A 5 000-euro Renault model to be produced in India by 2014

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 04/01/13


This vehicle, designed by Renault with its Japanese partner Nissan, should not be commercialized in Europe since the logistics costs are considered to be too high. The car is targeting emerging markets. After an initial phase of industrialization in the group’s Chennai plant, in India, the future 5 000-euro model may also be produced in South America.
But Renault’s move downscale does not stop there. Another project is already under review, in partnership with Nissan. The two manufacturers are currently working on a “ultra low cost” vehicle for the Indian market, whose price, set around 3 000 euros, is meant to compete with India’s cheapest car today, the Tata Nano.
Thus, Renault keeps expanding its market from the bottom in order to adapt to the bipolarization of the automobile market between downscale and upscale models.

Source: Latribune.fr ; Boursorama.com ; EconomieMatin.fr


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