Cosmoprof Asia 2015: Meet French exhibitors at the France Pavilion at Cosmoprof

Vimla Hunt - 01-oct.-2015 10:57:50
Cosmoprof Asia 2015: Meet French exhibitors at the France Pavilion at Cosmoprof Date begin : 11th november 2015 Date End : 13th november 2015 Cosmoprof Asia, the largest international beauty trade fair in Asia, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Hong Kong this November! Over the last two decades, Cosmoprof Asia has expanded in importance and in size, having grown four times bigger since its inception in 1996. It is the most prestigious and trendsetting beauty event in Asia that offers unique business chances in the entire region. The most complete showcase for every facets of the beauty and health industry. Companies on involved in this event • ROSIER DAVENNE Laboratory • AB COSMETIC • ABELLIE • ACHALADANELLE • ALPOL COSMETIQUE • BRETAGNE BEAUTE BIO • BRETAGNE COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL • BRETAGNE COSMETIQUES MARINS • CENTRECO • CENTRECO • COMPAGNIE DU MIDI • COSMETIC RESEARCH GROUP • COSMETIC RESEARCH GROUP • COVERPLA SA • CYPREOS FRANCE EPONGES • DELTA PARTNER S • ECOCERT GREENLIFE • EVOLUDERM • FAUVERT • I.P.V. BIOCYTE • ID bio • ID bio SAS • INSTITUT DE RECHERCHE BIOLOGIQUE • LABORATOIRE ODONTO STOMATOLOGIE • LABORATOIRE COSMETIQUE PROVENCAL • LABORATOIRE DU HAUT SEGALA • LABORATOIRE PYC • LABORATOIRE SCIENCE ET NATURE • LABORATOIRES GRAVIER • MEDIATIC • MELCHIOR & BALTHAZAR SAS • MICROCOSME • NAADAM NATURE • NUTRISANTE • P&B GROUP • PARFEX • PLANETE BLEUE • PLANTES ET PARFUMS DE PROVENCE • VALCENA • VERACOVA • VINÉSIME • VMI • YVAN SERRAS BEAUTE Cosmoprof Asia, website :

SPACE 2015: the international livestock trade fair

Elisabeth Fosso - 15-sept.-2015 16:53:58
The 29 th international exhibition of livestock production takes place in Rennes (France) from September 15 th to 18 th in the midst of the agricultural crisis. The estimated 100,000 visitors will discover the full range of equipment; services and other latest developments that will help improve the competitiveness of farms.   The exhibition will focus on innovation in the livestock sector as well as the cooperation with international agricultural industries. 1441 exhibitors coming from 39 countries are expected today. The ever-growing number of foreign exhibitors points out the huge international impact of the trade fair.   Despite the crisis, farmers want to find solutions and create synergies as they understand the importance of looking ahead to the future.   Sources :,  

Who’s Next / Première Classe sees an increase in visitors

Vimla Hunt - 07-sept.-2015 17:31:23
The Whos Next/Première Classe trade fair(s) at Paris Porte de Versailles took place this weekend but it isnt over yet. Monday marks the last day for this major trade show. A small round-up so far. According to the organisers, the number of visitors over the first two days, Friday and Saturday, was up 17%.   Compared to July 2014, the numbers were down, but, with everything that has been happening in the financial world, things are not as glum as they seem. According to WSN, the numbers are at where they were in September 2011. And the return to September, after a few seasons in July, has not affected the foreign contingency. For the number of exhibitors, there was a significant offering for the European continent, of Belgians, Swiss and Germans.   Regarding the change of date, some of the exhibitors have said that it has thrown them off. They regret the stability of the what they have been used to. "We have spent a lot of time with the French retailers so that they start in July," says Steeve Fraehring, at Sarah Pacini, "most of our orders come in in July."

To survive on the global market, producing the best wine is not enough

Isabelle Toulouze - 09-juin-2015 17:53:01
  “In 2015, the global wine and spirits market is still good and France remains one of the best wine producers and exporters in the world”, according to Christophe Commeau, head of the wines and spirits department at Business France, interviewed this week by Business France Radio.    France at the heart of a global competition   France has more and more competitors like Italia and Spain but also Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a worldwide competition; “to survive on the global market, producing the best wine is not enough”, asserts Christophe Commeau, even if “in the future, consumers will drink less but much better”.    The best wine at the best price   That’s why over the past few years, French companies, producers, makers and traders, have started to increase the quality of their products and now export the best wine at the best price.    France three main strengths   To face this competition, France can rely on many strengths from its variety to its quality and its price. With Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, South of France, Alsace, Champagne, sparkling or sweet wines, France has “so many wines for a small country at (so) many prices”.    Development of the organic wine market   Also, French companies have been developing one main novelty, underlined by Christophe Commeau: “800 hundred French wine makers are now doing organic wine”. A necessary new trend, as so many countries now want to import this type of wine.    New wines for Asia and Champagne for the UK   A strategy linked with France ability to find new opportunities and create wines for new markets like Asia, and especially China. “We have to prospect and organize wine tastings in Asia but not only”. USA remains a big consumer and our closest neighbors are our biggest clients; especially the UK, France first market, thanks to the Champagne demand. “French wine on this market is more and more sophisticated”.   France role on the wines and spirit global market goes beyond. Every year, France organizes wine tours in the biggest trade fairs, master classes and training for cellarmen and sommeliers to learn how to pair correctly French wines with local food. “Exporting and promoting wine abroad is good but we need to train as well the professionals of the sector.”    More information about French companies here  


VICENZOTTI Marine - 14-nov.-2014 09:59:55
MEDICA is the world’s largest international medical technology exhibition and congress. This year, the edition will take place from 12th to 15th November in Düsseldorf, Germany .     With more than 70 countries represented, world’s leading companies in the medical sector will exhibit innovative equipments, medicines and treatments, covering every area of the sector.   UBIFRANCE agency will gather in the French Pavilion a delegation of 168 companies over 6 thematic exhibition areas:   National and international joint participants, electromedicine, medical technology (Hall 17) Disposables, commodities and consumer goods, textiles (Hall 7a) Physiotherapy, orthopaedic equipment (Halls 4 et 5) Laboratory equipment, diagnostics (Hall 3) Compamed : a trade fair for the medical supplier industry and product development (Hall 8b)   Key figures for MEDICA 2013 :   More than 132,000 trade visitors from 120 countries across all continents 53 % from countries outside of Europe 4,618 exhibitors from all 66 countries Approximately 116,000 m2 of exhibition space  

SPACE 2014 - The International Livestock Trade Fair

Pierre Olivier - 24-avr.-2014 10:59:31
SPACE is the annual international fair for livestock. It will take place this year in Rennes from the 13th to 16th September 2014. Please download the brochure below and let us know if you would be interested in attending. Dont miss this unique event and for any more information, please contact Myriam : myriam.kajji [at]

EnerGaïa, endless energies

Christine Deniel - 11-nov.-2013 15:19:36
EnerGaïa, the international renewable energies exhibition gathers at the same place and at the same time a global event made of an exhibition, conferences, technology transfers, business meetings, awards and more! This exhibition rolls out every year in Montpellier. Stakeholders are important actors in the renewable energies sector. They come from France, Europe and Mediterranean countries. Because renewable energies are still going on and on, EnerGaïa offers the chance to find out new prospectives and to exchange around topics that matter. About 400 B2B business meetings occurred last year. Technicians’ Day: Wednesday, Decembre 4th Local authorities and contractors’ Day: Tuesday, Decembre 5th Prescribers and project developers’ Day: Friday, Decembre 6th This exhibition is also a nice place to learn more about the trends and prospects through targeted conferences. These conferences will be held by professionals, local authorities, producers, architects, and others in order to answer visitors’ issues. This year several topics have been selected: • FOCUS on COUNTRIES: find out business opportunities, trends, strengths, perspectives on the following markets: North Africa: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt Middle East: Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar • EFFICIENT TERRITORIES Finance your energy efficiency projects: Europe is your partner! How to set up a solar or wind farm? Renewable energy developpment as community projects • ENERGY EFFICIENCY Solar Cooling: projects presentation, financing solutions & experience feedback Discover financiak and lawyer assistance to energetically renovate housing and business building Discover the financial and fitting processes of energy renovation of condominiums and collective housing    
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