, India ranked 17 among 100 countries for the strength of its startup ecosystem in 2018-19

Jean-François Ambriosio - 30-avr.-2019 06:44:14

According to StartupBlink, India ranked 17 among 100 countries for the strength of its startup ecosystem in 201 8-1 9. The country gained 20 positions compared to 2017. Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai were ranked as the top 3 cities in India. The top 3 spots remained unchanged with the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, reached the 11 th spot on the Cities Global Ranking, just behind Moscow, Seattle and Chicago, but in front of Paris, Austin or Tokyo. San Francisco, New York and London remained in the top spots.    

Requirement for a Trade Officer in the Business Services Department of Business France – French Trade & Investment Agency, French Consulate General Mumbai

Purva Marwaha - 30-mai-2017 06:47:08

Requirement for a Trade Officer in the Business Services Department of Business France – French Trade & Investment Agency, French Consulate General Mumbai       Promotion & Management of the French International Main Activity :   Volunteer Program for French companies    -Promotion & Management of the V.I.Es or French Interns                                        employed in French subsidiaries in India Main projects :         -Market Access(legal,regulatory,setting up of businesses), helping the legal officer  -Administration, maintenance of utilities           Appointment date :May 2017 (Duration of contract : Indeterminate)                   Work                           BUSINESS FRANCE is the national agency supporting the Environment :            international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE International Internship Program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit:     BUSINESS FRANCE EXPORT activity is mainly   -To play an advisory role, help French companies to find partners, commercialise their products & services and also to help them set up businesses in India                                                   -the    promotion    &    management     of    the    V.I.E-French International Volunteership program, implemented by the law of 14 march 2000, permitting French companies to hire  a young person upto the age of 28 years, to gain professional experience abroad for a period of 6 months extendable upto 24 months, renewable once during this period.   BUSINESS FRANCE INVEST faciliates & attracts Indian investments into France & provides support to Indian companies to invest in France.   The BUSINESS France team in India is also responsible for Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & is composed  of about 30 experts présent in 4 offices - New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai and is composed of the following sectors of activities :     -   Agro-business Dept -   Lifestyle, Consumer Goods & Healthcare Dept  -   Infrastructure, Transport and Industry Dept -   ICTs, Retail and Services Dept   BUSINESS FRANCE India also has a Business Services Team proposing Market Acces- Marketing & Communication and the management of the VIE program.   Activities:   Under the supervision & responsibility of the Head of Business Services Department, the Trade Officer will be incharge of the management & coordination of the below mentioned activités;                                                      Volontariat          International           en           Entreprise(V.I.E) ( -promotion of the VIE program to big French companies, their subsidiairies in India and to large Indian groups present in France.  -management of the administrative formalities and communicating regularly to the VIEs on the security mesures that they have to respect at all times -regular correspondance with the officers of the regional offices of the Foreigners Registration Bureaux(FRRO) and the managers of the VIEs in France -organisation of seminars in different Indian cities to promote the VIE program  -respond efficiently & effectively by email and by telephone to questions of the VIEs,of the French & Indian companies and their HR Managers. -organise a Grand Prix VIE competition every year for the VIEs   Market Access - reply to French companies questions on market access, customs & regulatory requirements always in collaboration with the legal expert of Business France -generate sponsoring for Business France events, for our publications via advertisement pages  -recrutement of French companies for our individuel or collective programs via emailing & telephone    Administration -preparation of the monthly budgets, management of the office equipment(printer, coffee machine...) and stationary   -cash reimbursements and ordering required material -Incharge of the generic email,        Required skills & - Graduation or post graduation in commerce stream or  a candidate profile :   degree/diploma in management   Work experience of about 3 to 4 years and a role in Human resources and Administration preferred.     Page 2 sur 3   -an organised approach to work and a target oriented personality to achieve both qualitatif & quantitative objectives  - a commercial approach, good interaction with clients and managing their requests professionally & efficiently within the stipulated time lines -             ability to multitask & meet deadlines, displaying skills of a team player, managing all logistic aspects during events and accompanying delegations whenever necessary. -             assisting the Head of Dept to gather information on resultats achieved by all the team members, summarize results,make power point presentations and coordinate with other members of the team to collect data -             good inter personal contact, ease while speaking on the telephone & ability to develop a network of good high level contacts  -             excellent knowledge of french & english both written & spoken with very good writing ability in both the languages.A good knowledge of Indian languages especially hindi -excellent knowledge of Microsoft ofice (Word, Excel & Powerpoint).   The nature of work involved is confidential & the selected candidat is required to take cognizance of & adhere to the same.     Contact :                  This is an immediate requirement.Interested candidates are requested to send their C.V & covering letter in french alongwith   their     salary expectations   to 

La French Tech se met à l’heure Indienne

Julian HOARAU - 11-mai-2017 10:02:27

  Business France organise, avec l’appui de ses partenaires, lundi19 juin 2017,  unatelier d’information gratuit sur le potentiel dedéveloppement de la French Tech en Inde (développement commercial) et avecl’Inde (partenariats globaux, innovation, etc.)  s’adressant aux start-up et PME dela French Tech désireuses de prospecter le marché indien et aux grandsgroupes s’intéressant aux développements de l’Inde en matière de technologieset d’innovation.  A l’issue de cet atelier, vous pourrezégalement rencontrer -dans le cadre d’entretins personnalisés- nos experts aveclesquels échanger sur vos ambitions et valider votre projet Inde.   Horaire                                         Lundi 19 juin 2017 08h30 - 09h00 Ouverture et introduction - Invité d’honneur : S.E. Dr. Mohan KUMAR, Ambassadeur d’Inde en France - S.E. M. Alexandre ZIEGLER, Ambassadeur de France en Inde - Mme Muriel PENICAUD, Directrice générale, Business France 09h00 - 09h30 Table-ronde « L’Inde, levier de croissance pour la French Tech » - M. Albert SZULMAN, CEO, Be-Bound - M. Lionel BARABAN, CEO, FAMOCO - M. Didier LARRIEU, Directeur commercial, Kerlink Modérateur : interlocuteur à confirmer 09h30 - 10h00 (10 min par intervenant) L’Inde, terre d’innovation et de co-développements - 1 grand compte français faisant de l’innovation en Inde - 1 fonds de capital-risque indien ou incubateur de start-up - 1 grand compte indien 10h00 - 10h20 (5 min par intervenant) L’India Tech fait son «  Demo Day  » à Paris Sessions de pitchs de 3 lauréats indiens du programme « French Tech Ticket » - M. Anand KRISHNA, CTO, Czar Securities   - M. Mani DORAISAMY, Founder, - M. Ketan SANGHVI, CEO, Intripper   - M. Anurag RATHOR, Founder, Zify 10h20 - 10h30 Conclusions : Pourquoi la French Tech doit s’intéresser à l’Inde ? Interlocuteur à confirmer. 10h30 - 10h45 En 2017, mettez l’Inde au cœur de votre business plan ! Présentation du plan d’action Business France Inde et de la seconde édition du French Tech Tour Inde - M. Thibaut FABRE, Directeur, Business France Inde Programme d’accélération et de financement par Bpifrance -   Interlocuteur de Bpifrance à confirmer 10h45 - 11h00 Pause-café de networking 11h00 - 13h00 (30 min par entretien) Entretiens individuels de cadrage de stratégie de développement en Inde Avec les experts de Business France et de Bpifrance.                  

Offre d’emploi

Purva Marwaha - 27-mars-2017 07:49:15

B o m b a y , l e 2 4 m ars 2 0 17   O FFR E D ’E MP LOI     Le Bure a u B u s in e s s F ra n c e de B o m b a y re c ru t e un(e) C h a rgé(e) d e D é v eloppe m ent   au s ein de s on pôle T e c h & S e r v i c es     Mi s s i on p r i n c i p a l e :       C o ns e il l e r , a c c él é r er et f a i r e r éus s ir l es en t r ep r is e s f r ança i s e s d ans l eur dé ve lo p pement co m m e r c i al e n In d e   S e c t e u rs c o n c e rnés :     T e c h & S e r v i c es Fo c us de c e p o s te : m é d i as et d i v ert i ss e m e n t, s er v i c es In t ern e t, s er v i c es M ar k e t i n g, etc.   D ate de recr u t eme n t :    Juillet / A oût 2 0 1 7 ( CDI de droit local). E n v i ron n eme n t de t ra v ail : L e s b u r e a u x B u s i n e s s F r a nc e so n t l es re l a i s à l ’ étra ng er de B u sine s s Fr a n ce , l ’ A g e n c e fr a n ç a i s e p o u r l ’ i nt e r n at i o n a l i s at i on de l ’ é c o n o m i e fr a n ç a i s e (1 5 0 0 s a l ar i é s , e n F r a n c e e t d a ns 7 3 p a y s) , a v ec u n e tr i p l e m i ss i on  : -   E xp o r t : a cc o m p a g n e m e nt d e s e n tre p r i s es f r a n ç a i s es s ur l es  m a r c h é s extér i e u r s et pro m ot i o n d es exp o r t a t i o ns f r a n ç a i s es ; -   In v e s t : pro m ot i on et f a c il i ta t i on d es i n v e s t i ss e m e n ts  i nt e r n at i o n a u x en F r a n c e ; -   Pr om ot io n - C o m m unic a t i on : pro m ot i on d e l ’i m a g e b u s i n e s s de l a F r a n c e à l ’ ét r a n g er à t r a v ers l a co n d u i t e d e ca m p a g n es du t y pe « C r é at i v e F r a n c e ». S’ a g i ss a n t d u Dé p arte m e n t E x p o r t de B u s i n e s s F r a n c e e t d e s é q u i p e s E x p o r t à l ’ étr a n g er, il s o nt p o u r v o c a t i on : - l e re c u e i l et l ’ a n a l y s e d ’i n f or m at i o n s s ur l es é v o l u t i o n s s e c tor i e l l es e t ré g l e m e n ta i r es d e s m ar c h é s exp o r t ; - l’ a cc o m p a g n e m e n t d es e x p o r ta t e urs et d es i n v e s t i ss e u r s f r a n ç a i s s ur l es m ar c h é s e x tér i e u r s ( d i ff u s i on d ’ i n f or m a t i o n , r é ali s at i on d ’ é t u d es de m ar c h é , m i s e e n co n t a c t a v ec d e s pro s p e c ts et p arte n a i r es p o te n t i e l s , re c h er c he d e d é b o u c h é s ,ca cc o m p a g n e m e n t e n m at i è r e d’ a cc ès a ux m ar c h é s ou de c o m m u ni c at i o n , e t c .) ; un s o u t i en s p é c i f i q u e é t a n t a p p orté a u x s tart - up, P ME et E T I à f ort po t e nt i el d ’ i nt e r n a t i o n a l i s at i on ;  - l a p r o m ot i o n d u s a v o i r - f a i r e, d e s pr o d u i ts et d e s t e c h n o l o g i es  f r a n ç a i s au tr a v ers de l ’ or g a ni s a t i o n d e p a v il l o n s F r a nc e sur  d e s s a l o ns i n tern a t i o n a u x , de c o l l o q u es t e c h n i q u e s , m a i s a u ss i p a r d e s ac t i o ns de c o m m u n i c a t i on d a ns l a pre ss e sp éc i a l i s é e . L ’ é q u i pe de B u si n e s s F r a nc e e n I n d e ( q ui a é g a l e m e n t c o m p é te n c e sur l e B a n g l a d e s h, l e P a k i s tan et l e S r i L a n k a p ar l e b i a i s de p a r t e n a i r es da ns c es p a y s) , e s t c o n s t i t u é e d ’ e n vi r on 35 s a l ari é s r é p a r t i s d a ns l e s 4 b u r e a ux B u s i n e s s F r a nc e d ’I n d e  ( New D e l h i , B o m b a y , B a n g a l ore et C h e n n a i ) .  Pl us s p é c i f i q u e m e n t, l ’ é q u i pe E x p ort s ’ o r g a n i s e a ut o ur de 4 p ô l es s e c tor i e l s ( A G R O T E CH, I n d u s tr i es & C l e a nt e c h , A r t d e V i v r e - S a n t é, T e c h & S e r v ic e s ) et un p ô l e tra n s v er s e ( S er v i c es a u x E n tre p r i s es : a cc ès m a rc h é , c o m m u ni c at i on e t re l at i o ns pre ss e, pro m ot i on et s u i v i d e l a f o r m u l e V I E ) .   Mi s s i o n s p rop o s é es :    1/ S o u s l e p i l ot a g e e t l a re s p o n s a b i l i té du Chef de P ô l e T e c h & S er v i c es b a s é à B o m b a y , l e/ l a Cons e i l l er ( e) E x p o r t au r a u ne r e s p o n s a b i l i té gra n d i ss a n t e d a ns s es r e l a t i o n s a v ec l e s e n tre p r i s es f r a n ç a i s es a cc o m p a g n é e s d a ns l e u r d é v e l o p p e m e n t s ur l e m ar c hé i n d i e n , a l l a nt j u s q u ’ à u n e a u t o n o m i e d a n s l a g e s t i on de s es d o ssi ers c li e nts et d a n s l’ or g a n i s at i on d ’ é v è n e m e n ts c o ll e c t i f s de pro m ot i on d u s a v o i r - f a i r e, d e s pr o d u i ts et d e s t ec h n o l o g i es f r a n ç a i s . 2/ L e /a C o n s e i l l er ( e) Ex p ort c o n tr i b u e r a - e n l i e n a v ec l e re s te de l ’ é q u i pe T e c h & S e r vi c e s - à p r o m o uv o i r l’ é c o s y s t è m e d e l a « F r e n c h T e c h » e t l e prog r a m m e « Fr e n c h T e c h T ic k e t » a u près d e l ’ é c o s y s t è m e d e l ’ « I n d i a T e c h » à B o m b a y (s tar t - u p , g r a n d s c o m pt e s , i n c u b at e urs et a cc é l é r a te u rs , V C s , m é di a s , e t c .). Ces t â c h e s s e r é a l i s eront d a n s l e c a d r e d e s m i ss i o n s g é n é r a l es i n c o m b a nt a ux b ureaux B u s i n e s s F r a n c e , e n a ss o c i at i on a v ec d ’ a u tres c o l l a b o r at e urs d u P ô l e e t é v e nt u e l l e m e n t d es p arte n a i r es i n s t i t ut i o n n e l s o u o p é r at i o n n e l de B u s i n e s s F r a n c e I n d e . C omp é t e n c e s e t p ro f i l rec h erc h és : In g é n i e ur e n in f or m at i q u e, té l é c o m m u ni c at i o ns o u é l e c tro ni q u e ( i d é a l e m e n t a v ec   u n e   d o u b l e  c o m p é te n c e c o m m e r c i a l e) o u d i p l ô m é e n co m m e r c e o u Ma n a g e m e n t. Une e x p é ri e n c e r é u ss i e de 3 a ns m i n i m u m d a n s l e m o n de de l ’ e ntrep r i s e  - et   n o t a m m e nt  d es   m é d i as   ou   d ’ I nt er n e t -   e s t e x i g é e. - P ar f a i te m aî t r i s e d u f r a n ç a i s et de l ’ a n g l a i s à l’ é cr i t c o m m e à l’ or a l , a v ec c a p a ci tés ré d a c t i o n n e ll e s . - A p p ét e n c e p o ur l es s e c t e urs d ’ a c t iv i tés e n p orte f e u i l l e  ( m é di as et d i v er t i ss e m e n t, In t erne t …) et l ’ i n n o v a t i o n . - Cu l tu r e d u ré s u l t at ( p i l ot a ge d ’ a c t iv i té p a r o b j e c t i f s) . - F i bre c o m m er c i a l e (p r e s t a t i o n s de s er v i c es f a i s a n t l ’ o b j et d ’ u ne f a c tura t i on a u x e ntr e prises f r a n ç a i s es ac c o m p a g n é e s ). - F l e x i b i l i té et c a p a c i té à tr a i ter p l u si e u r s d o ssi ers en m ê m e te m ps et d a ns d e s d é l a i s i m p o s é s . - S e n s d e l ’ or g a n i s at i on e t c a p a c i té à g érer d e s a s p e c ts  l o g i s t i q u e s l ors d ’ é v è n e m e n ts et d é l é g a t i o n s . - T r a v a i l e n é q u i pe. - T r ès b o n se n s du c o n tact et c a p a c i té à d é v e l o p p er u n p o r te f e u i l l e d ’ i nt e rl o c ut e urs pr i v i l é g i és de h a ut n i v e a u. - Ca p a c i t és à r e c h er c h e r , v a l i d e r p u i s a n al y s er de l ’ i n f or m at i o n . - E xc e l l e n te m aî t r i s e d e l a s u i te M i cr o s o f t O ff i c e.  Ce p o s t e s ’ a cc o m p a g n e d ’ un d e v o i r d e co n f i d e n t i a l i t é .     C o n t a c t :                          Dos s i e r   d e   c an d ida t u r e   ( CV   et   l et t r e   de   m ot i v at i o n   en f r a n ç a i s ) et p r éte nt io n s s al ar i al e s à a d r e s s er d ’i c i a u 30   a v r i l  2017 à :                                          M. S y l v a i n B I A RD                                         D i r e c te u r d e B ure a u e t Chef de P ô l e T e c h & S e r v ic es                                          s y l v a i n. b i ar d @ b u s i n e s s f r a n c e. f r

"Why smart investors choose France? "

Julian Hoarau - 02-déc.-2016 12:00:41

On the occasion of the SME Summit organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry on Tuesday 22 November 2016, Business France India and the Regional Economic Service of New Delhi hosted a Country Session on France entitled "Why smart investors choose France? "In the presence of some 50 Indian companies. This seminar highlighted the comparative advantages of France as an investment destination for the Indian business community and to raise awareness of the latest reforms introduced by the French government to facilitate the "Doing business" in France.   Business France / India also held a booth during the 2 days of the summit, on 22 and 23 November

The “French Tech Tour to India 2016”, a platform to bridging further the French and Indian Tech ecosystems

Purva Marwaha - 26-oct.-2016 07:56:15

Business France, the Trade & Investment Commission of France in India, is organizing, with several stakeholders and partners, the first edition of the “French Tech Tour to India”, a multi-purpose and multi-format platform to run over the Embassy and the Consulate Generals of Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai from the 24 th  to the 28 th  of October, 2016.     The “French Tech Tour to India 2016” will also enable an active  participation of the “French Tech” ecosystem at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016  (Bangalore, 26 th  and 27 th  of October, 2016), with the objective of strengthening reciprocal awareness between the French and Indian Tech ecosystems, and promote France towards Indian Tech companies as a leading Innovation and Business Hub in Europe through a dedicated roundtable, Mr. Bertrand DIARD, Chairman of Tech in France and Serial Entrepreneur (Talend, Influans, Restlet and BonitaSoft), shall deliver a Key Note.   Curated  networking events across New Delhi  (24 th  of October, 2016),  Bangalore  (26 th  of October, 2016) and  Mumbai  (28th of October, 2016) are also been organized. These events will gather representatives from the “India Tech” ecosystem the delegation coming from France on this occasion and the “French Tech” players already active and making in India. In this regard, over 50 Digital and ICTs “French Tech” players are currently availing legal set-ups in India.   The Ambassador of France to India, Mr Alexandre ZIEGLER says “ « French Tech Tour to India will offer its participants a one-week program across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. It will be an immersive program for 9, carefully selected, innovative “French Tech” startups and SMEs who are looking at expanding in the Indian market. I am convinced that the multiple interactions, which will take place over the course of this week, will pave the way for further collaborations, agreements and partnerships between French and Indian Tech stakeholders!. ”     In addition, Mr. Loïc RIVIERE, Secretary General of TECH IN France, and Mr. Mani DORAISAMY, Co-Founder of, one the Indian laureates of the Season 1 of this “French Tech Ticket” are part of the “French Tech Tour to India 2016” delegation, which benefited from the support of Air France, sponsoring some participants and Awardees, thus showing its commitment towards Tech startups and SMEs globally.   For some years now, the French Tech ecosystem has enjoyed a steady and strong development, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers and other talented people. Like India, France has emerged as a leading Startup Power, home to vibrant Tech Hubs and talents, and imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture.   France stands among the leading ecosystems globally when considering Tech-related Entrepreneurship and Innovation; as ascertained by the fact that France led -for the 6th consecutive year- the race in the “Deloitte Fast 500 2015 EMEA” ranking with 87 laureates.   The “French Tech Tour to India” finds its origin in the statement that with over 5,000 and 6,000 Tech startups respectively, and many large corporates involved in Open Innovation and Acceleration programs, India and France both belong to the Top 5 of the Tech startup ecosystems in the world. Yet, further initiatives need to be developed to exploit the true potential for synergies and value co-creation between the 2 Startup Powers.   Hence, in addition to the “French Tech Tour to India 2016”, and with further initiatives to come, the call for applications for the Season 2 of the “French Tech Ticket” program has been actively promoted over Q3 2016 towards the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The “French Tech Ticket” consists of a 1-year program to welcome foreign entrepreneurs and early stage startups to set up and accelerate activities in France. It is noteworthy to mention that India ranked first, for the second consecutive year and by a large margin, in terms of the number of applications received for the 2017 promotion, which shall consist in a pool of 70 foreign startups.   On a concluding note,  “Building on the promising level of cooperation shown at the Economic, Investment, Academic and R&D levels, the “French Tech” and “India Tech” is relevant  to co-create further economic value, which gives us even more eagerness to bridge and synergize further the two ecosystems. Business France is thus deeply engaged in this drive aiming at further encouraging “India Tech” players to consider France as both a relevant partner, market and Hub in Europe, and vice versa. The “French Tech Tour to India 2016”, to become an annual rendezvous, shall contribute to this ambition in complement to other initiatives. ” says Mr. Sylvain BIARD, Managing Director Mumbai Office and Head, Tech & Services Department, Business France.          

French Government kicks off French Tech Ticket - Season 2

Purva Marwaha - 27-juin-2016 06:18:00

French Government kicks off French Tech Ticket - Season 2, an opportunity for Indian early-stage startups to grow internationally from France.   After a promising Season 1, which saw over 1,300 applications from around the World and welcomed 23 startup teams in Paris including 2 startups from India, the French Tech Ticket is back. For this 2 nd session, 70 projects will be selected to join, as of January 2017, 41 partner incubators all over France!   Led by the French Government, the " French Tech Ticket " program consists in providing a “welcome pack” to entrepreneurs across Tech-intensive sectors (ICTs, Internet / Mobile, FinTech, HealthTech, BioTech, CleanTech, Aerospace, FoodTech…) from all over the world looking at setting up or scaling up innovative startups in France.    The call for applications for the 2017 promotion has been launched on the 21 st of June, 2016 and will end on the 24 th of August, 2016.   What’s in it for French Tech Ticket winners?                                                                              The laureates will benefit from a welcome package which includes: -           a prize money / funding of EUR 45,000 per project with no loss of equity, -           a fast-track procedure to obtain a French resident permit, -           a 12-month free office space in one of the 41 partner incubators, -           a dedicated acceleration and mentoring program, -           a soft landing pack to help you relocating easily to France, -           and a help desk to help you with administrative procedures. Learn more about the program at and apply from now at the following link:    

The Tech & Services Department of Business France - Trade & Investment Commission in India informs, advises and assists French companies in their international expansion with India and South Asia. It also helps Indian stakeholders in bridging with French technology and business counterparts as well as guiding them -through our Investment Department- in their potential investment strategy in France.   A key focus on the agenda of the Department is the promotion of the " French Tech " initiative in India which aims at fostering the relations between the French Tech and the India Tech ecosystems; an area where we believe there are strong perspectives for fruitful partnerships.   In order to foster business and technology tie-ups between French and Indian companies, the Department is regularly organizing business delegations of French stakeholders to India, B2B/B2G events as well as individual B2B meetings.


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