The “French Tech Tour to India 2017”, a platform to bridging the French and Indian Tech ecosystems

Purva Marwaha - 30-oct.-2017 10:57:25
Business France, the Trade & Investment Commission of France in India, is organizing, with several stakeholders and partners, the second edition of the “French Tech Tour to India”, a multi-purpose and multi-format platform to run over Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore from the 13 th  to the 17 th  of November 2017.   The “French Tech Tour to India 2017” will consist in an immersive mission to India for 9 innovative “French Tech” startups and SMEs and 1 of France and the World biggest car makers . The program for these companies will include customize business meetings with Indian start-ups, investors, partners and clients as well as pitch sessions and curated networking cocktails across the 4 cities. The first edition of the event in 2016 pitch sessions and networking and networking event was a tremendous success and recorded a footfall of more than 150 participants in each city.   France is eager to develop strong partnerships with the Indian start-ups ecosystems.  Therefore, the “French Tech Tour to India 2017” will also include meetings with several incubators in the 4 cities, and more specifically  T-Hub in Hyderabad , Indian leading start-ups incubator, and one the biggest in the World. The “French Tech Tour to India 2017” will finally have a strong participation  at the Bangalore ITE.Biz 2017  (Bangalore, 16th to 18 th  of November 2017), with the objective of strengthening reciprocal awareness between the French and Indian Tech ecosystems, and of promoting France as a leading Innovation and Business Hub in Europe for Indian Tech Companies. In the years to come, Business France looks forward to take these initiatives to greater scale.  The French Tech initiative fits in the with the goals and objectives of the “Startup India” and “Digital India” initiatives  by the Government of India. We hope that this spirit of reciprocal learning and collaboration between India and France strengthens in the following years.     *     *     *     *     * For some years now, the French Tech ecosystem has enjoyed a steady and strong development, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers and other talented people. Like India, France has emerged as a leading Startup Power, home to vibrant Tech Hubs and talents, and imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture. With 100,000 Engineers trained yearly, 6,000+ Tech startups, 200+ Tech startup incubators / accelerators, 100+ VC funds active, more and more large companies and Mid-Caps involved into startup initiatives, not to mention our Innovation Clusters, France stands among the leading ecosystems globally when considering Tech-related Entrepreneurship and Innovation; as ascertained by the fact that France led -for the 6th consecutive year- the race in the “Deloitte Fast 500 2015 EMEA” ranking with 87 laureates. The “French Tech” is benefiting from both Software and Hardware-centric capabilities. Also, while France has been historically known for Telecommunications and Media technologies for instance, the country has nurtured a growing number of World market leaders emerging in domains such as Big Data & Analytics (with Success Stories such as Criteo, Scality, Talend or Teads…), IoT and Connected Devices (over 25% of all startups exhibiting at the CES 2016 were French), eCommerce and Sharing /On-demand Economy, or BioTech and MedTech (No. 2 in the World for BioTech and No. 1 for MedTech IPOs over 2011-2015). In addition to public supportive programs, private initiatives such as the StationF to open in early 2017 in Paris (consisting in the retrofit of the Halle Freyssinet, to make it the largest business incubator worldwide with over 1,000 startups spread over 33,000 sqm), shall contribute to sustain this dynamic. Also noteworthy is the fact that many MNCs (Cisco, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Huawei, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung…) have implemented R&D and Innovation centers in France and are increasing the scale of their operations in this domain.   The “French Tech Tour to India” finds its origin in the statement that with over 5,000 and 6,000 Tech startups respectively, and many large corporates involved in Open Innovation and Acceleration programs, India and France both belong to the Top 5 of the Tech startup ecosystems in the world. Yet, further initiatives need to be developed to exploit the true potential for synergies and value co-creation between the 2 Startup Powers. Hence, in addition This French Tech Tour to India 2017 is part of the larger  French Tech  initiative spearheaded by the French Government and associated public and private stakeholders to promote innovation and the growth of startup ecosystems in France. These initiatives look at bridging the French and India Tech ecosystems, creating reciprocal awareness between the two ecosystems and enabling participating French Tech startups and SMEs to find their future partners and clients and develop in the Indian market   About the “French Tech” initiative: Launched in 2013, the “French Tech” is an initiative spearheaded by the French Government in association with public and private stakeholders in order to nurture the densification, the growth and internationalization of Tech startup ecosystems in France, and to accrue the positioning of France as a leading European Innovation and Business Hub towards any Tech company. It consists in: -  a set of programs (grants to entrepreneurs, access of entrepreneurs to IT and research resources, fund of funds, acceleration fund, “French Tech Ticket”, etc.) designed to achieve these objectives; - networks of labeled ecosystems located throughout France; - a brand and logo, this pink rooster to which any “French Tech” entrepreneur associates itself. The "French Tech" eventually refers to all the stakeholders and individuals contributing to the Tech startup ecosystem in France or abroad. The initiative is sector-agnostic and relates not only to the Digital economy or ICTs, but also to BioTech, CleanTech, EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, MedTech, etc. For further information, you can log on to the Website of the “French Tech” initiative:   About Business France: Business France is the National Agency for the Internationalization of the French Economy, responsible for fostering the international expansion of French businesses as well as promoting and facilitating international investments in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E scheme (an international internship program). Business France has 1,500 staff members, both in France and over 70 countries throughout the World.   In India, Business France maintains offices in New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Chennai, with a multicultural team of French and Indian experts who work intensively to strengthen the relations between French and Indian companies. For further information, please visit:  and .    Press contact: Ms. Purva MARWAHA and Mr. Julian HOARAU Business France - Trade & Investment Commission of France in India Trade Officers Tel.: 011 43 19 63 06 / 03 @: @:               MEET THE 10 !   Delegation of the 10 participating “French Tech” enterprises, selected by our esteemed Jury: ORGANISATION : REPRESENTED BY : COMPANY PROFILE : DXO Labs Mr. Nicolas TOUCHARD Vice President Marketing and Product Management DXO Labs is a team of Scientist and Engineers that are revolutionizing the camera component in smart phones and tablets. DXO possesses world-class expertise on applied Mathematics for image processing, camera design and image quality optimization.           Giroptic Mr. Pierre JEANNIN Sales Manager Giroptic is a pioneer in 360 degrees live streaming and virtual reality imaging technologies and services. Its mission is to enable people to communicate, capture and share their experiences in an immersive way.  Lyra Network Mr. Christophe MARIETTE Global sales Director Lyra Network offers services that are developed and implemented to secure and manage payments and data. Areas of expertise include proximity payments (POS services), e-commerce (PayZen solution), connected objects (optimal security and performance solutions for online data transfer) and e-invoicing solutions. MediaWen Mr. Erwan DE KERAUTEM Chief Executive Officer Mediawen International provides secure, cloud based platforms and tools for video content localization including Closed Captioning, Multilingual Subtitling and Automatic Dubbing across Web, mobile and TV. Their solutions incorporate cognitive AI technologies to automate labour intensive work in the following industries: M & E, e-learning, education, health, finance. Moskitos Mr. Bertrand MASSON Chief Executive Officer Moskitos publishes Crosscut®, a scalable and modular integration platform for quickly and totally secure connection of data, APIs and applications and fast digital innovation. Crosscut® gives companies the means to connect applications, devices, IoT, Cloud services and B2B partners by quickly deploying a secure platform that is easy to implement and learn. Patnering Robotics Mr. Ramesh CAUSSY  Founder & Chief Executive Officer Partnering Robotics creates self-learning, mobile and autonomous robots, who’s primary objective is to take care of people and the environment.  A key player in the French Robotics Industry has succeeded in creating a Made in France disruptive technology dedicated to well-being and energy efficiency, and that keeping Humans at the center of the robotic Paytweak Mr. Thierry MEIMOUN Chief Executive Officer Paytweak offers Universal Secure Payment Links and accepts all credit cards and issues electronic SEPA direct debit authorizations, receiving payments directly into one’s bank account with no delay, no intermediaries and no commission charges. Easy to setup, plug and play and accessible in expert or simplified mode, the Paytweak interface enables the whole solution to be controlled from the cloud, importing and exporting data and connecting it to one’s CRM and business software in one click.  StreamMind Ms. Christina LANGER   Head Marketing and Communications  StreamMind has developed a unique, transversal digital platform (TIME™), adaptable to all sectors, that combines everything that is common in your information systems (without impact), and facilitates agile, scalable innovation. StreamMind has developed the software behind the European inter-banking network, SEPAmail™ (present in + 280 European banks). Torskal Nanosciences Dr. (Ms.) Anne-Laure MOREL Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Torskal Nanosciences is a biotechnology company, based in Reunion Island. The company’s purpose is the design & development of metal (gold) nanoparticles by ecofriendly processes. Torskal is currently specializing in the Treatment of Cancer using Nanoparticles. PSAGroupe Mr. Joël VERANY  ‎ Vice President Distribution Strategy and Network Development India PSA is one of the biggest car makers in the world, with renowned brands Peugeot, Citroen and DS. The Group recently bought the iconic Indian name Ambassador and will shortly start to produce and sell cars in India.  PSA plans to develop partnerships in India with Tech start-ups to promote innovation in Sales, Marketing, Customers experience or Mobility.   

#WEF: an enabler for enhanced Indo-French cooperation in electronics & IOT

Purva Marwaha - 29-juin-2017 11:37:40
#WEF: an enabler for enhanced Indo-French cooperation in electronics & IOT The World Electronics Forum (WEF) is a voluntary gathering of CEOs and Directors of electronics industry associations worldwide who meet annually to discuss major topics of common interest, exchange information on services and data and strengthen relations between associations for the benefit of their industries.   The WEF brings together almost 200 high level decision makers of electronics industry associations from many different countries such as the USA, India, China, Japan, Australia, etc. to discuss economic growth, talk about the future and do business together.   The World Electronic Forum (WEF), the annual event which took place in 2016 in Singapore, will be held this year in the city of Angers, French electronics capital from the 24th to 28th October 2017 , this Western Region of France has the greatest concentration of electronics manufacturing facilities & represents 50,000 or one fourth of jobs. This edition of WEF will be the occasion to reflect on what kind of Industry 4.0 , one should build and the Smart usages that will be set.   WEF will be an important platform to exchange ideas, accelerate startups interested in #IoT and #Manufacturing, in the form of the ecosystem of Angers French Tech and to create an IoT City or a City of Smart Devices.   To promote this 22nd edition of WEF in India, Mr. Christophe Béchu - Hon’ble mayor of Angers, Senator, President of Angers French Tech and WEF 2017 President along with Prof. NK Goyal – President of CMAI Association of India, held a press conference at the residency of the French Ambassador in New Delhi on 26th of June 2017.     “The whole city works to put together a memorable event, aware of its importance. It will give Angers a chance to showcase its position as the original electronics production center of Europe, thanks to the massive media coverage involved, along with the core of the world electronics industry’s presence. WEF 2017 is a scope for economic development and encourages us to surpass ourselves.” says Mr. Béchu, Hon’ble Mayor of Angers, Senator, President of Angers French Tech and WEF 2017 President.                                                                                                                    France is the leading producer of radar, navigation and defence electronics and these activities account for 25% of the total output of the industry, French expertise is also evident in the area of robotics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, R&D intensive activities in electronics & in the start up space.   The electronic industry (products & components) market in India is estimated at around 75 billion USD. The sector will be boosted by the government program "Make in India", the objectives of offsets imposed in sectors such as defense and aeronautics, to fiscal and structural incentives (Electronics Manufacturing Clusters, M-SIPS, etc.) to attract foreign direct investment into the country and to reduce India’s large trade deficit in electronic products and components large investments have been announced by the government.   Several major programs launched are expected to boost consumption of electronic products: The Digital India campaign (16 billion USD investment), the ’100 Smart Cities’ program (US $ 14 billion in 5-year government subsidies) E-Governance initiatives (Aadhaar, Cloud, mobile apps, etc.), "Ultra Mega Solar Power" projects (85 billion USD invested by 2022), offsets programs in the Defense and Aeronautics, the National Knowledge Network, etc.   There is already a significant presence of French companies in India in electronics related to Defence, Aeronautics & Aerospace. In June 2016, the Bangalore based Indian company Centum Electronics acquired French company Adetel Group specializing in design, development and industrialization of embedded electronic systems for defence, aerospace, industrial, transportation, medical and energy sectors. Centum Electronics holds 51% percent controlling stake in Adetel Group and is a good example of perfect synergies between the Indian & French companies to ensure value creation for customers.   Thalès, Gemalto, Safran, Famoco, STMicroelectronics & Dassault Systems are the big players working with Indian & French SMEs & the Indian government to actively contribute to the “Make In India” campaign.   The WEF delegation had come to India with the objective of strengthening reciprocal awareness between French and Indian ecosystems, and to promote France along with Angers as the original electronics center of Europe.     About the World Electronics Forum: The World Electronics Forum (WEF) is an annual event which takes place in a different city every year. The last edition took place in 2016 in Singapore. The 22nd edition will take place in Angers, France, the capital of electronics, from the 25th to 28th October 2017. Angers region is a “French Tech ecosystem” in electronics, IOT’s, connected objects. The WEF brings together between 100 and 200 high-level decision makers in the electronics industry to discuss economic growth, talk about the future and do business together from many different countries; India, USA, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia. In order to mark the occasion of this WEF, a special week dedicated to IoT will be organized in the Angers metropolitan area. This exceptional event gathering Angers-based electronics companies, and investors and CEOs from the world’s largest companies will hopefully be a catalyst to create business links and interesting opportunities. About Angers French Tech: Angers is the original electronics production center of Europe, and has developed its French Tech value proposition along two main strands: growth of industry and link with the electronics sector in the West. With the endorsement of its ecosystem in June 2015, Angers French Tech has consolidated its status as the #IoT and #Manufacturing hub of western France. By offering a space where startups can operate alongside electronics manufacturers, the region can implement and accelerate innovative projects by companies of all size, from startups to major corporations. For further information, please visit: . About Business France: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: and .   If you want to learn more about the next edition of the World Electronic Forum 2017 – City of Angers, France -  from the 24 th to the 28 th October 2017   Press contact: Ms. Purva Marwaha, Business France, French Trade & Investment Commission in India Trade Officer. Tel: 011 4319 6306 / @:   Angers French Tech contact: Ms. Corine Busson-Benhammou, Angers French Tech & WEF 2017 International Relations and Communication Director. / @:  

La French Tech se met à l’heure Indienne

Julian HOARAU - 11-mai-2017 10:02:27
  Business France organise, avec l’appui de ses partenaires, lundi19 juin 2017,  unatelier d’information gratuit sur le potentiel dedéveloppement de la French Tech en Inde (développement commercial) et avecl’Inde (partenariats globaux, innovation, etc.)  s’adressant aux start-up et PME dela French Tech désireuses de prospecter le marché indien et aux grandsgroupes s’intéressant aux développements de l’Inde en matière de technologieset d’innovation.  A l’issue de cet atelier, vous pourrezégalement rencontrer -dans le cadre d’entretins personnalisés- nos experts aveclesquels échanger sur vos ambitions et valider votre projet Inde.   Horaire                                         Lundi 19 juin 2017 08h30 - 09h00 Ouverture et introduction - Invité d’honneur : S.E. Dr. Mohan KUMAR, Ambassadeur d’Inde en France - S.E. M. Alexandre ZIEGLER, Ambassadeur de France en Inde - Mme Muriel PENICAUD, Directrice générale, Business France 09h00 - 09h30 Table-ronde « L’Inde, levier de croissance pour la French Tech » - M. Albert SZULMAN, CEO, Be-Bound - M. Lionel BARABAN, CEO, FAMOCO - M. Didier LARRIEU, Directeur commercial, Kerlink Modérateur : interlocuteur à confirmer 09h30 - 10h00 (10 min par intervenant) L’Inde, terre d’innovation et de co-développements - 1 grand compte français faisant de l’innovation en Inde - 1 fonds de capital-risque indien ou incubateur de start-up - 1 grand compte indien 10h00 - 10h20 (5 min par intervenant) L’India Tech fait son «  Demo Day  » à Paris Sessions de pitchs de 3 lauréats indiens du programme « French Tech Ticket » - M. Anand KRISHNA, CTO, Czar Securities   - M. Mani DORAISAMY, Founder, - M. Ketan SANGHVI, CEO, Intripper   - M. Anurag RATHOR, Founder, Zify 10h20 - 10h30 Conclusions : Pourquoi la French Tech doit s’intéresser à l’Inde ? Interlocuteur à confirmer. 10h30 - 10h45 En 2017, mettez l’Inde au cœur de votre business plan ! Présentation du plan d’action Business France Inde et de la seconde édition du French Tech Tour Inde - M. Thibaut FABRE, Directeur, Business France Inde Programme d’accélération et de financement par Bpifrance -   Interlocuteur de Bpifrance à confirmer 10h45 - 11h00 Pause-café de networking 11h00 - 13h00 (30 min par entretien) Entretiens individuels de cadrage de stratégie de développement en Inde Avec les experts de Business France et de Bpifrance.                  

Offre d’emploi

Purva Marwaha - 27-mars-2017 07:49:15
B o m b a y , l e 2 4 m ars 2 0 17   O FFR E D ’E MP LOI     Le Bure a u B u s in e s s F ra n c e de B o m b a y re c ru t e un(e) C h a rgé(e) d e D é v eloppe m ent   au s ein de s on pôle T e c h & S e r v i c es     Mi s s i on p r i n c i p a l e :       C o ns e il l e r , a c c él é r er et f a i r e r éus s ir l es en t r ep r is e s f r ança i s e s d ans l eur dé ve lo p pement co m m e r c i al e n In d e   S e c t e u rs c o n c e rnés :     T e c h & S e r v i c es Fo c us de c e p o s te : m é d i as et d i v ert i ss e m e n t, s er v i c es In t ern e t, s er v i c es M ar k e t i n g, etc.   D ate de recr u t eme n t :    Juillet / A oût 2 0 1 7 ( CDI de droit local). E n v i ron n eme n t de t ra v ail : L e s b u r e a u x B u s i n e s s F r a nc e so n t l es re l a i s à l ’ étra ng er de B u sine s s Fr a n ce , l ’ A g e n c e fr a n ç a i s e p o u r l ’ i nt e r n at i o n a l i s at i on de l ’ é c o n o m i e fr a n ç a i s e (1 5 0 0 s a l ar i é s , e n F r a n c e e t d a ns 7 3 p a y s) , a v ec u n e tr i p l e m i ss i on  : -   E xp o r t : a cc o m p a g n e m e nt d e s e n tre p r i s es f r a n ç a i s es s ur l es  m a r c h é s extér i e u r s et pro m ot i o n d es exp o r t a t i o ns f r a n ç a i s es ; -   In v e s t : pro m ot i on et f a c il i ta t i on d es i n v e s t i ss e m e n ts  i nt e r n at i o n a u x en F r a n c e ; -   Pr om ot io n - C o m m unic a t i on : pro m ot i on d e l ’i m a g e b u s i n e s s de l a F r a n c e à l ’ ét r a n g er à t r a v ers l a co n d u i t e d e ca m p a g n es du t y pe « C r é at i v e F r a n c e ». S’ a g i ss a n t d u Dé p arte m e n t E x p o r t de B u s i n e s s F r a n c e e t d e s é q u i p e s E x p o r t à l ’ étr a n g er, il s o nt p o u r v o c a t i on : - l e re c u e i l et l ’ a n a l y s e d ’i n f or m at i o n s s ur l es é v o l u t i o n s s e c tor i e l l es e t ré g l e m e n ta i r es d e s m ar c h é s exp o r t ; - l’ a cc o m p a g n e m e n t d es e x p o r ta t e urs et d es i n v e s t i ss e u r s f r a n ç a i s s ur l es m ar c h é s e x tér i e u r s ( d i ff u s i on d ’ i n f or m a t i o n , r é ali s at i on d ’ é t u d es de m ar c h é , m i s e e n co n t a c t a v ec d e s pro s p e c ts et p arte n a i r es p o te n t i e l s , re c h er c he d e d é b o u c h é s ,ca cc o m p a g n e m e n t e n m at i è r e d’ a cc ès a ux m ar c h é s ou de c o m m u ni c at i o n , e t c .) ; un s o u t i en s p é c i f i q u e é t a n t a p p orté a u x s tart - up, P ME et E T I à f ort po t e nt i el d ’ i nt e r n a t i o n a l i s at i on ;  - l a p r o m ot i o n d u s a v o i r - f a i r e, d e s pr o d u i ts et d e s t e c h n o l o g i es  f r a n ç a i s au tr a v ers de l ’ or g a ni s a t i o n d e p a v il l o n s F r a nc e sur  d e s s a l o ns i n tern a t i o n a u x , de c o l l o q u es t e c h n i q u e s , m a i s a u ss i p a r d e s ac t i o ns de c o m m u n i c a t i on d a ns l a pre ss e sp éc i a l i s é e . L ’ é q u i pe de B u si n e s s F r a nc e e n I n d e ( q ui a é g a l e m e n t c o m p é te n c e sur l e B a n g l a d e s h, l e P a k i s tan et l e S r i L a n k a p ar l e b i a i s de p a r t e n a i r es da ns c es p a y s) , e s t c o n s t i t u é e d ’ e n vi r on 35 s a l ari é s r é p a r t i s d a ns l e s 4 b u r e a ux B u s i n e s s F r a nc e d ’I n d e  ( New D e l h i , B o m b a y , B a n g a l ore et C h e n n a i ) .  Pl us s p é c i f i q u e m e n t, l ’ é q u i pe E x p ort s ’ o r g a n i s e a ut o ur de 4 p ô l es s e c tor i e l s ( A G R O T E CH, I n d u s tr i es & C l e a nt e c h , A r t d e V i v r e - S a n t é, T e c h & S e r v ic e s ) et un p ô l e tra n s v er s e ( S er v i c es a u x E n tre p r i s es : a cc ès m a rc h é , c o m m u ni c at i on e t re l at i o ns pre ss e, pro m ot i on et s u i v i d e l a f o r m u l e V I E ) .   Mi s s i o n s p rop o s é es :    1/ S o u s l e p i l ot a g e e t l a re s p o n s a b i l i té du Chef de P ô l e T e c h & S er v i c es b a s é à B o m b a y , l e/ l a Cons e i l l er ( e) E x p o r t au r a u ne r e s p o n s a b i l i té gra n d i ss a n t e d a ns s es r e l a t i o n s a v ec l e s e n tre p r i s es f r a n ç a i s es a cc o m p a g n é e s d a ns l e u r d é v e l o p p e m e n t s ur l e m ar c hé i n d i e n , a l l a nt j u s q u ’ à u n e a u t o n o m i e d a n s l a g e s t i on de s es d o ssi ers c li e nts et d a n s l’ or g a n i s at i on d ’ é v è n e m e n ts c o ll e c t i f s de pro m ot i on d u s a v o i r - f a i r e, d e s pr o d u i ts et d e s t ec h n o l o g i es f r a n ç a i s . 2/ L e /a C o n s e i l l er ( e) Ex p ort c o n tr i b u e r a - e n l i e n a v ec l e re s te de l ’ é q u i pe T e c h & S e r vi c e s - à p r o m o uv o i r l’ é c o s y s t è m e d e l a « F r e n c h T e c h » e t l e prog r a m m e « Fr e n c h T e c h T ic k e t » a u près d e l ’ é c o s y s t è m e d e l ’ « I n d i a T e c h » à B o m b a y (s tar t - u p , g r a n d s c o m pt e s , i n c u b at e urs et a cc é l é r a te u rs , V C s , m é di a s , e t c .). Ces t â c h e s s e r é a l i s eront d a n s l e c a d r e d e s m i ss i o n s g é n é r a l es i n c o m b a nt a ux b ureaux B u s i n e s s F r a n c e , e n a ss o c i at i on a v ec d ’ a u tres c o l l a b o r at e urs d u P ô l e e t é v e nt u e l l e m e n t d es p arte n a i r es i n s t i t ut i o n n e l s o u o p é r at i o n n e l de B u s i n e s s F r a n c e I n d e . C omp é t e n c e s e t p ro f i l rec h erc h és : In g é n i e ur e n in f or m at i q u e, té l é c o m m u ni c at i o ns o u é l e c tro ni q u e ( i d é a l e m e n t a v ec   u n e   d o u b l e  c o m p é te n c e c o m m e r c i a l e) o u d i p l ô m é e n co m m e r c e o u Ma n a g e m e n t. Une e x p é ri e n c e r é u ss i e de 3 a ns m i n i m u m d a n s l e m o n de de l ’ e ntrep r i s e  - et   n o t a m m e nt  d es   m é d i as   ou   d ’ I nt er n e t -   e s t e x i g é e. - P ar f a i te m aî t r i s e d u f r a n ç a i s et de l ’ a n g l a i s à l’ é cr i t c o m m e à l’ or a l , a v ec c a p a ci tés ré d a c t i o n n e ll e s . - A p p ét e n c e p o ur l es s e c t e urs d ’ a c t iv i tés e n p orte f e u i l l e  ( m é di as et d i v er t i ss e m e n t, In t erne t …) et l ’ i n n o v a t i o n . - Cu l tu r e d u ré s u l t at ( p i l ot a ge d ’ a c t iv i té p a r o b j e c t i f s) . - F i bre c o m m er c i a l e (p r e s t a t i o n s de s er v i c es f a i s a n t l ’ o b j et d ’ u ne f a c tura t i on a u x e ntr e prises f r a n ç a i s es ac c o m p a g n é e s ). - F l e x i b i l i té et c a p a c i té à tr a i ter p l u si e u r s d o ssi ers en m ê m e te m ps et d a ns d e s d é l a i s i m p o s é s . - S e n s d e l ’ or g a n i s at i on e t c a p a c i té à g érer d e s a s p e c ts  l o g i s t i q u e s l ors d ’ é v è n e m e n ts et d é l é g a t i o n s . - T r a v a i l e n é q u i pe. - T r ès b o n se n s du c o n tact et c a p a c i té à d é v e l o p p er u n p o r te f e u i l l e d ’ i nt e rl o c ut e urs pr i v i l é g i és de h a ut n i v e a u. - Ca p a c i t és à r e c h er c h e r , v a l i d e r p u i s a n al y s er de l ’ i n f or m at i o n . - E xc e l l e n te m aî t r i s e d e l a s u i te M i cr o s o f t O ff i c e.  Ce p o s t e s ’ a cc o m p a g n e d ’ un d e v o i r d e co n f i d e n t i a l i t é .     C o n t a c t :                          Dos s i e r   d e   c an d ida t u r e   ( CV   et   l et t r e   de   m ot i v at i o n   en f r a n ç a i s ) et p r éte nt io n s s al ar i al e s à a d r e s s er d ’i c i a u 30   a v r i l  2017 à :                                          M. S y l v a i n B I A RD                                         D i r e c te u r d e B ure a u e t Chef de P ô l e T e c h & S e r v ic es                                          s y l v a i n. b i ar d @ b u s i n e s s f r a n c e. f r

The French Tech will actively take part at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016

Julian HOARAU - 19-oct.-2016 06:36:32
  With over 5,000 and 6,000 Tech startups respectively, and many large corporates involved in Open Innovation and Acceleration programs, India and France both belong to the Top 5 of the Tech startup ecosystems in the W orld. Further initiatives shall yet be developed to truly exploit the synergies and value co-creation of the 2 Startup Nations.       As part of this endeavor, the season 2 of the “French Tech Ticket” program has been extensively promoted in India, with Indian entrepreneurs and early stage startups noteworthy leading, again this year, in terms of number of applications received.     This “French Tech Tour to India 2016 ” , w ill serve several objectives and will consist of an immersive program for 10 innovative “French Tech” startups and SMEs that have been selected by a Jury, the participation of the “French Tech” ecosystem in the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016 (Bangalore, 26 th and 27 th of October, 2016) and culminating in 3 networking events in Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai. Seeking to build reciprocal awareness between the respective stakeholders and to bridge the French and India Tech ecosystems, these networking events will gather representatives from the Indian Tech ecosystem, the delegation coming from France, and the 50+ “French Tech” players in India.       Come and meet French startups @NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016 on October 26th & 27th - Bangalore.  

French Tech Tour - A ticket to France

Julian HOARAU - 29-août-2016 11:30:04
  The French Tech Ticket is a welcome package designed for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to create or develop their early stage startups in France!   It includes a free space in an incubator for 12 months, a Resident Permit for 2/3 Co-founders, access to acceleration programs (mentoring, events, etc.), a “Landing Pack” and a prize money of 45,000 euros per project with no loss of equity.   The first season of French Tech Ticket saw 723 projects submitted by foreign entrepreneurs and early stage s tartups from 90 countries. W ith 82 projects submitted, India ranked 1 st as country of origin of these applications. This “Promotion 2016” includes 23 startups currently been accelerated in France for 12 month s , out of which 2 of the laureates are Indian startups:   GUESS WORK - DYMOND CLEAN TECH -   The French Tech Ticket - Season 2 looks for an even bigger scale, with  41 very specialized incubators hav ing partnered across France (vs. 10 Parisian incubators only in Season 1) to welcome the second intake of startups . And 70 international startups ( about 180 entrepreneurs ) will join the Season 2 starting from January 2017 (vs. 49 entrepreneurs from 23 startups in Season 1) Applications are already open ed and closing date has been extended u ntil September 23rd 2016.   To become one of these entrepreneurs , apply now to season 2 on !  

French Government kicks off French Tech Ticket - Season 2

Purva Marwaha - 27-juin-2016 06:18:00
French Government kicks off French Tech Ticket - Season 2, an opportunity for Indian early-stage startups to grow internationally from France.   After a promising Season 1, which saw over 1,300 applications from around the World and welcomed 23 startup teams in Paris including 2 startups from India, the French Tech Ticket is back. For this 2 nd session, 70 projects will be selected to join, as of January 2017, 41 partner incubators all over France!   Led by the French Government, the " French Tech Ticket " program consists in providing a “welcome pack” to entrepreneurs across Tech-intensive sectors (ICTs, Internet / Mobile, FinTech, HealthTech, BioTech, CleanTech, Aerospace, FoodTech…) from all over the world looking at setting up or scaling up innovative startups in France.    The call for applications for the 2017 promotion has been launched on the 21 st of June, 2016 and will end on the 24 th of August, 2016.   What’s in it for French Tech Ticket winners?                                                                              The laureates will benefit from a welcome package which includes: -           a prize money / funding of EUR 45,000 per project with no loss of equity, -           a fast-track procedure to obtain a French resident permit, -           a 12-month free office space in one of the 41 partner incubators, -           a dedicated acceleration and mentoring program, -           a soft landing pack to help you relocating easily to France, -           and a help desk to help you with administrative procedures. Learn more about the program at and apply from now at the following link:    
Sophie Clavelier, Country Head   Welcome to the French Trade Commission Business France in India!     Our key mission is to promote trade relations between France and India. We assist French- based companies seeking potential partners and new markets in India, while helping Indian businesses to identify potential French suppliers, commercial and technical partners.   In India, our 4 offices are located in business hubs, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a dedicated multicultural team of 38 experts in the following growing sectors: Agrofood Industry Industry and Cleantech Lifestyle and Healthcare Tech & Services Our Trade Commission also has a Press office in charge of helping French companies to communicate in India as well as a Market Access Department enabling them to better understand and adjust to the Indian regulatory and fiscal framework. In


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