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  Top Wine China – Pékin - juin 2016         Top Wine China 2016     Start date 1 5/06/2016 / End date 17/06/2016   Pékin Google Map Link :   Overwhelming preference for imported wines   More than 70% of Chinese consumers prefer imported wines. According to customs statistics, China imported 384 million liters of wine in 2014. The list of the top ten countries that imported wines to China in 2014 is: France, Chile, Spain, Australia, Italy, the USA, South Africa, Germany, Argentina and Portugal.   TopWine China 2015 featured around 400 exhibitors representing 700 producers,   showing their finest products. Besides regional pavilions from China itself the event had country pavilions from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States as well as from emerging regions like Moldova, Hungary, Georgia and Romania. Business France organized the French pavilion with more than 50 French companies.   The next TopWine China will take place from June 15 to 17, 2016   Now in all 4 halls of the China National Convention Center, Beijing’s most attractive and versatile exhibition and conference complex! With a separate dedicated area for spirits and beer.   TopWine China 2016 is exclusively reserved for professionals in the wine industry and associated fields :   Wine trading and retail: agents, importers, exporters, dealers, wholesalers, franchisers, sales representatives, retailers, etc. General merchandise stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and beverage warehouses: general managers, purchasers, sales managers, etc. Bars, hotels, restaurants and night clubs: general managers, food & beverage managers, hoteliers, chefs, wine managers, sommeliers, etc. Duty free operations: operators of duty free shops, purchasers of airline, cruise and ferry companies. Catering: party caterers, event caterers, exhibition caterers. E-commerce: wine website owners. Divers: specialized associations and institutions, wine authors.   Meet French exhibitors :   CHATEAU D ORSCHWIHR ETABLISSEMENTS TRENEL FILS MAISON DES BORDEAUX ET BORDEAUX SUPERIEURS MAISON JEAN LORON SELECTION PATRICK CLERGET VINS ET TERROIRS EXPORT …     Contact Business France :   Brochure : TWC2016BrochureUK.pdf   Official website:   French exporters directory on : wines, spirits, bewerage s    * 2015 , UBIFRANCE and INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE     Top Wine China – Pékin - juin 2016     Start date 1 5/06/2016 / End date 17/06/2016   Pékin Google Map Link :     Préférence marquée pour les vins d’importation   Plus de 70 % des consommateurs chinois préfèrent les vins d’importation. D’après les statistiques des douanes, la Chine a importé 384 millions de litres de vin en 2014. Les dix premiers pays exportateurs de vin vers la Chine en 2014 sont : la France, le Chili, l’Espagne, l’Australie, l’Italie, les États-Unis, l’Afrique du Sud, l’Allemagne, l’Argentine et le Portugal.   TopWine China 2015 a rassemblé quelque 400 exposants représentant 700 producteurs,   qui ont présenté leurs meilleurs produits. Outre les pavillons régionaux chinois, des pavillons nationaux s’étaient installés au salon, venus de France, Allemagne, Espagne, Italie, Australie, Hong Kong, États-Unis, mais aussi de régions viticoles émergentes comme la Moldavie, la Hongrie, la Géorgie et la Roumanie. Business France* s’était chargé de l’organisation du pavillon français, réunissant plus de 50 entreprises françaises.   La prochaine édition de TopWine China se déroulera du 15 au 17 juin 2016   Dans les quatre halls que compte le China National Convention Center, le complexe d’expositions et de congrès le plus attrayant et polyvalent de Pékin ! Avec un espace distinct dédié aux spiritueux et aux bières. TopWine China 2016 est réservé exclusivement aux professionnels du secteur du vin et des secteurs connexes :   Négoce du vin et vente de détail : agents, importateurs, exportateurs, revendeurs, grossistes, franchiseurs, représentants commerciaux, détaillants, etc. Grandes surfaces, supermarchés, hypermarchés et dépôts de boissons : directeurs généraux, acheteurs, responsables des ventes, etc. Bars, hôtels, restaurants et night-clubs : directeurs généraux, directeurs de la restauration, hôteliers, chefs de cuisine, gestionnaires de cave, sommeliers, etc. Ventes hors taxes : exploitants de magasins détaxés, acheteurs de compagnies aériennes, de croisières et de ferry. Restauration : traiteurs, restaurateurs événementiels, restaurateurs d’exposition. Commerce en ligne : propriétaires de sites de vente de vin en ligne. Divers : associations et organismes professionnels, critiques de vins.  Parmi les exposants français :   CHATEAU D ORSCHWIHR ETABLISSEMENTS TRENEL FILS MAISON DES BORDEAUX ET BORDEAUX SUPERIEURS MAISON JEAN LORON SELECTION PATRICK CLERGET VINS ET TERROIRS EXPORT …   Contact Business France :   Brochure : TWC2016BrochureFRNS.pdf   Site officiel: Annuaire : vins, spiritueux et autres boissons       * L’agence Business France est issue de la fusion entre UBIFRANCE et L’AFII en janvier 2015.  

French wines & spirits export in global market

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  "In 2015, the global wine and spirits market is still good and France remains one of the best wine producers and exporters in the world”, according to Christophe Commeau, head of the wines and spirits department at Business France, interviewed in June 2015 by Business France Radio.       France at the heart of a global competition   France has more and more competitors like Italia and Spain but also Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a worldwide competition; “to survive on the global market, producing the best wine is not enough”, asserts Christophe Commeau, even if “in the future, consumers will drink less but much better”.       The best wine at the best price   That’s why over the past few years, French companies, producers, makers and traders, have started to increase the quality of their products and now export the best wine at the best price.       France three main strengths   To face this competition, France can rely on many strengths from its variety to its quality and its price. With Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, South of France, Alsace, Champagne, sparkling or sweet wines, France has “so many wines for a small country at (so) many prices”.       Development of the organic wine market   Also, French companies have been developing one main novelty, underlined by Christophe Commeau: “800 hundred French wine makers are now doing organic wine”. A necessary new trend, as so many countries now want to import this type of wine.       New wines for Asia and Champagne for the UK   A strategy linked with France ability to find new opportunities and create wines for new markets like Asia, and especially China. “We have to prospect and organize wine tastings in Asia but not only”. USA remains a big consumer and our closest neighbors are our biggest clients; especially the UK, France first market, thanks to the Champagne demand. “French wine on this market is more and more sophisticated”.       France role on the wines and spirit global market goes beyond. Every year, France organizes wine tours in the biggest trade fairs, master classes and training for cellarmen and sommeliers to learn how to pair correctly French wines with local food. “Exporting and promoting wine abroad is good but we need to train as well the professionals of the sector.”     More information about French companies here

The department of Agribusiness facilitates and promotes business relationships between French-based companies and Israeli companies, agents, importers and distributors. This department covers the sectors of Food, Beverages, Food Processing Machinery, Agricultural Machinery and Farming. Every year since 2013, we contribute actively to the organization of the French Culinary Week in Israel. This event brings together French Top Chefs with Israeli Chefs in the best restaurants all around Israel, but this is also the occasion for countless exhibitions and conferences, tastings, masterclasses and social events, both for professionals and for the public. Above all this week is also the occasion for us to bring many new food products from France to the Israeli consumers and lead delegations of French companies to introduce their products to the Israeli food market professionals. For more info, please check the event’s web sites: - Hebrew:


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