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