Purva Marwaha - 01-févr.-2018 08:24:44
Axon Cables, a manufacturer of custom design wires, composite cables, flat flex cables, will be a part of a delegation of 21 French suppliers of the automotive and electric mobility industry from 5th to 9th February 2018. The company will visit Auto Expo Motor and Components show in Delhi & will go to Chennai as well as a part of a delegation of French companies hosted by Business France -The French Trade & Investment Agency, Federation of French Vehicle Equipment Industry (FIEV) & the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE).   SHOWCASING AXON EXPERTISE IN THE CONTEXT OF AUTO EXPO, NEW DELHI   Auto Expo will be a good opportunity for the Axon’ group to highlight the expertise of its Indian subsidiary Axon’ Interconnectors and Wires based in Bangalore since 2010 in the area of cable assemblies for challenging environment. Space and weight saving, flexibility, temperature resistance, power transmission, EMI protection are some of the many challenges Axon’ India will have to cope with. Especially designed for the automotive market, Axon’ cable proposes Flat Flexible Cables for board-to-board interconnections, flat flex shielded cable assemblies, custom-designed electromagnetic interference protected cables and connectors, flat display connections for infotainment, PTFE wires resistant to high temperatures (-200°C/+260°C) and many others. Axon’ Interconnectors and Wires produces state of the art wire and cable harnesses using “made in axon’” micro D connectors or any type of connector available in the market.   FRENCH TECHNOLOGY “MADE IN INDIA”   India being a strategic market in terms of rapid development, it was decided to build a new plant in 2 phases: 2500 m² in 2018 and a 1500m² additional building in 2020 at Devanahalli Aerospace Park close to the international airport in Bangalore. Axon’ India employs 65 staff in 2017 expects to hire 100 people by 2021 to reach 150 staff in total at that time with a total turnover of 5 million € by 2021.       Innovation is one of the priorities of the group which invests 10% of its turnover in Research & Development. Over 200 technicians and engineers are specialized in manufacture and plating of precision conductors, plastics technologies, and electronics. The advanced Interconnect expertise of the Axon’ group allows its Indian subsidiary to produce state of the art Wires, cables and harnesses using any type of connectors available in the world or custom designed following customer needs. The company draws its experience in space and defense to offer reliable dedicated solutions in automotive industry; All sites involved in the manufacture of automotive products are ISO 9001/TS16949 certified. Axon’s 13 integrated manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and America can handle all orders from small and medium size volumes right up to mass production.   « We want to build a long-standing company » this illustrates both history and vision of Axon’ long-term strategy, says Joseph Puzo, President and CEO of AXON’ Group     The Auto equipment manufacturers market in India is estimated to be 35 Billion € in 2015-16 representing 41% of automotive sales. India now has more than 500 suppliers and 10,000 subcontractors. Participating in the auto expo would be one step ahead for the company as the Indian equipment manufacturers and sub-contracting SMEs are looking for foreign partners (JV, technology transfer, R & D centers, equipment modernization and production lines) to overcome their technological gap, particularly in the face of BS-VI challenges, the evolution of safety standards & the electric vehicle.

Top French technology companies in renewable sector visit India

Julian HOARAU - 09-sept.-2016 12:31:56
          Top French technology companies in renewable sector visit India,   pledge to contribute to India’s energy targets with cutting-edge technologies       New Delhi, 9 th September 2016       A French delegation specialising in the renewable energy sector with prime focus on innovation, energy production and control visited India from 5 th -9 th September 2016 . The delegation comprised leading French technology companies, and representatives of associations and federations of the French renewable energy sector.       These companies are actively looking for partnerships to contribute to the renewable energy targets in India through innovative solutions and technology cooperation. They presented their expertise and cutting-edge technologies ranging from solar trackers, water turbines to software for energy information systems, and more.       They also took part in the Renewable Energy India Expo held in Noida (7 th -8 th September) during which they presented their innovative solutions.       The French delegation, which travelled to Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Roorkee , met key R&D players in the renewable energy sector in India, including NISE, IISc Bangalore; IIT Bombay, WISE, L&T, Tata Power, IL&FS , etc. They also met officials at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in New Delhi.       Their weeklong programme in India concluded with a seminar, jointly organised by the Embassy of France in India and The Energy and Resources Institute, on “Implementing the Paris Agreement: partnerships for innovation and technology”.       For further information: / 9899334670       LIST OF PARTICIPATING FRENCH COMPANIES         HeliosLite : A technology provider of disruptive photovoltaic tracking solutions for on and off grid applications.       Optimum Tracker : An innovation-driven company specializing in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of patented Solar Trackers and Fixed-Tilt structures for large PV Power Plant.         QOS Energy: A software provider specialising in energy information systems, such as Qantum®, a solar monitoring software and O&M management platform that helps maximise the performance and availability of more than 3500 renewable plants worldwide.         Trace Software : Through its archelios suite™, Trace Software provides a unique solution that enables to work on all the aspects of a photovoltaic project – from the feasibility study to the complete generation of the calculation notes and documentation needed for its implementation.         Verteole : This company has gained a worldwide reputation in the self-consumption field and the development of autonomous systems (lightning, Wifi, radio network, camera, and so on.)         FINERGREEN : A financial advisor dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.         IED (Innovation Energy Development): An independent consulting and engineering firm, IED is involved in the provision of sustainable energy services, from the study phase right through to the construction and commissioning of infrastructure, such as distribution networks and renewable energy production plants.         Hydroquest : Designs, manufactures and installs innovative hydrokinetic water turbines for rivers, estuaries and oceans, based on unique crossflow patented technology, for electricity producers throughout the world.     iDTEC : An engineering company, it is working on an off-grid hydrogen-powered suite of urban services, including domestic energy, drinking water and domestic electricity.       SER (French Renewable Energy Industry Association): Gathering more than 380 companies, the association federates the actors of energy transition in France.     Tenerrdis: A new energy technology cluster based in Grenoble, it aims to bolster the competitiveness of emerging new energy technology industries through innovation.     NOTE TO EDITORS   India has tremendous ambitions in renewable energy as attested by:   -               the creation of the International Solar Alliance   -               its goal of generating 40% of its energy from non-fossil sources in its energy mix by 2030   -               its program for deploying 175GW of renewable energy by 2022.       French companies intend to contribute to achieving this target. Business France is supporting them in finding synergies with Indian counterparts and institutions, with the aim of developing technical cooperation.       France is the third largest foreign investor in India, with an estimated investment stock of around 20bn€, which has contributed to creating around 3 lakh skilled jobs in the country.  

Thales and Bharat Electronics form joint venture firm in India

Anindita BANERJEE - 01-oct.-2014 09:09:27
Bharat Electronics (BEL) and French technology firm Thales on Tuesday announced that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs had approved the incorporation of their joint venture company, BEL-Thales Systems Limited. The joint venture (JV) company will primarily focus on the design, development, marketing, supply and support of civilian and select defence radars for Indian and the global markets . The initial product portfolio of BEL-Thales Systems will comprise innovative solutions for air surveillance, including air traffic management radars, and select ground-based military radars. The ultimate objective of the JV is to expand its scope to fields other than radars in the defence electronics domain. BEL holds a 74% stake while Thales holds 26% of the equity in the JV company  

France’s difference when it comes to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Anindita BANERJEE - 20-juin-2014 09:54:43
The trend, across cities around the world, is for ever-higher densities in urban population. Benoît Perino, UBIFRANCE’s expert on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs), says that, once a city reaches a critical size (i.e. a population density of up to 20,000 people per square kilometre), urban mobility becomes a paramount issue. Public-sector authorities need to solve such issues as to how to manage road traffic flows, give commuters up-to-the-minute information, and run efficient back-office payment systems to make these essential services financially viable.  High tech makes a difference, and France has been a precursor in ITS technology for over 40 years now, designing and building ‘the future is now’ solutions. The ITS market in France is worth €4.5 billion per year, generating 45,000 jobs. Naturally, Paris is the premier showcase, although every major French city displays impressive achievements in urban transportation.    In Paris, the métro is being automated and ‘traditional’ tickets are on their way out, being replaced by dematerialized Near Field Electronic paid-entry systems such as Navigo that whisk passengers through the turnstiles. Navigo will soon to be deployed across Thalys services — the bullet train serving the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. One of the key players behind these ultra-efficient, yet complex, ticketing solutions is ERG Transit Systems SA — a specialist company capable of designing ITS ticketing systems for target groups of users ranging from 10,000 to 10 million passengers a day, in cities such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, Rome, Singapore, and maybe San Francisco soon. Managing environmental impact and highway safety is a prime concern, and French technology has met another ITS challenge on its highways (the country’s autoroutes), providing traffic reports and free-flow tollbooth collection (or ETC, for Electronic Tolling Collection). This complex mix of infrastructure and back-office consolidation of on-line toll collection works now in the United States, while respecting each individual state’s strenuous and complicated guidelines for toll-collection management, yet still designing a reliable, interoperable system that makes financial sense. Systems have also been designed to identify licence plates on trucks in order to apply the eco-tax, as the vehicles pass under electronic sensory equipment. Obviously, a variant of this multi-mode system is equipment that checks for vehicles exceeding the speed limit, combined with the processing of massive volumes of data in order to properly assess fines. French players have developed solutions that are environmentally and user friendly. Autolib, introduced by Blue Solutions, Bolloré SA’s subsidiary, has put up to 1,800 electric cars on the streets of Paris and its region (with 59 suburbs of the French capital included in the scheme) – an environmentally friendly initiative soon to be launched in Indianapolis (USA), where the scheme will be known as Speedy Car. Any visitor to Paris has seen, or perhaps even used, Vélib’ bikes to get around. The Vélib’ scheme, launched and managed by JC Decaux SA in 2007, maintains a fleet of 17,000 bicycles used by an average of 85,810 riders every day and extends to over 30 suburbs. The running of the Vélib’ scheme requires real-time back-office management software and a convenient, yet secure payment system — always the prime ingredients for a successful ITS. What about the role of UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency  UBIFRANCE interacts with the key players in the sector, such ATEC ITS France (, a professional association that brings all the ITS industry together in order to shape the public debate and lobby in favour of future land-based transportation projects. Another important player is TOPOS, an association that is particularly active in the south-west of France ( and has a special interest in developing geo-localization in the transportation field. In fact, a highlight with an international dimension for the entire sector will be the World Congress for ITS in Bordeaux (in south-western France), to be held from 5 to 9 October 2014. As Benoît Perino of UBIFRANCE sees it, “There is a high potential for ITS in France and internationally. There are a lot of French SMEs with great, highly advanced technologies. Our role at UBIFRANCE is to accompany them, so that they can meet local operators and authorities throughout the world and have their technology integrated into turnkey projects.” Further information about French companies: BMIA COMATIS LOGIROAD MIOS Other companies in the field of urban transport Other companies in the field of transportation  

French Pavilion brings 100 innovative companies at Mobile World Congress 2014, Barcelona

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 05-févr.-2014 06:36:29
For the 8 th consecutive year, UBIFRANCE will be organizing the French Pavilion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s leading event in mobile Telecom equipments, services and content from February 24 th to 27 th , 2014. This year, India will be one of the few guest countries on the French Pavilion based on the strong interest of French technology companies to cooperate further with Indian Telecom players. 100 companies, 2 competitivity clusters and 5 regional agencies as well as the “Invest in France” agency will participate under the umbrella of the French Pavilion, the largest stall of the MWC tradeshow. The Regions represented will be Brittany, Ile-de-France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées and Provence, which host several industry clusters. The competitivity clusters from the digital industry which will be present at the MWC 20104 through the French Pavilion also include “Systematic Paris Région” and “Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées”. MWC 2014 will focus on the following domains: mobile Apps, Telecom infrastructure, mobile Marketing and advertisement, mobile games and accessories as well as engineering and financial services.

Steria boosts Indo-French technology partnership

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 07-janv.-2014 11:00:15
On 3 October 2013, Steria organized a highly successful event at the residence of the Ambassador of France to India, on the occasion of the visit of Mr. François ENAUD, Chairman and CEO of Steria Group, a French leader for IT-enabled business services . This event was attended by CEOs from a cross-section of French and other European companies in India as well as representatives of Indian IT firms and other sectoral stakeholders, to discuss the prospects and best practices of doing business in India. The overall aim of this event was to boost further business partnerships between France and India particularly in IT, and technological fields.   Steria Group has been active in India for more than 20 years and currently employs a workforce of over 5,000 people in India , which accounts for about 30% of its global workforce.  While Steria has been serving the European markets from India for long, it is now additionally focused on bringing European expertise to India to serve the Indian market.

French technology highlights at Smartcards Expo 2013

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 07-janv.-2014 10:50:07
The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India is organizing -for the 3rd consecutive year- a French Pavilion at SmartCards Expo 2013 and its concurrent exhibitions being held from the 16th to the 18th of October in New Delhi, which stand as the leading events in India on technologies, solutions and services related to smartcards, biometrics, RFID/NFC, secure e/m-Payments, secure e-Documents… The French Pavilion will bring together leading companies from the French AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and Secure Technologies industry to showcase their state of the art technologies and evaluate business opportunities in the Indian market.   Digital trust is a wide topic covering both security issues and quality of data aspects. - Security: security of digital data, security of information, protection of databases, security of public and private data, protection of identity, secure transactions… - Quality of data: integrity of data, viability of data, giving trust to the users, transparency of information, confidence in IT systems. It makes use of a different set of technologies, solutions and services including mostly AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and IT.  
Sophie Clavelier, Country Head   Welcome to the French Trade Commission Business France in India!     Our key mission is to promote trade relations between France and India. We assist French- based companies seeking potential partners and new markets in India, while helping Indian businesses to identify potential French suppliers, commercial and technical partners.   In India, our 4 offices are located in business hubs, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a dedicated multicultural team of 38 experts in the following growing sectors: Agrofood Industry Industry and Cleantech Lifestyle and Healthcare Tech & Services Our Trade Commission also has a Press office in charge of helping French companies to communicate in India as well as a Market Access Department enabling them to better understand and adjust to the Indian regulatory and fiscal framework. In


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