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Alsace Biovalley

Martine Joly - 30-oct.-2015 10:41:08

  Alsace BioValley est une structure alsacienne d’appui économique, pilotée par des industriels de la Santé, pour les industriels de la Santé.   Alsace BioValley intervient sur 2 marchés : médicaments et technologies médicales   Pour innover efficace, nouez, en toute confidentialité, des alliances de compétences avec d’autres industriels ou laboratoires publics . Les business-développeurs d’Alsace BioValley exploitent leurs carnets d’adresses en Alsace, dans le Grand-Est, en France, en Allemagne, en Suisse et en Europe. Alsace BioValley vous fait aussi profiter de partenariats internationaux noués avec d’autres clusters Santé mondiaux (USA & Québec), dotés de financements exclusifs.   Nos business développeurs vous mettent en relation avec des partenaires pré-qualifiés dans la Santé et peuvent vous aider à élaborer l’accord de consortium qui sécurisera votre collaboration commune.   Sociétés françaises dans le domaine des technologies médicales : cliquez ici Sociétés françaises dans le domaine des médicaments : cliquez ici Site Internet :  

Alsace Biovalley: a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations

Aurélie GUTHMANN - 30-oct.-2015 10:16:56

  BioValley : a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations   Alsace BioValley operates in two areas: drugs discovery and medical device.   Alsace BioValley is a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, driven by Healthcare companies, for Healthcare companies.   Its “pharma / biotech” and “medical technology” experts will identify new business growth opportunities, financing and innovation.   They offer to Healthcare companies a range of services: funding assistance for collaborative R&D projects, coaching to fundraising, partner identification, customized relationship…   Are you looking to set up a public-private R&D project to develop any therapeutic innovation ?  Are you looking for a very innovative technology, patent or scientific expertise ?   Here you’ll discover a scientifc goldmine of researchers, companies and academic institutes. In Alsace region, you can work in partnership with great local companies or laboratories and benefit from a world of advantages!   French companies in aera of medical device : clic here French companies in aera of pharmaceuticals : clic here Website :  


Brigitte BENHAYOUN - 15-oct.-2015 15:48:03

Medical devices : « Medium companies are today’s France real champions » The field of technical innovation for medical devices in France is made of hundreds of startup, small and medium companies. But not big ones yet.   « Medium companies are today’s France real champions (like Vygon ), and we also have very innovative small companies (like Eos Imaging or Mauna Kea Technologies )», tells Florent Surugue, SMEs and economic development manager at Snitem in this interview with Business France Radio. Founded in 1987, Snitem is the first professional organisation representing the French medical devices and technological innovation market, carrying between 85 and 100% of the market in terms of turnover, bringing all together more than 375 companies, defending their interests on the market and helping them develop abroad.   « This market is mostly made of small and medium companies (89% of companies are under 250 people within the members of Snitem) », as Florent Surugue recalls in this interview. And his dream is to see these startups grow into small then medium than large businesses. How could they do that? French companies’ main assets are their capacity «to develop very innovative products » and Florent Surugue is convinced that they « have the ability to show that they can create a strong value » to the French and global market. But according to him, the French market is very hard to enter right now due to strong barriers in terms of market access and these startups should start looking for a development abroad very soon in their development process. Further information :   SNITEM   French companies on You Buy France, sector of Health and medical device  

Brigitte Benhayoun – Head of the Consummer Goods and Healthcare department at Business France in Israel assists French companies in their search for potential partners in Israel, in the following sectors:  Tourism, Fashion, Cosmetics, Home Furniture, Sport… In order to help French companies have a better understanding of the relevent market in Israel, the department organizes individual roadshows (including market studies, selection of contacts, qualified and targeted B2B meetings, etc.) as well as delegations, such as Atout France Workshop or other delegations participating in the major events in the industry.   Visit the FrenchTech w ebsite for more information, success stories, videos! For any further information, please contact:   Aurélie Guthmann – Head of the Healthcare department at Business France in Israel assists French companies in their s


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