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• The Indian music streaming market is getting more competitive with the recent launches of Spotify and YouTube Music in India.

Jean-François Ambrosio - 30-avr.-2019 06:42:11

The Indian music streaming market is getting more competitive with the recent launches of Spotify and YouTube Music in India . Both companies will compete with the Indians JioSaavn and Gaan as well as other international players Amazon Music and Appel Music. The Indian market is quite small (213 M USD in 2019 for 90 M users) compared to the US (4,4 Billions USD) and China (820 M USD), but is growing quickly. Gaan has already 80 M users. Apple Music just announced price cuts with a new plan starting at 49 INR per month for student, down from the earlier 60 INR per month. Individual plans are now 99 Inr per month at par with YouTube Music Premium, Gaana Plus, Wynck and JioSaavn Pro, and a few roupies cheaper than Spotify (119 Inr per month).

Xiaomi is announcing huge investments in India

Jean-François Ambrosio - 27-mars-2019 05:32:44

  The Chinese Tech group announced investments of 500 M USD in its Indian operation to increase production capacity by 50%. Xiaomi entered India 4 years ago and has been fighting with Samsung to dominate the Indian smartphone market.   For 2018, Xiaomi reached a market share of 28,9% in India (41,1 M units from a total de 142,3 M), followed by Samsung with 22,4% (31,9 M units) and the Chinese brands Vivo with 10% (14,2 M units), Oppo with 7,2% (10,2%) and Transsion with 4,5% (6,4 M units).   On the feature phone market, the Indian brand Jio was leading in 2018 with a market share of 38%, followed by Samsung with 12%, Itel with 8% and Nokia with 7%. Overall India mobile phone shipments crossed 330 M units in 2018.  

Video Games World Cup to start on 10 November 2014

Thomas Ilhe - 14-oct.-2014 07:07:25

The first ever Video Games World Cup (VGWC) will be launched on 10 November 2014 and run until the World Cup Final, which will take place in New York between 3 and 5 July 2015. More than 100 countries and 20 million competitors are expected to take part in the tournament, which offers avid gamers and video-game enthusiasts worldwide a new, international and technologically advanced forum in which to play. Stéphane Cosse, Founder of VGWC, explains, “ As a pioneer in organising events in the video-gaming sector, and after three years of planning and development of the VGWC, I felt that it was important to create a system that matches the scope of the video-gaming industry: there are one billion gamers worldwide! Video games are so often criticised but never appreciated for their true worth. This is the dawn of a new era for the video game: we are giving it a new playing field .” A total of 20 million gamers are expected to take part in the first VGWC and participants will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. Should the maximum subscription of 128 players per week, per country and per game be achieved, the world champion, for each game, stands to receive a cheque worth more than US$1 million. Each continental champion will receive a cheque for over $100,000, while the national champions will receive a cheque for over $10,000 each. Additionally, cheques for over $1,000 will be awarded each week, per country and per game, to the weekly tournament champion. Each week, competitors will have the chance to qualify for the national finals in one of two ways. Players can either qualify directly by winning one of the weekly national tournaments or by topping the national game ranking during the regular season, which will run for a total of 29 weeks from its launch on 10 November 2014 to 31 May 2015. Different national competitions will start each week, beginning on a Monday and ending on the Sunday of the same week. Players will compete against each other online using their own consoles and computers, and save their sessions once completed. Only 128 competitors may take part per week, per country and per game. There will be a maximum of 32 teams for multi-player games. The registration fee is $30 for a qualifying week and 40% of the funds collected (of which $12 will be withheld at source upon registration) will be paid as bonuses. At the end of the 29-week regular season, the winners will be invited to compete in the national finals, to be held in each country between 1 and 21 June 2015. The final rounds will be composed of 40 players in eight pools of five teams each, i.e. 29 winners, together with the best player of the regular season and two wildcards. The overall national winner in each country will be awarded a cheque for over $10,000 (as already mentioned). National champions will compete in the continental finals from 22 to 28 June 2015. One player per continent and per game will be crowned the continental champion and will receive a cheque for over $100,000 (as outlined above). All continental champions will compete in the World Cup Final to be held from 3 to 5 July 2015 at a prestigious venue in New York with all air fares and hotel costs covered by the organisers. The venue for the final will be announced by 1 January 2015.   About Video Games World Cup (VGWC) The Video Games World Cup (VGWC) will be launched on 10 November 2014 and run until the World Cup Final, which will take place in New York between 3 and 5 July 2015. More than 100 countries and 20 million competitors are expected to take part in the tournament. VGWC was founded by Stéphane Cosse with the intention of providing a new, international and technologically advanced forum in which gamers can interact in a way that is both entertaining and competitive.   For further information about the tournament, please go to:       For further information, please contact :   Mr Thomas ILHE – Trade Officer Press Communication UBIFRANCE India – New Delhi Tel: +91 (11) 4319 6303 – View other press releases at :

France shows the way to doing e-commerce!

Anindita BANERJEE - 11-juin-2014 11:56:16

  Interview : Alain CIMAZ, Retailing and Services Department Project Manager at Ubifrance We all use e-commerce (and some of us all of the time), but do we fully realize in our economic crystal balls what the virtual universe of the Internet can do for a business? France does, to the tune of €51,1billion in 2013. With broadband internet feeding households like never before, this trend is accelerating, up 13.5% this past year, even while traditional sales outlets are declining. Naturally, French e-commerce is part of a European phenomenon: sophisticated, well-educated consumers shopping and comparing on-line, whether it is for train tickets, fashion items, books and downloaded films, not to mention concert tickets or even electronic products and vacations. In fact, France finds itself positioned right in the middle of more mature on-line markets such as the UK and Scandinavia, while catering to fast-growing cyber-markets in Southern Europe. Impressive numbers – and then there’s Christmas! The typical cyber-consumer in France spends on average €1400 annually, with a choice spanning 138,000 merchandizing sites, clicking to satisfy 33.7 million purchasers, each one with his or her own very personalized criteria. This represents a 17% growth rate for the number of sites in 2013, fueled by a rise of 5% in on-line buyers last year. Christmas frenzy often spells financial success for many e-commerce sites. For France, December 2013 accounted for a whopping €10 billion  of the year’s total results. The Best in Class go international 15% of French sites export, generating 10% of their sales internationally. The really successful sites, representing over €10 million  in turnover, are able to boost these international sales by up to 20% of their total turnover. For 2013, the champions are Vente Privée, with € 1,6 billion, Showroom Privé, €350 million, Sarenza at €150 million  and in 29 different countries, while Spartoo out-does them by €130 million in 20 countries throughout Europe. Cross-channel strategies Traditional companies such as Darty, Auchan and even Air France have grasped the importance of developing interfaces with e-commerce, selling cross-channel, from virtual to POS (Place of Sale). Tourism is an especially heavy-hitter, with Opodo and Go Voyages receiving avid travelers. Even SNCF-Voyages is also getting into the trend with offers covering car rentals and hotels, not just trains, and not just trains in Europe! E-commerce allows companies to envision doing business in entirely refreshing and international ways. In B to B, the office supplies segment is active, with Bruneau and Viking modeling their entire business on-line, a lesson not lost on Manutan for its equipment. The rules to play by With smart-phones now in every pocket, French companies are alert to adapting to international opportunities: respecting local-country consumer legislation, marketing with multi-lingual sites, regularly upgrading to be ergonomic, enriching their offers constantly. The usual rate of transformation from visit to virtual shopping cart is 2.5%; so New Age merchants must be quick to adapt to this new breed of impatient, demanding clientele. The e-consumer wants easy, practical and totally secure payment solutions ranging from credit card to Paypal. They also expect EU legislation on profiling and reimbursements to be strictly adhered to by the e-commerce site. Up and coming events where Ubifrance can leverage exhibition opportunities for French e-commerce companies will be in Milan on May 20th, in the UK and Ireland, from September 16 – 18th, followed by San Paolo, October 6 – 7th, with BtoB meetings dedicated to private sales. For Further information about French companies in the e-commerce Sector : > Electronics and IT > Telecommunications and Space > Trade and distribution > Services > Audiovisual content, Multimedia  

BARC signs deal with Mediametrie for developing key technology services

Sylvain BIARD - 21-janv.-2014 12:10:44

  Broadcast Audience Reseach Council (BARC) today announced the formal tie-up with Mediametrie of France for some key technology services and licensing for the proposed Television audience measurement system which is a replacement of the obsolete TRP system. Mediametrie is the Joint Industry body in France, operating the TV, Internet and Radio currency ratings systems, engaged in multi media audience research for the last 25 years.   They have been designing and developing their own TV metering systems for 15 years. and hence were selected for the tie-up. They are pioneers in the development and usage of watermarking technology in audience research and have been using this successfully for the last seven years.   Under the arrangement, Mediametrie will provide technological knowhow and licenses to BARC to use their TV metering system and also help BARC procure its own metering hardware.   Commenting about the same, Mr.Punit Goenka, Chairman, BARC said “I am delighted at this association with Mediametrie. Our Technical Committee and the Management had scouted the global marketplace for suitable technology and we are happy with our choice. We will take a quantum jump in technology for audience measurement in the country with this.” Mr Benoit Cassaigne, Senior Vice President, Mediametrie said “We are very happy and proud of BARC’s confidence in our solutions and expertise. We are thrilled to bring our know-how on such a TV market and share it with BARC a company very similar to us in its DNA. We are sharing a lot already in term of philosophy and vision and I am sure we will go far together” Source: DNA , Jan 20,2014

France 24 TV channel expands into India on DD Direct+ and Dish TV platforms

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 19-déc.-2013 07:32:09

France 24, a leading 24x7 international news channel of France, officially went on air in India on DD Direct+ and Dish TV platforms from November 12, 2013. The English version of France 24 has been airing on free-to-air direct-to-home service (DTH) DD Direct+ since November 1, 2013. As per industry sources, the three-year deal between DD Direct+ and France 24 is reportedly valued at Rs 1.50 crore. France 24 is also available on as part of Dish TV’s basic offer. Marc Saikali, Director, France 24 said, “For the moment, it is not a business issue for us. We want the Indian viewers to know about us and watch us; making money is not the purpose or the goal for us. We just want to be in India and exchange programmes.” Eric Cremer, Vice President- Distribution, France 24, added that the channel hopes to increase the reach to about 50 million TV households by next year. Based in Paris, France 24 is a news channel that is broadcast to about 222 million homes around the world in French, Arabic and English.  Source: Source

French expertise in evidence at BES EXPO 2013

India - 22-janv.-2013 05:16:12

The French Trade Commission - UBIFRANCE is organizing a French Pavilion at the BES Expo 2013, the International Conference and Exhibition on Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting, from 29th to 31st January 2013 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The French Pavilion aims to bring together leading companies from the French broadcast industry to present their high-tech broadcast solutions and forge business opportunities in the Indian market.   The French Pavilion at the trade show brings together 4 renowned companies from the French broadcast industry namely HTTV, NETIA, ONLY LIFESTYLE and WORLDCAST SYSTEM . Their main objective is to promote their technological innovations and latest broadcasting practices in the field of radio and TV and to share their expertise with broadcast engineering professionals in India. The Indian media sector has been amongst the fastest growing sectors in the country over the last two decades. India is currently on the threshold of an entertainment revolution spawned by economic liberalization and the subsequent advent of broadcast industry. The French Pavilion offers a comprehensive platform for these companies to showcase their innovative, state-of-the-art technology and share their expertise and professional know-how in the growing media and broadcast industry. Come and meet these French companies specialized in high-tech broadcasting techniques in Hall No. 12 and 12A at BES Expo 2013 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 29th to 31st January 2013! Here is a brief profile of all the participants of the French Pavilion: HTTV Httv is one of the leading international technology and solution providers for interactive digital TV. Httv supplies software solution/middleware for connected TV and set-top-boxes: httvLite for low end broadcast set-top-boxes and httvLINK for connected HbbTV/Hybrid/OTT set-top-boxes. httvLINK is fully compliant with HbbTV standard for connected devices. Httv is based in Europe and is expanding in South East Asia. Httv will be presenting its new httvLINK middleware product for connected set-top-boxes (broadcast and broadband) offering a large range of TV features (HbbTV standard, EPG, catch-up, applications stores, etc…).  This solution is designed for connected devices with limited hardware capacity and is targeting emerging market. Since its recent acquisition of SindiTV in Singapore, HTTV is strengthening its position in south-East Asia with a special focus on India. Website: NETIA NETIA, a GlobeCast company, is a leading provider of software solutions that enable efficient management and broadcast of content. With more than 10,000 users and 200 installations in more than 40 countries, NETIA solutions allow content producers and owners to manage content from ingest to delivery, targeting multiplatform outlets including the Internet, VOD, IPTV services, and mobile devices. NETIA provides content management solutions to major radio and television brands and to multimedia groups around the world. Their clients include All India Radio in India, SBS and ABC in Australia, RAI in Italy, France Telecom/Orange, MediaCorp in Singapore, RTL in France, Radio Globo in Brazil, RTM in Malaysia, Radio France, the Associated Press, France Télévisions, TV Center Russia, and L’Équipe 24/24. NETIA has its headquarters in France, with offices in the United States, Paris, Rome, and Singapore, in addition to a global network of professional distribution partners. NETIA will be showcasing the latest version of its powerful Radio-Assist™ range of digital audio automation software. Radio-Assist 8.1 will offer the same robust array of tools for streamlined end-to-end multimedia production, broadcast, and publication workflows, along with two significant new features: an integrated music-scheduling application and video editing capability. NETIA will also be showing the latest version of its Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to manage all processes within the global production environment - from editing through post and distribution - through simple, easy-to-manage workflows and task automation, accessed through one unique and easy-to-use interface. Website: ONLY LIFESTYLE Only Lifestyle is a content distribution company specializing in lifestyle programs since 2005. They offer more than 4,000 hours of programs in as many as 50 different formats like documentaries, magazines, on-set games with or without host… In addition to offering all types of genres and formats, the catalogue offers a variety of services to allow to choose, organise and reformat according to its customers’ needs. Only Lifestyle offers guided selection and simplified delivery systems. The database has an index of programs with brief program descriptions and technical details. The advanced search option helps the user to make and save specific searches, create his personal cart, negotiate, buy and avail delivery online. The product catalogue and latest updates on lifestyle industry are also available.  Website: WORLDCAST SYSTEMS WorldCast Systems will be presenting their latest innovations in broadcast practices with their 3 brands: APT, Ecreso and Audemat. From the APT stable, WorldCast will be presenting the Horizon NextGen stereo IP audio codec and the new 1U Oslo, a compact multi-channel AoIP platform.  Both these units support APT’s multi award-winning SureStream technology, which enables broadcast quality audio over public internet links, and creates significant operational savings for broadcasters. Ecreso’s new range of fully digital FM transmitters continues to increase with the addition of the FM Transmitter 3,000W and FM Transmitter 5,000W. Combining the audio fidelity and reliability of a direct-to-channel digital modulator with a highly efficient 6th generation Mosfet and several innovative features, makes the Ecreso FM range a truly powerful and robust transmitter system. The Ecreso FM range now also offers the innovative Advanced Metering Interface (AMI), a real-time dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of the transmitter performance, and the new proactive maintenance service, Expert Maintenance Reporting (EMR).   The Goldeneagle DVB-T2 is the latest product from Audemat, developer of the industry-leading Goldeneagle platforms for TV & Radio technologies. The Goldeneagle DVB-T2 is capable of monitoring up to 20 channels per receiver through RF and can be deployed either at a transmitter site or throughout the coverage area. Features such as audio/video streaming and automatic channel detection provide a truly, comprehensive and professional solution.  Like all Goldeneagle products, users have the option to introduce remote facility management on the signal monitoring platform using ScriptEasy software, SNMP and a variety of I/O inputs. Website:   About the French Trade Commission - UBIFRANCE: UBIFRANCE is the French agency for international business development, a key public partner in export for French companies. Its complete range of services include providing information (on markets, legal, regulatory, international financing, calls to tender, sector watch), export consulting, sales promotion actions (prospecting missions, partnership meetings, trade events abroad, communication in the international press, etc.). To support French companies of all sizes and all sectors in their development on foreign markets, UBIFRANCE mobilizes the expertise of 1,500 persons in France (Paris and Marseille) and in 60 other countries through its French Trade Commissions and a network of Press Offices. For further information, please contact: Mr. Sylvain BIARD Head of New Technologies, Innovation and Services & Market Access Departments French Trade Commission Consulate General of France, Mumbai Tel: +91 22 66 69 40 72 Email: Press contact : Ms. Deepika PRAKASH Press Officer French Trade Commission Embassy of France, New Delhi Tel: +91 11 24 19 63 51 Email:

The Tech & Services Department of Business France - Trade & Investment Commission in India informs, advises and assists French companies in their international expansion with India and South Asia. It also helps Indian stakeholders in bridging with French technology and business counterparts as well as guiding them -through our Investment Department- in their potential investment strategy in France.   A key focus on the agenda of the Department is the promotion of the " French Tech " initiative in India which aims at fostering the relations between the French Tech and the India Tech ecosystems; an area where we believe there are strong perspectives for fruitful partnerships.   In order to foster business and technology tie-ups between French and Indian companies, the Department is regularly organizing business delegations of French stakeholders to India, B2B/B2G events as well as individual B2B meetings.


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