Keolis opens a new section of the Hyderabad automated metro (India)

sophie Canciani - 25-sept.-2018 06:57:20
  On Monday 24 September, 2018 Keolis opened a new section of the automated metro line 1 in Hyderabad, adding 16 km of track to the existing 30 km   With this new section, the network is now 46 km long and is expected to carry more than 150,000 passengers per day   This achievement paves the way for the final phase of the network and confirms Keolis’ leadership in automated metro systems   Keolis and its partners have completed the opening to the public of the first line of the automated metro in Hyderabad, which was partially opened in November 2017. This extension adds 16 km of track to the current 30 km network in use. To mark the occasion, an official flagging-off ceremony was held on Monday 24 September at Ameerpet station in the presence of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, His Excellency E.S.L. Narasimhan.   With the extension, the network now stretches over two lines for a total of 46 kilometers and includes 40 stations, which places Hyderabad’s metro as the second biggest network in India. The extended line, which now links Ameerpet to LB Nagar, includes two important interchange stations, Ameerpet and MG Bus Stations, with the latter being one of the biggest elevated stations in the region. It now allows commuters to reach the south east of the city, and thus crucially serve the most densely populated areas of Hyderabad, which are located nearby to its old city. The number of daily passengers is expected to rise from 85,000 to more than 150,000. When the network is finally completed in 2019, it will be 72 km long, include 66 stations and carry an expected 1.5 million passengers per day.   Eric Moinier, Managing Director of Keolis Hyderabad, said: “ This is a major milestone we have reached today alongside our client and partner Larsen & Toubro and it takes us closer to the final stage of the network’s completion, which is expected to happen within the next year. With this extension more Hyderabad residents and visitors - to this growing city - will benefit from a modern, clean and safe transport solution. We will continue to strive to give them the best passenger experience.”   The 18 trains running on the network are built by Hyundai Rotem and equipped with the communication-based train control (CBTC) system provided by Thales, which allows improved headways and safety for passengers.   Keolis was awarded the operations and maintenance contract in 2012 by the concession-holder L&T Metro Rail. The core elements of that contract includes operating and maintaining 57 metro trainsets as well as stations, depots, track, signalling, telecommunications, ticketing systems and ticket sales at stations. Keolis Hyderabad currently has 800 employees.   As a pioneer and global leader in automated metro systems, Keolis counts 320 km of lines in cities such as Hyderabad (India), London (United Kingdom), Lille and Rennes (France), Shanghai (China) and Doha (Qatar).   About Keolis   Leading the way in public transport, Keolis partners with public decision makers to make shared mobility an asset for cities and their communities. Internationally recognised as the leading operator of trams and automated metros, Keolis adopts a determined innovation approach with all its partners and subsidiaries (Kisio, LeCab, EFFIA, Keolis Santé and Cykleo) to develop new forms of shared and customised mobility, and reinforce its core business across a range of transport modes including trains, buses, cars, trolleybuses, shared private hire vehicles, river shuttles, ferries, cycles, car sharing services, electric autonomous vehicles and urban cable cars.   In France, Keolis is now the leader in medical transport services through the creation of Keolis Santé in July 2017 and positioned as the number two car park operator, through its subsidiary EFFIA.   The company is 70% owned by SNCF and 30% by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). Keolis employs 63,000 people in 16 countries and recorded a turnover of 5.4 billion euros in 2017. Today, over 3 billion passengers worldwide have used one of the shared mobility services offered by Keolis.   * Historically based in France, Keolis has expanded its operations in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Sweden, the UK and the USA.


Purva Marwaha - 03-juin-2016 12:31:35
  FRENCH TRANSPORTATION OFFICIALS IN INDIA TO STRENGTHEN TIES  AND COLLABORATION WITH INDIAN STAKEHOLDERS    An official delegation INCLUDING French members of parliament and TOP MANAGEMENT FROM SNCF (French Railways) VISITED Delhi’s metro and heavy rail operations on June 2 and 3. several meetings were held with senior indian executives TO EXAMINE best practices IN the fields of URBAN MOBILITY AND RAILWAY STATION moderniZation.   The delegation’s programme included sessions with officials from DMRC, Indian Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Railways, and the Indian Parliament’s Committee on Railways. The French MPs awarded the French Senate’s Medal of Honour to these Indian transport companies. The delegation also visited Delhi’s state-of-the-art metro system and NDLS train station.   INDO-FRENCH SEMINAR An Indo-French Seminar on Sustainable Mobility took place on Friday, June 3 in New Delhi, with keynote speakers from both countries sharing expertise in urban mobility, mass transit and station modernization. These experts addressed ways of improving public transport in Indian cities, citing governance and business models, intermodality and station upgrades.   Addressing the audience at the Indo-French Seminar on Sustainable Mobility, Mr. Diego Diaz, SNCF International Director, said: “We share with our friends at Indian Railways the same passion for improving people mobility. We are impressed by the speed of innovation in India and by the many projects taking shape in the country.”   Speaking on the development of urban mobility, Mr. Bernard Tabary, CEO International at SNCF’s urban transportation subsidiary Keolis, said: “With six metro systems already operating, eleven under construction and forty more planned, India is fast enhancing the attractiveness and liveability of its cities. The combination of Indian innovation and longstanding French expertise in mass transit experience can deliver value by adding features to some of these projects.”       Prof. S.Prakash, TERI University, emphasized the need for greater cooperation particularly in areas of providing seamless mobility across the different transport modes. « There should be also a collaborative effort for devising IT enabled techniques for metro and other public transport systems that encourages introduction of a single ticket across different transport modes in metropolitan cities » he added.   SNCF Group in India SNCF has been operating in India for several years now and boasts a strong presence in the country, with over 1,700 employees at its subsidiaries Systra and Geodis, and, more recently, AREP and Keolis.   Keolis will soon be running Hyderabad’s future elevated railway (with 71 km of track). In 2012, the concessionaire, Larsen & Toubro, India’s leading engineering and construction firm, awarded Keolis the operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement for this PPP metro network, the world’s largest to date.    Systra has been engaged for several years in engineering and/or project management work on various phases of metro projects in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkata and Nagpur. In 2009, Systra conducted a feasibility study for the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail (HSR) corridor. Systra has now completed the pre-feasibility study for the Delhi-Chandigarh-Amritsar HSR corridor (450 km) and at the end of 2015 started a pre-feasibility study for the Mumbai-Chennai HSR corridor. Systra is also involved with engineering and construction supervision on several hundred kilometers of Indian Railways’ Dedicated Freight Corridors. In 2014, the company acquired SAI, based in Ahmedabad, an engineering consultancy firm specialized in transport , with a particular focus on project management and construction supervision.   Geodis Wilson provides transport and logistics services to clients in India through a nationwide network of offices (with 3 00 employees).    In January 2016 , SNCF teamed up with Indian Railways (IR) to study renovation of two stations between New Delhi and Chandigarh, in the second phase of the Protocol on Cooperation signed by the two rail companies in April 2015. Under that Protocol, SNCF and Indian Railways entered into a preliminary agreement in December 2015 to carry out the feasibility of upgrading the Delhi-Chandigarh passenger line to accommodate semi-high-speed trains.                  

EOLIS air manager, 1st intelligent air filtration system to be launched in India

Thomas ILHE - 16-mars-2016 08:39:30
NatéoSanté, a French company specialising in air quality treatment, is about to launch EOLIS, the first intelligent air filtration system especially conceived for the Indian market. Manufactured in France, EOLIS is intended to be made in India later this year, at EOLANE industrial plant in Bangalore. EOLIS will be on sale in India from May 2016 and distributed thought our Indian Partners.   EOLIS air manager has been conceived from the initial idea to provide an air filtration system combining high performances and simplicity of use. Tailored for professionals in home appliances, hospitality and heath/medical sectors, EOLIS will incorporate a filter system composed of a medical grade filter HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 and a high density active carbon filter able to treat an area of either 60 or 120 m² (two versions will be proposed). Nateosanté air filtration systems are equipped with the most efficient filters on the market. In order to ensure 99.9% purification, our units are silent, reliable, easy to use, adapted to your needs and energy efficient. Natéosanté is very successful in Asia, with several trusted references (Renault, PSA, Mutualité Française, Miele …).    The Indian market is extremely promising as declared by Mr. Stéphane Monnier, International Business Development Manager: “ India is a strategic market for our company and we want to provide Indian professionals with the best equipment to treat air pollution. Some of the cities in India like New Delhi are facing huge challenges due to very heavy levels of concentration of fine and ultrafine particles in the air, and NateoSante wants to work with Indian professionals with products like EOLIS that have a proven track record for improving quality of air and quality of life.”  EOLIS is more an AIR MANAGER than an Air Purifier.      Thanks to the ACTIV mode, EOLIS is a smart unit automatically adapted to your environment. It includes a monitoring system easy to use thanks to a three user control interface: touch screen panel, computer or smartphone. Because each product is unique and get a specific ID number, we can see how it works and when you need maintenance and filters to be replaced.     EOLIS air manager will be available in India from May 2016 and distributed thought our Indian Partners. Available in two versions depending on the area surface to be treated (60 or 120m²), it is the first intelligent air filtration system to be marked with CE certifications.   About NATEO SANTE: NatéoSanté is a French company created 7 years ago and specialising in quality of indoor air. The company has already provided thousands of families and professionals in France and in Asia. Our product line has been built and improved day after day, through concrete feedback from our customers, enabling us to become a reference on the market. Our experts know the problems which may be faced by our customers, we work every day to offer them solutions by taking full account of the specificities of each environment. For further information, please visit: About Business France: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: and .    Company contact: Mr. Stéphane MONNIER   NATEO SANTE   International Business Development Manager   Tel: (+33) 2 85 52 06 75 / @:       Press contact:   Mr. Thomas ILHE   Business France, French Trade Commission in India Trade Officer. Tel: 011 4319 6303 / @: thomas.ilhe  

French pavilion at IREE 2015 in Pragati Maidan Delhi (14-16 October)

Purva Marwaha - 12-oct.-2015 10:18:47
500 participants from 25 countries and more than 15000 visitors are expected to visit the International Exhibition & Conference on railway products, equipments, machineries, automation, technologies and services. This exhibition will be held in Pragati Maidan from 14th to 16th October , 2015 where Business France, the French trade commission in India, will welcome leading companies from France to showcase their expertise and state-of-the-art know-how in the fields of rail technology. IREE will provide an ideal platform to highlight French business potential and the conference will be addressed by eminent speakers from India and abroad and would highlight the various aspects relating to modernization of Indian railway, technological advancement in railway equipment’s and private sector participation. Please find here below a short description of the companies which will be present on the French pavilion:   Company Representative /Position About the Company NEXTER ELECTRONICS J.P.VALETTE / Business development (Asia) Based in Aerospace Valley, the flagship high-technology competitiveness cluster near Toulouse, Nexter Electronics is now a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Nexter Group specializing in embedded electronic systems engineering. The expertise of our 120 highly qualified staff makes us a leader in the design, production and operational readiness maintenance of electronic equipment for long-life embedded systems used in severe environments.   CONSELY J.L.MICHEL/ Business Development (India –France) Anuj PATTNAIK/Business Development (India) CONSELY offers a large panel of courses to acquire know-how especially in modelling the industrial processes and the associated numerical tools. These courses are adapted to engineers from medium and small size companies and main industrial groups, to students from engineering schools desirous of acquiring or supplementing new efficiencies.   CREPIM Franck POUTCH/ C.E.O CREPIM is one of the major European Laboratories for development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations. CREPIM (i) develops, (ii)tests and (iii) certifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas featuring the mass transportation sectors (railways, aircrafts and boats), in the building, electrical, and textile sectors.   KEOLIS Alpana KHERA /Advisor-India Keolis is one of Europes leading public transport operators, established in 15 countries on four continents. The group offers a full range of transport solutions to meet the needs of local authorities and passengers and constantly strives to offer its clients mobility choices in tune with the priorities of each geographical region.   SDCEM Mr. Maxcene DECAMPS Expert in railway electrification Through a wide and flexible designed range and approved by major international railway companies, SDCEM is a proven quality provider responding to high technical requirements for interurban, metro & tramway networks 1500V to 7.2kV, high speed & conventional overhead lines 25kV, substations & feeders 25kV, traction substations 52kv to 420kv and Tunnel installations : FLEXIBLE DESIGNED PRODUCTS IEC STANDARDS COMPLIANT Disconnector Switches Load Break Switches (with vacuum interruptor or air breaking switch-disconnectors) Earthing switches Fuse holders After 10 years of customer co-development in smart-grid oriented innovations, we aim to ensure optimum electrical safety for operators through increasingly plug & play solutions, key assets to face major network issues: Maximize equipment reliability and availability, Maintain interoperability and standardize Improve safety and communication, Monitor real-time performance, Optimize maintenance and operational cost
Sophie Clavelier, Country Head   Welcome to the French Trade Commission Business France in India!     Our key mission is to promote trade relations between France and India. We assist French- based companies seeking potential partners and new markets in India, while helping Indian businesses to identify potential French suppliers, commercial and technical partners.   In India, our 4 offices are located in business hubs, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a dedicated multicultural team of 38 experts in the following growing sectors: Agrofood Industry Industry and Cleantech Lifestyle and Healthcare Tech & Services Our Trade Commission also has a Press office in charge of helping French companies to communicate in India as well as a Market Access Department enabling them to better understand and adjust to the Indian regulatory and fiscal framework. In


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