PROMOSALONS is non-profit network – the only one of its kind in the world – dedicated exclusively to promoting French trade shows internationally.

Our core mission, to increase the number of international visitors and exhibitors at French trade shows.

Contact in Israel : Yves Benhayoun


רשת פרומוסלון


פרומוסלון, הינו גוף ללא מטרות רווח, תפקידו לקדם את התערוכות המקצועיות המתקיימות בצרפת במטרה להגדיל את מספר המבקרים והמציגים.

נציג בישראל : איב בן חיון




Atout France

 Atout France, France Tourism Development Agency

  With 85 million international visitors, generating around €43 billion of tourist revenue in 2015, tourism is a major industry for France, making up 7% of its GDP in 2014.

 Atout France was established in 2009 with the aim of promoting the development of this sector, and pursues this objective through various projects:

 Observing and analysing the tourist market

 The Agency runs ongoing and in-depth market watch and analysis programmes on the international tourist.

 This understanding both of supply and demand provides a comprehensive overview of the state of world tourist markets, which helps define the major strategic orientations required for the development of French tourism.

  Enhancing and marketing the French tourist offer

 Atout France offers its expertise in tourist engineering with the aim of making businesses more competitive and destinations more attractive.

 The Agency also supports 1200 professional partners (regional and departmental tourist Committees, local Tourist Boards and over 800 private businesses) in their marketing and tourism promotion efforts in France and around the world. More than 2000 promotional campaigns are run every year, targeting the general public, professionals, and the press.

 Optimising quality of services

 Atout France runs some specific projects that aim to improve the quality of tourist offerings. This involves rating tourist accommodation, managing the registration of travel operators but also monitoring and promoting labels like “Vignobles & Découvertes” for wine tourism.

 A local, national and international sphere of activity

 Atout France works internationally through a network of 34 offices across 32 countries. This unique organisational system, which employs more than 250 people, provides the agency with a perfect understanding of international markets and cultures and enables it to successfully target and communicate the activities of its partners, from project design to marketing and sales.


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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel France

 The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF is an independent voluntary organization established in 1957,officially mandated which complements institutional frameworks. It provides practical advice and information and organizes different activities to promote bilateral trade and investment between Israel and France.

   The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF provides support and assistance to the business communities in Israel and France with the aim of facilitating and accelerating bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.

   The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF is member of the UCCIFE (French Chambers of Commerce & Industry Abroad Union) which includes 111 Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 81 countries, and is the first French private network in the world with a combined membership base of over 30,000 companies


The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry

29 Hamered Street Tel Aviv
Tel: +972 5 47186386
Tel: +972 5 46739551

 לשכת המסחר והתעשייה ישראל-צרפת הוא ארגון עצמאי הקיים מאז  1957 בראשותו של פרופ’ דניאל רוח. לפני שנתיים הוקמה המחלקה לקריירה המספקת שירות לצרפתים בחיפושם אחר מקום עבודה וביצירת קשרים עסקיים


לשכת המסחר והתעשייה ישראל-צרפת מעניקה מידע, מידע שימושי ומארגת פעילויות במטרה לקדם את המסחר הבילטראלי וההשקעות בין ישראל לצרפת


למטרה זו, הלשכה מעורבות בשלוש משימות מרכזיות


סיוע לחברות ישראליות וצרפתיות לבסס קשרים מקצועיים תוך יצירת מסגרת מארגנת לסחר


הענקת מגוון שירותים לחברי הלשכה לקידום פיתוח פעילותיהם

קידום פעילויות חברי הלשכה אל מקבלי החלטות מרכזיים בשתי המדינות

Welcome to the Business France Tel Aviv, the Trade and Investment office of the Embassy of France in Israel! Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and attractiveness of France for foreign investors. Business France also manages the VIE Scheme in Israel. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger of Ubifrance Agency with Invest in France Agency, Business France is staffed with some 1,500 professionals located in France and in 70 countries throughout the world. The multicultural team of Business France in Tel Aviv comprises of 5 Trade professionals, supporting French companies in developing their business projects in Israel. They are organized in four departments of expertise, specialized in: - Indsustries and Cleantech - Fashion, Housing, Health & Sciences - Food & Beverages, Agribusiness - Technologies & Services Since late 2015, Business France in Israel is also manned with one full time expert dedicated


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