Smart Manufacturing – India rises to the challenges of the industrial revolution

Nidhi Somani - 29-avr.-2019 09:11:29

Factory of the future, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, cyber-factory or connected factory: Regardless of what it is called, this transformation of industry represents a revolution in manufacturing processes based on new technologies and innovative concepts. Why is it called Industry 4.0? It is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. From the first industrial revolution (mechanization through water and steam power) to the mass production and assembly lines using electricity in the second, the fourth industrial revolution will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning. What is Industry 4.0 for India ? According to IBEF, the Government of India has set an ambitious target of increasing the contribution of manufacturing output to 25 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2025, from 16 percent currently. IoT, being one of the most important aspects of Industry 4.0 for India, is expected to capture close to 20 percent share in global IoT market in the next five years. Furthermore, the IoT market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 28 percent during 2015-2020. Major Indian states are taking initiatives to adapt to Industry 4.0. Andhra Pradesh has taken an initiative to capitalise on the IoT potential in the country. The state government has approved the first-of-its-kind IoT policy with an aim to turn the state into an IoT hub by 2020 and tap close to 10 per cent market share in the country. India’s first smart factory, moving from automation to autonomy, where machines speak with each other, is being set up in Bengaluru. It is making progress at the Indian Institute of Science’s (IISc) Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM) with an investment from The Boeing Company. Various Indian companies are increasing their focus and partnering with other companies for developing new IoT and M2M solutions, the Digital India initiative from the Government of India is expected to enhance the focus on IoT in tackling the domestic challenges. In line with India’s focus on automation in manufacturing, Business India is organising a seminar & roadshow called In2France Smart Factory 2019 in December 2019 . This event will focus on 5 industries : Automotive, Steel, Textile, Pharmaceutical & E-commerce. If you wish to collaborate with us for this event, please write to

Le bureau Business France de Bangalore recrute 1 Chargé(e) de Développement au sein de son pôle Industries & Cleantech

Purva Marwaha - 27-sept.-2017 12:59:59

                F o n c ti on pr i n c i p a l e :   S ou t enir l es en t r e p r is e s f r ançai s es d ans l eur d é v elo p pement co m me r ci a l en Inde   S e c t e u rs c o n c e rnés : In d ustri e s and Cl e an t e c h ( I&C)   D ate de recr u t eme n t   : 16 oct o b r e 2 0 17. CDI so u s c on t r at l o c a l.   E n v i ron n eme n t de t ra v ail : L e s b ureaux B u s i n e s s F r a n c e s o nt l es r e l a i s à l ’ é t r a n g e r de l ’ A g e n c e f r a n ç a i s e p o u r l e d é v e l o p p e m e n t i n t erna t i o n al d es e n tre p r i s e s . I l s o nt p o u r v o c at i on : •   l e   r e c u e i l   et   l ’ a n a l y s e   d ’ i n f o r m at i o n s   s ur   l es   é v o l u t i o ns s e c tor i e l l es e t ré g l e m e n ta i r es ; • l ’ a cc o m p a g n e m e n t d e s e x p o r ta t e urs et d e s i n v e s t i ss e u r s f r a n ç a i s s ur l es m ar c h é s e x tér i e u r s ( d i ff u s i on d ’ i nf o r m at i o n , orga n i s at i on de m i ss i o n s d e pro s p e c t i o n, m i s e en c o nt a c t a v ec d e s p a r t e n a i r es p o te n t i e l s , r e c h e rc he de d é b o u c h é s) , un s o u t i e n s p é c i f i q u e ét a nt a p p or t é a u x P ME ( p e t i tes e t m o y e n n es e n tre p r i s e s ) ; • l a pro m ot i o n de prod u i t s et de tec h n o l o g i es au t r a v ers de l’ or g a n i s at i on de p av i l l on F r a n c e s ur d e s s a l o n s i n t e r n a t i o n a u x , de c o l l o q u e s , m a i s a u ss i pa r d e s a c t i o n s de c o m m u nic at i o n d a n s l a p r e ss e étra n g è r e s p é c i a l is é e . • l a pro m ot i on d e l ’ a t tra c t i v i té de l a F r a n c e, de s es e ntreprises e t de s es ter r i t o i r es et f a v o r i s e l’ a cc u e i l e t l ’ a cc o m p a g n e m e n t d e s i n v e s t i ss e u r s i nt e r n at i o n au x .     Mi s s i o n s p rop o s é es : L e C h ar g é d e D é v e l o pp e m ent e s t p ri n ci p al e m ent et sa n s qu e cela s o it l i m itatif en ch a r g e d es s ec t eurs d e l’i n d u strie (en p artic u l i er l’aé r o n a u ti qu e, le sp a tial, les i ndu stri e s m écani qu es, les m i n es et m a t ériel d e Tra v a u x P ub lic s ) e t d u s ec t eur d u Bâti m ent.   Ce p ér i m è t r e s ec t o riel et s o n c o n t e n u p o u rr o n t ê t r e mo d if i és, sur d écisi o n d u D ire c t e u r p ays, p o u r o p t i m i s er l’ o r g a n isati o n g énérale de Busi n ess Fra n c e I nd e.   P o s i t i onne me n t dan s l ’o rg an i s a t i o n B U S I N E S S FR A N C E I nd e    Ce p o s t e est b asé au bu re a u B u si n ess F r a n ce d e Ba n g alore m ais n éc e ssi t era d e tr a v ai l ler a v ec l es éq u i p es d e D el h i, B o m b ay e t C h en n ai. L e ch a r g é ( e) d e d é v e l o pp e m ent s e ra rattac h é f o n ct i o nn ell e m ent au D i r ec t eur d u B u reau d e B a ng alore et h iérarc h i qu e m ent au chef d e p ô le I&C b a s é à D e l h i . I l / elle ra pp o rtera d irec t e m ent a u C h ef d e p ô le et au D i r ec t eur d u bu reau de Ba ng alo r e.   C on te n u du p o ste   L e C h ar g é de D é v e l o pp e m e n t d e v ra :   Traiter t o u t es les d e m a nd e s entra n t e s d es ent r epr i ses fra n çaises s’i n t é res s a n t a u x se c t e u rs c i - d essus m ent i o nn és. Y a pp o r t er la ré p o n se a pp r o p riée en f o n c ti o n d e la d e m a nd e, d es caract é r i stiq u es d u m ar c h é i nd ie n , et d u ca t alo gu e d es p res t at i o n s B u si n e s s F r a n c e . I d entif i er    d es    o pp o r tu n i t és    d ’affa i res   p o u r    l es    e n trepr i ses fra n çaises d a n s l es s ec t eurs qu ’il o u elle su i t . Po u r c ela, il o u elle d e v ra c o n stru i re et ent r e t en i r u n rés e au d e c o n ta c ts     a v ec     l es     i ndu striels     i nd ie n s,     les     a ss o ci a ti o n s p r o fess i o nn elles, les ac t eurs pub lics, au ni v eau l o cal e t f é d éra l . S u r   la   b ase   d es   o pp o rt u n ités   d é t e c t é e s,   i l / el l e   d e v ra   ê t r e p r o acti f / v e p o u r susc i t e r la d e m a nd e d es ent r epr i ses fra n çaises d a n s les s e ct e u rs q u ’il suit. Po u r c ela, il o u elle d e v ra c o n stru i re et ent r e t en i r u n rés e au d e c o n ta c ts en F r a n c e a v e c les a s s o ci a ti o n s p r o f e ssi o nn elles c o n cer n é e s, les relais en rég i o n s ( CCI, D I R - D R), l es p ô les d e c o m p é t it i v i t é et cl u s t ers, l e s ent r epr i ses en d ire c t i d e n tifiées v i a S I COM (base d e d o nn é es B u si n ess F r a n c e ), v ia les c a t a l o gu es d es salo n s fra n çais et i n t ern a t i o n a u x d u se c t e u r, v ia les m iss i o n s en F r a n ce (sa l o n s, SI S , j o u r n é e s pays , … ). Av o ir un e v i si o n str a t é g i q u e d es s ec t eurs qu ’il su i t et ê t r e en m esu r e d e p r o p o s er à s o n chef d e p ô le un e p r o g r a m m at i o n p ertine n te   d es o p érat i o n s d e   p r om o t i o n  c o l l ec t i v e d e   l’ o ff r e fra n çaise. I l / elle d e v ra parf a i t e m ent m aîtri s er l es o u tils i n f o r m a ti qu es, en p artic u lier S I C O M (base d e d o nn é e s B u si n ess F r a n c e ), respec t er les p r o c e ssus p r é v u s p ar la Qu a lit é , renseig n er s o u s S I COM t o u te la relat i o n cl i ent, y v er se r t o u t e la c o nn aissa n ce qu ’il a d es sect e u rs qu ’il su i t (f i ches sur les o p ér a t e u rs i nd ie n s , c o m p t e - ren du s d ’ent r e t ie n , d e v is i t e s d e sa l o n s , … ), p a r fa i t e m ent m aîtri s er les règ l e s d e c o n structi o n budg é t ai r e d es op érati o n s c o lle c ti v es et l e p r o c essus d e p r o g r a mm a ti o n / réalisat i o n d e ces o p érat i o n s c o ll e cti v es ( l a n ceme n t, i t érat i o n d es budg e t s, cl ô tur e ).   P il o t e r   en   d ir e ct   l es   o p é r ati o n s   c o l l ec t i v es   p r o g r a m m é es,   d e m a n ière au t o no m e e t sur l a base d’ u n r é tr o - p la nn i n g p récis. Ca p acité   à   r ecruter   les   e n treprises   fra n çais e s   p art i ci p a n t e s : c o n stit u ti o n d e b ases d e p r o spect i o n effica c es, ar g u m entai r e c o m m ercial      p ercuta n t      et      la n ce m ent      d es      o p ér a ti o n s su f fisa m m ent t ô t. Ass u m er   l es   o b j ec t ifs   f i x é s   et m e t tre   t o u t   en   œ u v re   p o u r   y p arv e n ir. Entret e n ir u n d ia l o gu e nou rri et c o n stru c tif a v e c s o n chef d e p ô le, s o n d i r ec t eur d e bu r eau, ses c o rres p o nd a n ts d e la fi l i è re I&C   à P a ris (c h efs d e p r o je t, chefs d e se r v ice p ri n ci p ale m ent) et ses c o llèg u es C h ar g és d e d é v e l o pp e m ent sur les s e c t e u rs qu ’il su i t.     C omp é t e n c e s e t prof i l re c h e rch é s : - H i n d i c o u r a n t e t b on n i v e au de f r a n ç a i s et d ’ a n g l a is , à l’ é cr i t c o m m e l ’ oral ; - K a n n a d a co u r a nt à l ’ oral s era i t un a to u t . - A p p ét e n c e p o ur l es a c t i vi t és c o mm er c i a l e s . F o rce d e p r o p o sit i o n , d y n a m i s m e, p r o act i v i t é ; - S e ns d u r e l a t i o n n e l et g o û t p o ur l e c o n t a c t a v ec l es e n tre p r i s es ; - i ss ue d ’ u n e fo r m at i on s u p éri e ure e n é c o l e de c o m m e rc e et / o u d ’ u ne f or m at i on d ’ i n g é n i e u r , de m ê m e q u ’ u n e e x p éri e n c e r é u ss i e au s e i n d ’ u n e e ntrep r i s e ; - M a îtrise du p a c k O ff i c e ( W o r d, E xc e l , P o wer P o i nt, e t c .) ; - Cur i o s i t é e t esprit d ’ i n i t i at i v e ; - Cap a c i t é d e t r a v a i l l er e n é q u i pe ; - Cap a c i té d ’ org a n i s a t i on et de g é r er d e s asp e c ts l o g i s t i q u es l ors d ’ é v è n e m e n ts et d ’ a cc o m p a g n e m e n t d e d é l é g a t i o n s . - Ca p acité à tr a v ai l ler v i t e e t à gé r er p l u sieu r s d o ssie r s d e fr o n t ; - A u t o no m i e ; - Ca p acité à se m o u vo ir d a n s deux e n v iron n e m ents c u lt u rels, fra n çais e t in d ien ; - Ca p acité à m a n a g er d e s p r o je t s ; - De v o i r d e ré s er v e .   C o n t a c t p o u r p o s t ul e r :  j e r o m e . j u lli a n d @ bu s i ne ssfr an c e .f r    

Peugeot plans to re-enter India by 2021

Purva Marwaha - 22-avr.-2016 11:47:05

  French car company Peugeot has set its eyes on the Indian car market and plans to enter here by 2018. The car maker plans to get into a partnership with an Indian company to start its new foray in the sub-continent.  Peugeot, which is expected to make  India  its manufacturing base for domestic and export markets, is likely to launch its products before the end of 2021. Peugeot’s Indian entry is considered as a part of the company’s aggressive ‘Push to Pass’ growth plan for the period 2016-2021. In 2014, the French carmaker formed a new ‘India-Pacific’ business zone comprising India,  SAARC  countries, Japan, Korea,  Australia  and New Zealand. The company is looking at launching only new generation cars in India and not those which are at the end of their production cycles.  For its Indian venture, the automaker wants to focus on frugal research expenditure and rigorous control over production costs as well as fixed costs in the price sensitive Indian market. Peugeot wants to reach an average of four percent recurring operating margin in 2016-2018, and target six percent by 2021. It wants to establish itself as a big brand and accordingly plans a blitzkrieg of products from its global range, notably the plug-in hybrid cars and autonomous connected vehicles. This will be Peugeot’s second entry into the sub-continent. In its first innings in India, which ended late 1997, the company had partnered with Premier Automobiles.   Source: Business Standard-    

ACTIA India to unveil latest End Of Line diagnostic solution for vehicles ever conceived in India

Purva Marwaha - 29-mars-2016 12:23:16

ACTIA India to unveil latest End Of Line diagnostic solution for vehicles ever conceived in India ACTIA India, a JV between ACTIA Automotive and DMG Finance & Investments, have recently unveiled their latest End Of Line (EOL) diagnostic solutions, developed for Renault, on their latest Kwid vehicle. This is the first time such a diagnostic solution is implemented in India automotive industry. In order to achieve this breakthrough, ACTIA India had to solve the main challenge of proposing a unique software suite combined to a hardware kit able to analyse diagnostic tests made on vehicles, at a cost efficient price. This achievement has been possible thanks to a “ jugaad innovation ” approach developed in collaboration with Renault, taking into account Renault technological legacy while processing the necessary adjustments and removing the superfluous aspects of the diagnostic. The unique software suite and the hardware kit enable manufacturers to treat diagnostic tests’ results in a simpler manner, which has a significant incidence on their operating costs. ACTIA India has strong expectations from the Indian market, as said by Mr. Pascal Perhirin, Business Development Manager, Off Highway Solutions and ex-CEO of ACTIA India: “ India is a highly dynamic market and the key words to enter this market are Innovation, quality and well-priced products. The latest EOL diagnostic delivered to Renault India makes us today capable of any kind of tailored diagnostic solutions, for all types of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks ”. In addition to this project, ACTIA India has also implemented a full End Of Line diagnostic solutions for Ashok Leyland in India, completed in 2013. The company can serve any kind of diagnostic requirement in the automotive industry: vehicle manufacturing (End Of line), repairing (VCI, aftersales tools) or maintenance operations (test lanes). About ACTIA India: ACTIA India is a JV between ACTIA Automotive, and DMG Finance & Investments, set up in 2002, with the objective to create an engineering and manufacturing base in India as well as to leverage the engineering strength in India thanks to a strong presence in the passenger and commercial vehicles market. ACTIA India is part of ACTIA, an international group created in 1986, which specialises in high added value electronic equipment, destined for the buoyant vehicle and telecommunications markets. The company is present in 15 countries (Headquarters based in France) and employs 3000 staff over the world including 730 engineers. The automotive division of the company focuses on 4 core activities: vehicle diagnostics, on-board systems, electronic manufacturing and fleet management. Highly involved in innovative technologies and in cutting edge manufacturing, ACTIA has committed to taking up the challenges of a connected and sustainable urban mobility. For further information, please visit: General view of Electrical and Electronic Diagnostic for conformity check, traceability reading, VIN writing and checking, DTC reading & erasing, learning procedures, configuration writing and checking, calibration writing.   About Business France: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: and .     Company contacts: Mr. Pascal PERHIRIN ACTIA Business Development Manager, Off Highway Solutions, Automotive Division Tel: (+33) 5 61 17 68 47 / @:   Press contact: Mr. Thomas ILHE Business France, French Trade Commission in India   Trade Officer. Tel: 011 4319 6303 / @: thomas.ilhe

Estech India showcased state-of-the-art automotive designing and prototyping

Thomas ILHE - 15-févr.-2016 13:31:15

Estech India, subsidiary of Estech France, French leading company in Design & Prototyping in automotive, has unveiled their latest innovations at Auto Expo and Components 2016 in Greater Noida, NCR. Such innovations include Renault Eolab concept car complete prototype, displayed at Renault’s stall, as well as 4 wheelers and bus projects with major Indian OEMs such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault or Ashok Leyland. Established since September 2013 in Pune, Estech India aims at becoming a Digital Design & Physical Prototyping leader in India, following its final objectives to improve end users experience and to always develop innovative solutions and products.   On the strength of their modelers’ team and high end software and studios in Pune, Estech India provides services ranging from CAD and CAS modelling to complete design projects from scratch to final prototypes. Pune branch is headed by two managers having completed 12 years of experience in digital design. Estech India’s innovation on Renault stall are Eolab Concept Car in terms of CAS Modeling, Engineering and Prototyping and another realisation on Renault stall by is Racer & Cliber Concept Car for Digital / Prototyping support.   Apart from Renault, Estech India has also given digital Modeling support on Bus Concept which you can witness on Ashok Leyland stall.    About Estech India and Estech Group:   Estech India is a fully owned subsidiary of Estech Group, a European leader since more than 15 years in Design & Prototyping platform in automotive, industrial design, digital design, virtual and physical prototyping. Estech Group gathers a team of 150 experts which have completed 20 concept cars projects with car manufacturers’ R&D departments. Estech Group goal is to share its expertise with Automotive industry but also Railway, Defence and Industrial Products.   About Business France:   Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners.

Renault launches a ‘car for conquest’

Thomas ILHE - 27-mai-2015 08:19:30

Renault Group chief Carlos Ghosn unveiled here on Wednesday what he called a ‘car for conquest’ to compete in the compact segment that represents one-fourth of India’s market with estimated annual sales of about three million units. The French automaker announced plans to start selling the 800-cc Kwid during the September-November festival season. At a starting price of ₹3 lakh — about €4,200 or $4,500 — the Kwid is positioned on the value-for-the-buck platform and will take on Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, the top players in this segment. Maruti’s Alto 800 starts at ₹2.83 lakh, the Hyundai Eon at ₹3.09 lakh (e-showroom Delhi). Maruti Suzuki sells about 300,000 cars and Hyundai about 90,000 in the entry level range. The Kwid offers a lot in terms of looks and performance, said Ghosn. Terming it an “important pillar for advancement of Renault in India”. Built on the Renault-Nissan alliance’s new CMF-A platform, the Kwid holds the key to the company meeting the target of taking a 5 per cent share of the domestic car market, he said. The Kwid is the product of French, Indian and Japanese talent and balances cost and features, including an SUV-like look, best in class leg-room for a compact car, and the first-of-its-kind multimedia-navigation system with a seven-inch display. Air bags are optional, he said. According to Ghosn, the Kwid has a unique first — developed by a global manufacturer with 98 per cent localisation from Day One. Renault now has a 1.5 per cent market share in India, mostly from the SUV Duster, its single successful offering among half a dozen models that have seen ‘moderate sales’. But all the launches have taught the company a lot in its five-year stint in India. A couple of months back, it launched the Lodgy, a multipurpose vehicle, whose sales have just started, he said. The CMF-A platform will serve as a pad for launching an entirely new range of vehicles by both the alliance partners Renault and Nissan, which have built a factory with a capacity of 400,000 cars a year at Oragadam near Chennai. Primarily for the India market, the Kwid may in due course be exported to South-East Asian and neighbouring countries, Ghosn said. Nissan will launch a Datsun brand on the same platform next year. While the platform will be shared, there will be no cross-badging of any model, he said. Both the new platform and the engine provide room for a whole line of evolution, he said. Source:

Renault launches global digital strategy in India

Sofiane Mecheri - 30-janv.-2015 07:18:10

Renault yesterday launched its new global digital strategy in India, to be replicated across its international operations, underlining the countrys importance in the French auto majors overall growth plans. The new digital identity offers a seamless experience to customers accessing website through the mobile, tablet and desktop. The new platform is the first Renault-Nissan Alliance digital initiative, the company said in a statement.   "Renaults new global strategy is launched first in India and will be replicated in Renault operations across the globe, clearly indicating the important role that the India operations plays in the overall growth plans of Renault," it added.   Internet is becoming one of the most important channels of information for customers looking to buy a new car and its aim was to offer customers a "best in class digital experience", it said.   Renaults new digital identity will have features, including a service-oriented platform on top of which websites are built enabling seamless journey where the same data?and services are available across different channels.   It also will have a single sign feature where the same authentication and profile is usable across websites, mobile apps, third-party websites.   Renault has been looking to scale up its presence in India and it will launch two new products-- MPV Lodgy and a small car in the entry level segment, which is the heart of the Indian automotive industry.   Renault India currently sells five models - Pulse, Scala, Duster, Fluence and Koleos. Source: PTI

Infrastructure, Transport and Industry (Industries and Cleantech) The Industries and Cleantech Department assists French companies in their international development strategy and promotes trade between France and India. In order to maximize commercial opportunities between French and Indian companies, the Department organises French Pavilions at a number of key exhibitions in India, as well as offering other B2B networking events and individual partnering services. The key focus of the department are the urban development (“100 smart cities”), the clean technologies (Renewables Energies, Energy efficiency…) and the industry (automotive, aeronautics, railways…). The Department provides expertise in : • Transportation (automotive, railway, aeronautics, naval, ITS) • Infrastructures (roads, airports, ports, etc.) • Energy  (Nuclear, Renewable Energy, T&D, O&G) • Cleantech (water and waste management)  &nbs


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