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Altice opens Israel innovation center

Aurélie Guthmann - 05-déc.-2016 10:18:33

  Michel Combes, CEO of Altice, Hot’s parent company, said low mobile prices made it difficult to invest in Israel .   Hot Telecommunication Systems Ltd. (TASE: HOT.B1) will open a new innovation center in Israel that will work with startups to promote innovation in the group, and to take advantage of existing knowledge in Israel for the entire group. "On the one hand, we will obtain access to new technologies, while on the other, the startups will be able to obtain access to an international communications group," said Michel Combes, CEO of Altice, Hot Telecommunication’s parent company, at a special press conference. He added, "Hot is a completely new company today, after just 18 months of change. Hot has undergone a real revolution here, thanks to the leadership of its new management, headed by Tal Granot Goldstein."   Combes is visiting Israel at the head of all of the group’s senior management for a series of discussions. He said that the group had achieved good results in the recent quarter, with every company in every country improving individually. He added that what Hot’s new management had done was impressive, and he intended to study and assimilate what the whole group here had achieved,   "The change in service at HOT is something that we’ll take to the whole group, especially the drop in churn. The second thing is the change in content. HOT’s original content is something we plan to study and export to the entire group. The rich content, series, dramas, etc. is something that we have already taken to the group, but this is only the beginning. Granot Goldstein is one of our most senior managers, and we’re learning from her," Combes declared. "I’m fairly sure that Tal will continue changing Hot and making it the best communications and content company in Israel."   Combes also said, "Ownership of content has become critical. A large proportion of our content is nonlinear; it goes through VOD, and we want to upgrade the content, so that all of it goes through the Internet. We want the network here to be the best in the world. In Israel, Hot has the best coverage of any of our companies anywhere in the world."   Commenting on investments and innovation, Combes said, "Our goal is to provide 1 gigabyte on every network, including in Israel. Our investment in the network is the highest in terms of proportion of revenue. We’re investing in content, a cellular network, and also the physical network, and we’ll go on investing in order to prepare it for the upgrading to 1 gigabyte, but this will be done gradually."   The Altice CEO also spoke about the Israeli cellular market, saying, "The cellular prices in Israel are among the lowest in the world. When all the cellular companies invest in 5G, however - and we want to be a startup nation - we won’t be able to invest what is needed to accomplish this. We tried merging with Golan Telecom - it didn’t work, but it’s clear to me that investments will shrink because of the structure of competition in the market.   "Too much competition will kill investments. In many countries, they have already started investing in 5G, and planning for it. The customers need a competitive price, and that’s important, but just as we want to see they get a 1 gigabyte speed on the stationary network, we also want them to get 1 gigabyte on the cellular network, and that requires large-scale investments. There needs to be a balance between what is good for the consumer, the economy, and the investors."  

UBIFRANCE helps French IT startups...

martine.joly - 16-déc.-2014 15:35:43

  UBIFRANCE helps French IT startups plug into global opportunities   IT sector is no longer a novelty market. Companies of all sizes and sectors must have a scope of digital services for their clients or risk losing business. Fayssal Majid, Ubifrance’s IT project manager, explains: ““Smartphone will be the new platform for all companies. They will need to have a mobile application as well as a site in order to attract customers and maintain a market share.” By 2020 the number of smartphone mobile subscriptions is expected to more than double to 6.1 billion. This is nearly the size of today’s global population of 6.7 billion.   Today’s France, ready for tomorrow’s world   France offers a mobilized IT ecosystem that is leveraging the best of France to not only satisfy the domestic market but also capture global customers. In fact the domestic market, a kind of reflection of the society’s focus on technology, has been following other developed countries in internet penetration and mobile usage: 54% of the French population uses the internet on their mobile and 74% of smartphone users research products and services on their phone.   Therefore, it should come as no surprise that France will be sending the biggest national delegation to 2015’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The size of delegation can be attributed to the quality of French engineers and the well-organized research clusters, many at a regional level, which offer incubation for a variety of independent ideas. For example take Systematic, a cluster from the Paris region, which has helped develop 379 projects and attracted investment of 2 billion euros over its brief history.  In fact, Mr. Majid explains that there are even further layers of organization that benefit the start up culture in France: “There are all startups which are very proud of their French roots but are looking globally. An initiative in collaboration with UBIFRANCE, La French Tech, helps them achieve this goal.”   La French Tech is a great collective project for the growth and influence of the French Start-ups and digital ecosystem and has been behind such firms as the award winning Citizen Sciences. Citizen Sciences is a prime example of a French company that is not only matching but also advancing the technological frontier. Citizen Sciences is pioneering application of the field of “the internet of things” – the connectivity of everyday items for the purpose of improving usage and limiting human involvement – towards the human staple of clothing. At the moment they are working on products that will gather multiples of data, from heart rate to specific movements, for athletes as to improve their performance. The company was recognized as a winner of an Innovation Award at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.   Ubifrance helps you reach your potential     Mr. Majid believes that the Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in spring of 2015 is the perfect springboard for French businesses for global markets. IT has become much more of a global phenomenon and Mr. Majid believes that the direction of French companies should not only be towards showcases and markets in the US, but also emerging markets in Asia, South America , and even Africa: “Yes, French companies have always thought about the US, but in fact there is also much interest from places like the Middle East South East Asia and Africa, markets that are very large and growing.” Since the Mobile World Congress is a global event, this will provide the perfect introduction of French companies to prospective clients from all over the world.   Oledcomm is an example of a company that will be joining Mr. Majid in Barcelona. They are doing something truly special. Their products leverage your lighting network into something many of us find unthinkable: wireless communication and Internet services.   Famoco is yet another French company that will be at the MWC in Barcelona and they are working on a problem that we all though would be solved by now – contactless payment. Such advancements require massive logistical coordination and Famoco is making this possible. Look to Famoco to improve your experience in stores all around the world.   Oledcomm Famoco The French Tech Pavilion @ Mobile World Congress

Delphine Adjiman – Director of the New Technologies, Innovation, Services department at Business France in Israel assists French companies in their search for potential partners in Israel, in the following sectors:  IT, Software, Telecom, Internet & New Media, Electronics… – The Digital economy Distribution & Services – Retail, Training/E-learning, financial services, marketing In order to help French companies have a better understanding of the New Technologies, Innovation, Services market in Israel, the department organizes individual roadshows (including market studies, selection of contacts, qualified and targeted B2B meetings, etc.) as well as delegations, such as French Tech Days or other delegations participating in the major events in the industry.   Visit the FrenchTech w ebsite for more information, success stories, videos! For any further information, please contact: delphine.adjiman@


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