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Africa-Israel, Netz sell Crowne Plaza hotels

Brigitte Benhayoun - 23-janv.-2017 14:05:52

  With the talks for an Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. debt settlement are reaching an advanced stage. Africa Israel Hotels and Netz Hotels Ltd., which are partners in the hotel business, yesterday completed deals for the sale of the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv and Eilat hotels and two other hotels in Eilat (Be City and La Playa) for NIS 524 million. This amount is the full payment in the deal, plus NIS 20 million for the Crowne Plaza Jerusalem Hotel, for which the deal has not yet been completed. If it does not go through, the NIS 20 million will be compensation for the sellers under certain conditions. Africa-Israel and Netz Hotels hold the properties through their AFI subsidiary, which owns the franchise to operate the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotel chains in Israel. Netz Hotels is controlled by Netz Group Ltdwhose controlling shareholders are CEO Tzvi Itzik, chairman Tony Elicha, and Jacques Amouyal. The companies estimate their cash flow from AFI at NIS 156 million, net of repayment of the bank debts, working capital, and transaction expenses. At the end of 2016, the parties postponed the deadline for fulfilling the suspending conditions for the sales of the hotel in Jerusalem, in view of the need for a clarification of additional construction rights for the property in the urban building plan. The property is to be sold for NIS 255 million. The three Crowne Plaza hotels being sold have a total of 900 rooms. AFI also owns hotels in Haifa, the Dead Sea, Ashkelon, and the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv.   Source : Globes 20-01-2017                    

New flavors for a Sugat popcorn 100% made in France

Déborah Modiano - 20-janv.-2017 08:34:06

French company Natais, one of the leading companies in the popcorn market, came to Israel, a year ago during last edition of #SoFrenchSoFood . When Natais’ representatives were in Israel, they realized that the popcorn consumption here is very high and while looking at the existing range of microwave popcorn already on the shelves, they understood that they could bring a real differentiation to the market by offering a wide range of flavors, including sweet ones.   Last year, Business France arranged for Natais’ representatives, B2B meetings and among potential partners they met with Sugat. Since them, they are happily working together and managed to finalize a partnership to enter the Israeli market. Sugat is a very strong and famous brand in Israel.   Today, Sugat’s microwave popcorn made by Natais is in most of the stores and soon Sufhersal will also add this product to its offering. For the first time in Israel, you can buy popcon with a sugar, caramel and butter flavor and in a few months even new flavors will arrive to suit the local taste like falafel, BBQ and grill.      2017’s Edition of #SoFrenchSoFood that starts on the 6 th of February, will be a new occasion for French companies to get a foothold in the Israeli market. You can find out more details about #SoFrenchSoFood on .

Altice opens Israel innovation center

Aurélie Guthmann - 05-déc.-2016 10:18:33

  Michel Combes, CEO of Altice, Hot’s parent company, said low mobile prices made it difficult to invest in Israel .   Hot Telecommunication Systems Ltd. (TASE: HOT.B1) will open a new innovation center in Israel that will work with startups to promote innovation in the group, and to take advantage of existing knowledge in Israel for the entire group. "On the one hand, we will obtain access to new technologies, while on the other, the startups will be able to obtain access to an international communications group," said Michel Combes, CEO of Altice, Hot Telecommunication’s parent company, at a special press conference. He added, "Hot is a completely new company today, after just 18 months of change. Hot has undergone a real revolution here, thanks to the leadership of its new management, headed by Tal Granot Goldstein."   Combes is visiting Israel at the head of all of the group’s senior management for a series of discussions. He said that the group had achieved good results in the recent quarter, with every company in every country improving individually. He added that what Hot’s new management had done was impressive, and he intended to study and assimilate what the whole group here had achieved,   "The change in service at HOT is something that we’ll take to the whole group, especially the drop in churn. The second thing is the change in content. HOT’s original content is something we plan to study and export to the entire group. The rich content, series, dramas, etc. is something that we have already taken to the group, but this is only the beginning. Granot Goldstein is one of our most senior managers, and we’re learning from her," Combes declared. "I’m fairly sure that Tal will continue changing Hot and making it the best communications and content company in Israel."   Combes also said, "Ownership of content has become critical. A large proportion of our content is nonlinear; it goes through VOD, and we want to upgrade the content, so that all of it goes through the Internet. We want the network here to be the best in the world. In Israel, Hot has the best coverage of any of our companies anywhere in the world."   Commenting on investments and innovation, Combes said, "Our goal is to provide 1 gigabyte on every network, including in Israel. Our investment in the network is the highest in terms of proportion of revenue. We’re investing in content, a cellular network, and also the physical network, and we’ll go on investing in order to prepare it for the upgrading to 1 gigabyte, but this will be done gradually."   The Altice CEO also spoke about the Israeli cellular market, saying, "The cellular prices in Israel are among the lowest in the world. When all the cellular companies invest in 5G, however - and we want to be a startup nation - we won’t be able to invest what is needed to accomplish this. We tried merging with Golan Telecom - it didn’t work, but it’s clear to me that investments will shrink because of the structure of competition in the market.   "Too much competition will kill investments. In many countries, they have already started investing in 5G, and planning for it. The customers need a competitive price, and that’s important, but just as we want to see they get a 1 gigabyte speed on the stationary network, we also want them to get 1 gigabyte on the cellular network, and that requires large-scale investments. There needs to be a balance between what is good for the consumer, the economy, and the investors."  


Déborah Modiano - 16-nov.-2016 10:52:14

For the first time, the Israeli Ministry of Economy invited European fresh meat exporters to come to Israel so that they can meet with Israeli buyers.   Doing so, the Israeli government aims at lowering the consumer price for meat by diversifying sources of imports. In that regards, the Israeli authorities went to France in April 2016 in order to inspect French slaughterhouses. Following this visit, the equivalence of French and Israeli health systems was recognized. From now on, the French authorities also have the possibility to approve French slaughterhouses that are authorized to export beef to Israel. In addition, French and Israeli health authorities are currently discussing the possibility to open the market for livestock .   In this perspective, an event is organized on 22 November by professionals of the French bovine sector, members of the French inter-branch organization (INTERBEV), at the residence of France in Israel . The French delegation also participates to the seminar and BtoB session organized by the Israeli government on 21 November .   These events are real opportunities to meet French livestock and beef exporters and officials and to learn more about the know-how and the sanitary quality of the French livestock and beef. It has to be noted that France is the leading producer of beef and veal and the leading exporter of livestock and meat in Europe . France is well-known to have developed a sanitary system guaranteeing a high quality offer.      

La French Tech is back on DLD Tel Aviv 2016

Francois Matraire - 12-sept.-2016 18:48:45

La French Tech is back to Tel Aviv for DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2016 with hundreds of companies, startups, entrepreneurs and amazing innovations. As part of its effort to support early-stage startups, La French Tech is proud to host a startup acceleration program for 10 young French and Israeli businesses in the fields of mobility, fintech and IoT. Following a preliminary one-month online incubation program, La French Tech has invited these 10 promising startups to polish their products and present them to the public during a 48 hour hackathon that will take place at the heart of DLD Tel Aviv InnovationFestival   Join the 10 selected teams competing at La French Tech House to see them in progress and attend the final demos at 5:30pm on September 28 th in Hall A at HaTachana.   Conferences and workshops open to all DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival attendees will also be held throughout the hackathon, covering topics such as “How hackathons create startups”, and “collaborative investment”. They will be hosted by La French Tech partners: BeMyApp, Silex ID, SNCF, Moovit, Craft Ai, AlgoValue, SoWeFund This event will also be a great occasion to meet the dynamic members of French Tech Israel Hub , a network of high level and creative French Innovators succesfully established in Israel, working together in order to strenghthen the bridge uniting Israel and France in all fiels related to high tech.


Brigitte Benhayoun - 12-sept.-2016 16:08:42

                                                                          France on show in Israel at "French Travel Workshop 2016 Tel Aviv – November 14 th , 2016 - Sheraton Hotel           ATOUT FRANCE (France Tourism Development Agency) together with Business France, will showcase France at the French Travel Workshop in Tel Aviv as a prime tourist destination, highlighting country’s regional and thematic offerings and providing recent insights into selling France.       Why France?   Ø A sophisticated infrastructure (modern international and national airports), and an extensive network of means of transportation by air, rail and road …. ;   Ø A renowned cultural heritage & A diversity of landscapes and magnificent scenery ;   Ø A unique « art de vivre »: wine & gastronomy, fashion, … ;   Ø A large choice of accommodations & A wide range of activities & entertainment attractions (ex: theme parks, ski resorts…) for families.       …. All these features, including a unique blend of tradition and modernity, make France an exquisite destination not only for leisure but also for business travels!       Whatever the products, services you are looking for France, we invite you to join us at our French Travel Workshop !       ATOUT FRANCE and its partners will be pleased to meet you during this event.       Please R.S.V.P. by September 30 th (Coupon enclosed valid for two people) to       Brigitte : - Tel: 03 544 01 67 - Fax: 03 534 30 72           REPLY COUPON (Valid for 2 PAX) French Travel Workshop / Tel Aviv – Monday, November 14 th , 2016 Mr/Mrs :                                          Company :                                      Title : Address : Tel :                                                   Fax :                                      email :                                                                                                                                

The Grand Paris Hubs

Karen GORDON - 12-sept.-2016 09:52:18

  GRAND PARIS PROJECT : THE HUB OF THE FRENCH METROPOLIS     The future transport network of Grand Paris will link all the territories of the Ile-de-France with each other and with Paris serving communities, economic actors and citizens, with a strong potential for innovation. This French project will generate employment and growth (creation €100 billion in GDP and approximately more 115,000 jobs). 68 metro stations will be built facilitating the development of new neighbourhoods with the construction of housing units (between 250,000 and 400,000).        The goal of the Grand Paris Hubs is to appeal to French and international talents to develop future districts of stations of Grand Paris. The selected projects must innovate in different sectors: urban planning, construction, economy, energy, culture, legal and regulatory innovation, digital, multimodality,  social and community innovation.   For more informations:   S:\6. INVEST\ARD - Partenaires en Régions\Ile-de-France-PRE\Grand Paris\The Grand Paris hubs - English version.pdf  

Welcome to the Business France Tel Aviv, the Trade and Investment office of the Embassy of France in Israel! Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and attractiveness of France for foreign investors. Business France also manages the VIE Scheme in Israel. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger of Ubifrance Agency with Invest in France Agency, Business France is staffed with some 1,500 professionals located in France and in 70 countries throughout the world. The multicultural team of Business France in Tel Aviv comprises of 5 Trade professionals, supporting French companies in developing their business projects in Israel. They are organized in four departments of expertise, specialized in: - Indsustries and Cleantech - Fashion, Housing, Health & Sciences - Food & Beverages, Agribusiness - Technologies & Services Since late 2015, Business France in Israel is also manned with one full time expert dedicated


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