A trade delegation of French companies organised by Business France will be in India during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit (10th-12th March 2018)

Purva Marwaha - 08-mars-2018 08:18:34
On the occasion of the visit of the President of France, Business France accompanies a delegation of 18 French companies wishing to develop and strengthen their activity in India.   All sectors are represented: Industry, Energy, Infrastructure, Environment, Services, Health and Agriculture through the following companies:  2PS ; ABSOGER ; ACCUWATT ; DE VIALET ; ECM TECHNOLOGIES ; ELDIM ; ELISATH ; FAMOCO ; KERLINK; LABORATOIRE GILBERT ; LYRA NETWORK ; MCA PROCESS ; QOS ENERGY ; SOLEAN ; SIGFOX ; STERELA ; VALECO ; VIEUX POINTET.      Each of these companies will benefit from a specific Business Meeting program organized by Business France India. It is a huge opportunity for them to have more visibility, to participate in the highlights of the visit, to access key contacts, to accelerate their Business relations and to develop technological partnerships .   As of the top 10 largest economies today India is a driving force of global growth with the highest growth rate of the BRICS, which is expected to continue growing in the future (around 7.6% per year versus 3.5% for global growth). Moreover, the country is also committed to new important measures such as the standardization of the indirect taxation (Goods and Services Tax) which came into effect on July 1, 2017 as well as the reform of bankruptcy law to improve the ease of doing business in India (ranked 100th out of 188 countries according to the World Bank in 2018 and with an improvement of 30 places in a year). India is a growing market for our French companies with a potential to generate employment and is a huge added value and potential; in services, in the manufacturing sector and in high growth sectors like technology, software, energy and urban development. " Already over 400 French companies are in India, there is a potential for many more to come and develop business ties here ," said Sophie Clavelier, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner for India based in New Delhi. French companies are looking forward to forging many partnerships and trade ties with our Indian counterparts in the public and private domain and this State Visit will be a huge opportunity to capitalise on for both parties.     Contact presse : Shilpa PATIL, Cell + 91 98 33 90 22 60      

“Choose France!” summit focusing on France’s attractiveness to business

Purva Marwaha - 23-janv.-2018 07:30:22
  The President of France will be attending the “Choose France!” summit at the Palace of Versailles on Monday January 22, where distinguished guests will include nearly 140 business leaders representing some the world’s biggest businesses in a wide variety of sectors, from the automotive industry to new technologies, agri-food, financial services and healthcare. The “Choose France!” summit is another key stage in the promotion of France’s attractiveness as a business location after several months of far-reaching economic reforms by the French government. The aim of the event is to highlight how France stands up as an attractive business destination, underpinned by the announcement of various investment projects in France and the presence of 140 business leaders, many of whom are on their way to the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), who will discuss their ambitions in France with the President, Prime Minister and 16 ministers. Five multinational firms will use the summit to announce major investment projects in France. Each of these will serve as a symbolic illustration – due to either their size, the sums being invested, growth or jobs being generated, or their excellence and significance for sectors of the future. A handful of smaller projects will also be announced during the event. As part of a day largely given over to France’s attractiveness to business, the President of France will also pay an early afternoon visit to Toyota’s industrial plant near Valenciennes (north-eastern France), where the Toyota Yaris is made (3.5 million units produced since opening in 2001) and 3,800 people are employed at a site driving employment in the local area. It is also the 25th largest factory in France, turning out 30% of Toyota’s total output in Europe. Following his visit to Valenciennes, the President will travel straight to the Palace of Versailles, where he is scheduled to arrive around 6pm. He will take part in several bilateral meetings, including with Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc., Vasant Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP and John Chambers, formerly Executive Chairman of Cisco. The bilateral meetings will be followed by a dinner, preceded by an introductory speech from the President and a question-answer session with the invited business leaders. 1. “Choose France!” summit agenda and participants       140 business leaders from nearly 30 countries are taking part in the “Choose France!” summit, including: Sundar Pichai (Google), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Dominic Barton (McKinsey), Stuart Gulliver (HSBC), Jesper Brodin (Ikea), Bill McDermott (SAP), Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs), David Abney (UPS), Guido Barilla (Barilla), Jason Chen (Acer), Alexandre Dayon (Salesforce), Warren East (Rolls Royce Plc), Michael Evans (Alibaba), Jeffrey Harmening (General Mills), Lars Fruergaard Joergensen (Novo Nordisk), Joe Kaeser (Siemens), Martin Lundsdedt (Volvo Group), Antonio Neri (Hewlett Packard), Shunichi Miyanaga (Mitsubishi), James Quincey (Coca Cola Company), Young Sohn (Samsung Electronics), Richard Liu ( and Jonas Prising (Manpower Group).   Various French business leaders will also be in attendance, including Thomas Buberl (Axa), Jean- Laurent Bonnafe (BNP Paribas), Ross McInnes (Safran) and Emmanuel Faber (Danone).   There are four parts to the schedule for the afternoon at the Palace of Versailles:       1.00pm-2.30pm: Arrival of business leaders for lunch with the French Prime Minister 2.30pm-6.00pm: Bilateral meetings and topic-based workshop sessions held in parallel: Tony Estanguet - “Paris 2024: sharing optimism!” Bruno Le Maire - “Economic reform in France” Cédric Villani - “Artificial intelligence” Mounir Mahjoubi - “Digitalization of the French economy” Muriel Penicaud: “Social transformation in France” John Chambers: “Innovation and start up ecosystem” 6.00pm: Arrival of the President of France and bilateral meetings 8.00pm: Dinner, preceded by an introductory speech from the President of France           KEY FIGURES FOR THE “CHOOSE FRANCE!” SUMMIT:       More than 30 countries represented (approx. 50% from Europe, 25% from the United States, 25% from Africa, the Middle East and Asia).   ·                 A dozen job-creating investment projects.   The President and Prime Minister of France joined by 16 ministers: Jean-Yves Le Drian (Europe and Foreign Affairs), Bruno Le Maire (Economy and Finance), Muriel Penicaud (Labour), Agnès Buzyn (Solidarity and Health), Gérald Darmanin (Government Action and Public Accounts), Florence Parly (Armed Forces), Nicole Belloubet (Justice), Françoise Nyssen (Culture), Stéphane Travert (Agriculture and Food), Elisabeth Borne (Transport), Laura Flessel (Sport), Mounir Mahjoubi (Digital Affairs), Brune Poirson (Ecological and Inclusive Transition), Delphine Geny-Stephann (Economy and Finance), Nathalie Loiseau (European Affairs) and Benjamin Griveaux (Government Spokesperson).   ·                 Around 300 bilateral meetings scheduled during the afternoon at the Palace of Versailles, between business leaders and:   Members of government. Institutional participants (French telecoms regulator ARCEP, France’s public investment bank Bpifrance, French state investment fund Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French government Treasury Directorate DG Trésor, etc.). Meetings are also scheduled between French and foreign business leaders.  

147 french companies at Vibrant Gujarat

Julian HOARAU - 13-janv.-2017 07:07:39
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and international development, Mr. Jean-Marc Ayrault, led a delegation of 147 members to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit on 10 January 2017. Investor leading in India, France, Summit partner country, is committed to partnerships with the Indian Government and the State of Gujarat. Nobel Prize of physics Serge Haroche, known for his work on atomic physics, quantum optics, the study of the photon and the development of laser spectroscopy, also participated in the Conclave of the winners of the Nobel Prize. The trade delegation, framed by Business France consisted of 60 French companies specialized in the sectors of energy, urban development, management of water and waste, aviation, logistics, food industry, transport, new technologies of information and communication, housing (biotechnology, metal coatings, dental, electronic, pharmaceutical, textile), Board, banking and finance. The CEOs of the major French mutltinationales, including EDF and Cap Gemini, attended the Conclave of CEO. On this occasion Mr. Jean-Marc Ayrault, visited the French pavilion of the exhibition. The large number of participating companies, with a wide range of skills advanced, wants to work with Indian features and is fully committed to the ambitious initiative "Make in India". France, with his industry experience and expertise in advanced technologies, built a partnership for the future with the India supporting actively in achieving its main objectives in the areas of the development of transport, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and industry. France held a seminar country on January 11, which focused on two key themes: energy needs for the future and urban transport integrated in the Smart City. 12 french experts have shared their innovative proposals for the transformation of waste into energy, intelligent lighting, the stand-alone solutions for smart village, the manufacture of solar panels, connected solutions for urban transport, the intelligent parking and train stations of the future. Gujarat is one of the Indian States in stronger growth, but it is also one of the most attractive for investments. That’s why Vibrant Gujarat 2017 attracted 60 French companies from diverse industries already established in India or willing to expand their business here. The France invests in India, made in India and innovates in India. To strengthen Indo cooperation already very successful, regional economic Service of the Embassy of France in India and France Business remain at the disposal of the authorities and Indian companies to further develop bilateral economic relations.

Offre d’emploi - Job Offer - Chargé de développement Agrotech - Business France Mumbai

Thomas ILHE - 04-nov.-2015 14:07:31
Pays : Inde (bureau de Bombay)     Etablissement : BUSINESS FRANCE    Les bureaux Business France sont les relais à l’étranger de l’Agence française pour le développement international des entreprises. Ils ont pour vocation :    le recueil et l’analyse d’informations sur les évolutions sectorielles et réglementaires ; l’accompagnement des exportateurs et des investisseurs français sur les marchés extérieurs (diffusion d’information, organisation de missions de prospection, mise en contact avec des partenaires potentiels, recherche de débouchés), un soutien spécifique étant apporté aux PME (petites et moyennes entreprises) ; la promotion de produits et de technologies au travers de l’organisation de pavillon France sur des salons internationaux, de colloques, mais aussi par des actions de communication dans la presse étrangère spécialisée ; la promotion de l’attractivité de la France, de ses entreprises et de ses territoires et favorise l’accueil et l’accompagnement des investisseurs internationaux.   Intitulé du poste : Chargé de développement    Filière de rattachement : Agrotech (les produits alimentaires, l’agriculture, l’élevage, le paysagisme, le process agroalimentaire, l’horticulture, la filière équine, le bois, l’emballage…). Le Chargé de développement sera placé sous la responsabilité du Chef de pôle Agrotech.   Date : à partir du 4 janvier 2016 (CDI sous contrat local)   Contenu du poste :   prospection et commercialisation de nos services auprès des entreprises françaises de la filière ; réalisation de l’ensemble des prestations de notre catalogue BUSINESS FRANCE (Mission de Prospection, Test de marché, rencontres avec des acheteurs / opérateurs majeurs du secteur, pavillons France sur salons…) ; approfondir nos connaissances sectorielles sur le marché indien avec les acteurs du secteur et identifier des opportunités d’affaires pour les entreprises françaises dans les différents secteurs du pôle Agrotech ; rédaction des produits éditoriaux BUSINESS FRANCE (Fiche Marché, analyse potentielle marché, étude sur mesure, veille, benchmark…) ; construire et entretenir un réseau de contacts avec les partenaires potentiels indiens, les associations professionnelles, les acteurs publics ainsi que les entreprises françaises et les interprofessions ; sur la base des opportunités détectées, il/elle devra être proactif/ve pour susciter la demande des entreprises françaises dans les différents secteurs ; entretenir un dialogue nourri et constructif avec son chef de pôle, son directeur, tous les membres de l’équipe Agrotech Inde, ses correspondants de la filière Agrotech à Paris (chefs de projet). mise à jour de nos bases de données sur système d’information de Business France Inde.   Profil :   Formation supérieure en école de commerce.   Compétences : maîtrise de l’hindi, l’anglais et du français indispensables (oral et écrit) ; sens du relationnel et de la communication, capacité à développer un portefeuille de contacts dans un contexte multiculturel ; capacité à travailler en équipe et à distance ; sens du défrichage et de la prospection ; sens de l’organisation et efficacité ; force de propositions ; esprit de curiosité, capacités à trouver des solutions ; capacité d’analyse et esprit de synthèse : capacités à rechercher et à synthétiser l’information à partir des différentes sources disponibles au sein du réseau BUSINESS FRANCE (base de données, presse spécialisée, etc.) et, surtout, à partir des enquêtes terrain ; très bonnes capacités rédactionnelles ; flexibilité et capacité à traiter plusieurs dossiers en même temps et dans les délais imposés ; Parfaite maîtrise des outils bureautiques (Word, Excel et Powerpoint).    ***   Veuillez adresser votre CV en anglais et en français + lettre de motivation en français à .    

French plastics companies showcasing their expertise at the PLASTINDIA trade show (February 5th to 10th, 2015 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat)

Thomas Ilhe - 28-janv.-2015 05:15:16
Business France, the French Agency for International Business Development, in partnership with the Plastipolis innovation cluster, is organising a French pavilion at the PLASTINDIA trade show to be held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from February 5th to 10th, 2015. This major event in the plastics sector is eagerly anticipated by French experts as it takes place once every 3 years only. The Indian market is of particular interest to stakeholders all over the world because of its significant potential for development. It is estimated that the plastics industry will grow by over 50% by 2015. Plastic consumption per person and per year in India remains well below the global average (9.7 kg versus 26 kg). This results in an increased demand for high-quality, high-technology equipment. The French plastics industry is 2nd in Europe in terms of sales and 5th worldwide. The 5 companies present in the French pavilion represent different sectors of the industry. Attracted by the Indian markets high growth rate, they will present their technologies and expertise to authorities in order to establish or strengthen business contacts. Come and meet them in hall n°. 11.     An expert in waste recovery and recycling, GAVAND assists plastics companies to fulfil their legal obligations regarding waste recovery. Its operations include the collection, storage, crushing and regeneration of plastics. - booth 11-C22         Since 1988 the trading company PLASTDECOR has specialised in second-hand equipment for plastic transformation: injection presses, blowers, extruders, peripherals and moulds by major brands. - booth 11-C19         One of the world leaders in manufacturing moulds, PLASTISUD is a specialist in the production of moulds that combine high precision and high performance. More than 4,000 of its moulds are in use worldwide. Fields of application: Closures (40%), Packaging (30%), Medical (30%) - booth 11-C22         PROVENCALE SA is Europes number 2 producer and distributor of calcium and other industrial minerals. Fields of application: paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants, cements for civil engineering, plastics, food, paper, agriculture, decoration. - booth 11-D19           For more than 30 years , SPOOLEX – DECOUP + has been successfully designing and manufacturing standard and custom solutions for continuous ultrasonic cutting and welding of textiles, non-wovens, PP fabrics and plastic films. More than 5,000 of its machines are in operation worldwide. - booth 11-C20       About the French Trade Commission Business France in India Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. The French Trade Commission in India has 4 offices located in the business hubs of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai, with a total dedicated multicultural team of over 30 experts. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public and private-sector partners. For more information:   Business France Pascal GALLI Industry/Plastics Technology, Technical Textiles, Composite Materials Project Manager Phone: +33 (0)1 40 73 35 53 E-mail:

France indicates interest to help make Nagpur a ’smart city’

Thomas Ilhe - 16-sept.-2014 06:26:54
French Consul General for Western India Jean Raphael Peytregnet indicated that France had evinced interest in partnering with Nagpur to make it a ’smart city’ during his two-day visit in the city.  Accompanied by the French Trade Commissioner of Consulate General Matthieu Lefort, Peytregnet said that the basic objective would be to "explore possibilities" of co-operation in urban development. Since each city has a different requirement, there is nothing specific in mind, though tailor-made solutions could be offered, he said.   Peytregnet said that New Delhi would host a convention of architects later in November, when a French team would eventually visit Nagpur. Apart from exploring options in Mumbai and the national capital, they will also be urged to visit other Indian cities, he said.    Matthieu Lefort said there is also a focus on sectors like consumer goods, agriculture, automobiles, avionics and also tourism. Current investment by French companies in India stands at 15 billion Euros as against Indian investment in France which is at only 300 million Euros. The French government is keen to increase the figure by promoting Indian business proposals, he said. Source: PTI

Agro-technology: French know-how is still one of the best in the world

Anindita BANERJEE - 16-mai-2014 14:42:52
With the mechanization of farming since past few decades, France has demonstrated its know-how in developing high-performing Agro-technology solutions worldwide.2nd importer and 5th exporter for international markets in farming technologies, France is undoubtedly one of the major players in the sector, with 9% market share worldwide. France has 230 enterprises that export farming equipment. Most of them are SMEs (60 %). Among them are companies like Grégoire Besson, Kuhn, Exel Industries and Manitou. 70 % of French production in farming equipment is exported,” points out Tatiana Miron, UBIFRANCE’s Export Advisor for the Agriculture and Food sector When the exporting company is French, doors open more easily ! In South Africa, the exports for French farming machines increased 6 % between 2013 and 2012. Local prospects started noticing the Kuhn, Manitou, Pellenc or Berthoud logos hard at work. “These companies found the right distributors and they are focused on specific niches, ones whose needs they really understand,” analyzes the UBIFRANCE’s expert. In a completely different business segment, that of equipment designed and manufactured for the food industry, “France is still the reference throughout the world,” asserts Tatiana Miron. “When the exporting company is French, doors open easier.” With an international market share of 5.4 %, France is ranked 5th, behind Germany and Italy, two big leaders in the market for the food industry’s equipment. Innovative, flexible and well-adapted to its markets ! To go into detail, “the French offer is well-positioned for producing machines and implements for industrial preparation of food and drinks,” says UBIFRANCE’s advisor. France is also very present in baking and pastry equipment, plus biscuit-making as well as for specialized implements designed for meat. According to Tatiana Miron, “All of these specialties are growing at an exponential rate.” “France is displaying all its ability to innovate. Flexible and well-adapted to each market, French companies have become highly specialized,” she adds. This is certainly the strategy the major French trademarks in the sector have adapted, like Bongard, Serac and Cermex. They combine their knowledge of different markets and their own reactivity to respond quickly and well to calls for bids. This competitive edge is what allows them to reinforce themselves on several market niches.   Further information about French companies - Agri-food Sector : > Livestock, Meat, Processed meat products > Fishery and Aquaculture products and processed > Agricultural equipment and Food processing, Packaging  
Sophie Clavelier, Country Head   Welcome to the French Trade Commission Business France in India!     Our key mission is to promote trade relations between France and India. We assist French- based companies seeking potential partners and new markets in India, while helping Indian businesses to identify potential French suppliers, commercial and technical partners.   In India, our 4 offices are located in business hubs, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a dedicated multicultural team of 38 experts in the following growing sectors: Agrofood Industry Industry and Cleantech Lifestyle and Healthcare Tech & Services Our Trade Commission also has a Press office in charge of helping French companies to communicate in India as well as a Market Access Department enabling them to better understand and adjust to the Indian regulatory and fiscal framework. In


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