Elisabeth Fosso - 07-déc.-2015 10:43:35
 For the 9th edition of the French Wine Trade Show , Business France organises a trade tasting gathering 21 wine companies from all French wine regions. They will introduce more than 250 wines to the Irish trade, covering a wide range of appellations. Irish wine importers and journalists will have a unique opportunity to discover and taste some of the renowned wines of France at the Aviva Stadium, on Tuesday 19th January 2016 , from 1pm to 6:30pm.  Over the years, many partnerships between French wineries and Irish importers were built from the informal introductions made at this event. Organised as a walk-in tasting, this is a full Tour de France (Provence, Bordeaux, South-West, Rhône, Alsace, Loire and many more regions) under one roof!  SUD DE FRANCE is associated to the event this year, bringing nine exclusive companies from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. SUD DE FRANCE is the umbrella structure for Languedoc-Roussillon wines, highlighting the origin, the savoir-faire and the exceptional Mediterranean terroir of the area.  As the only French wine trade event in Ireland, this is an unmissable stop for importers who are looking for new lines for their portfolio. For more information, please contact Myriam Kajji – / 012 77 5086  

France is no longer the world’s largest wine producer

Elisabeth Fosso - 04-déc.-2015 12:40:22
While the French harvest outnumbered the 2014 production by 1%, it is not enough to maintain France as the world’s largest wine producer. According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), Italy is now the leading wine producer with a sharp 10% increase of its production to 48,8M hl whereas France produced 47,3M hl this year. Spain ranks third as its production fell by 4% to 36,6M hl. These three countries account for 48% of the world’s production and underline the European domination. Still, France remains the largest producer for rosé with a third of the global production (7,6M hl) followed by Spain (5,5M hl) and the United States (3,5M hl). Italy comes in fourth place with 2,5M hl. In order to promote French wines in Ireland, Business France organises a trade event gathering 21 wine producers from all French wine regions. Taking place on Tuesday 19 th January at the Aviva Stadium, this professional event aims at gathering wine importers and journalists and giving them the opportunity to discover some of the renowned wines of France.         Source :, ©  

French cybersecurity firms increasingly successful in fast-growing market

UBIFRANCE - 30-juil.-2014 10:35:56
French cybersecurity firms increasingly successful in fast-growing market Interview : Thibaut Barde, UBIFRANCE’s Project Manager for Digital Trust & Cyber Security, In 2013, there was a 12% year-on-year rise in cybersecurity attacks, with nearly 60% of them causing either brand damage or direct revenue loss to businesses. This, coupled with highly publicized commercial and government breaches of IT security, has increased the demand for cybersecurity services. French companies are strongly placed in this growing market and their advanced solutions are in demand. The 12% year-on-year increase in cybersecurity attacks that affected businesses in 2013 (Source: IBM 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index), regrettable as it may be, translates into the fact that the IT-security sector is experiencing sustained growth in this segment of the market. High-profile cases, such as the cyber-attacks on US retail chain Target, have raised awareness among business executives. While US-based and British companies dominate current business in this sector, client entities are looking for alternatives in order to alleviate their worries of government intrusion. In this respect, French specialist companies are a strong contender in the eyes of many professionals and executives working for SMEs and start-ups, but also at established, larger groups: these clients are leveraging the French know-how stemming from top R&D centres and universities. In 2013, the French cybersecurity sector was valued at more than $2 billion. The French network-security sector offers a wide range of services, including B2B IT solutions meeting strategic challenges, and comprises many world champions such as Atos, Orange, Sogeti, Bull, Cassidian and the cybersecurity division at Thales. Thanks to their advanced technical research laboratories, more particularly in cryptology and encryption, French players are recognized worldwide.  According to Thibaut Barde, UBIFRANCE’s Project Manager for Digital Trust & Cyber Security, “The reason for cutting-edge technology [thriving in France] is the quality of French universities in the field of engineering, which is known globally.  Research laboratories associated with these universities train the best engineers of tomorrow.” Secure IC SAS is a shining example of a company that has been working with top graduates having come out of the French educational system in order to become a thought leader in cybersecurity. Its platforms provide the highest level of security on a client entity’s embedded systems, preventing hacking and reverse engineering as well as protecting intellectual property and proprietary data. In 2013, Secure IC SAS won a Sesame Award for innovation in the manufacturing and testing of IT products. French start-ups and SMEs have developed out of a strong domestic talent pool and many have decided to join forces under the HexaTrust label, which regroups 20 hi-tech SMEs that are keen to offer a co-ordinated, total service package to their clients.  These software vendors and integrators provide a full range of products and services dedicated to the protection of the critical infrastructure of businesses and institutions from cyber-attacks. The HexaTrust umbrella group’s portfolio of current and potential clients is diverse and growing, including businesses and public-sector agencies of all sizes. Due to the dramatic increase in the level of sophistication and intensity of cyber-attacks, public- and private-sector investment in cybersecurity is growing fast and is expected to rise by nearly 10% per year between now and 2017. This trend illustrates the promising opportunities that exist for a large business looking for a new market, or for a dynamic SME scaling up a new product. Thibaut Barde of UBIFRANCE Paris explains that, “France’s distance from recent scandals [involving the international and covert collection of data by various government agencies, as revealed in the media] is favourable for French players since awareness on the use of data takes place at a global level. This has helped to build the profile of the industry and has generated increasing concerns for [the security of] personal data, which is a real asset for the French in particular: it is important when it comes to data-storage companies, among others.” Many French companies in the sector are choosing to develop an international business outlook. French players have strong opportunities to seize in this market thanks to their technological expertise, combined with the diversity of products and services they can offer. UBIFRANCE is here to help, with a strong presence at next year’s Infosecurity Europe trade event, where there will be as many as 15 French companies looking to expand their presence into the British market and other European markets. Infosecurity Europe will take place from 2 to 4 June 2015 at the Olympia exhibition centre, in central London (UK). For further information about the trade show, please go to: For further information about UBIFRANCE, please go to: Further information about French companies: > Electronics and IT > Telecommunications and Space  

TASTE OF FRANCE - Unique French Gourmet Food Event

Pierre Olivier - 20-juin-2013 07:47:49
UBIFRANCE would like to thank all the Irish buyers who attended “TASTE OF FRANCE” on Thursday 6th June . If you did not get the chance to come along, the brochure of the event is available . You can download it below this post and please do not hesitate to contact us or the companies directly should you need any further information. Thank you for supporting French products and we look forward to seeing you again at one of our trade events.


UBIFRANCE Ireland team - 10-déc.-2012 11:08:25
UBIFRANCE Ireland would like to thank those who participated in the Quizz that took place on UBIFRANCE cocktail evening at the Residence of France on the 5th of December. Three hampers of French produces to the value of €50 were up for grab for three lucky winners. A draw was carried out with the cards carrying all correct answers and the winners are as follows: Martin Daly, TECHNA IRELAND Fiona O’Sullivan, MOVIANTO Eoin Sweeney, SEAI   Congratulations to our winners!   The hampers will be delivered to you in the next few days.   The answers were of course: Q1.What is the Role of Ubifrance A1.Provide business opportunities with French suppliers   Q2. How many types of cheeses does France Produce? A2. Between 350-400   Q3. Ubifrance has expertise in? A3. All of the above and much more….   Q4. How many neighbouring states does France have A4. 8 (Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium)   Q5. The French International Internship Programme (VIE) enables: A5. French companies to send young graduates abroad at reduced costs   Q6. When is Bastille day ? A6. 14th July   A warm thank you to all who joined us on the night.   Season greetings to all.   UBIFRANCE Ireland team

Biopharmaceutical Trade Mission - a success two years in a row

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences Department - 14-nov.-2012 14:47:45
The two day trade mission organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE brought six French companies to Ireland on the 12 th and 13 th of November. On the first day, the French delegates had the opportunity to visit three very diverse state of the art manufacturing sites: Ipsen, Genzyme and Servier. This enabled the French companies to have a better understanding of the high standards required by the Irish pharmaceutical industry as well as discover the Irish country side.   Tuesday the 13 th of November started at 9 am with a market presentation by Michael Gillen from PharmaChemical Ireland, providing the French exporters with more information about this growing sector. The rest of the morning was dedicated to B to B meetings between French and Irish companies.   The second edition of the Biopharmaceutical trade mission hosted a total of 32 individual meetings. The event would not have been such a success without the support of its key partners: PharmaChemical Ireland, The Dublin Chambers of Commerce, National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) and Plastics Ireland .

The Biopharmaceutical Trade Event is approaching

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences Department - 05-nov.-2012 13:12:30
The two day trade mission in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is approaching, only one week to go!   The 6 French companies involved in this project and specialised in various areas of the life sciences industry, Boccard, Coradin, ERMO, Green Plants Extracts, SMP and SPC will be in Dublin next week. The trade mission will start on Monday the 12 th of November with the visit of 3 manufacturing sites  in Dublin, Waterford and Arklow.   The second day will start at 9 am with two short conferences:  a market presentation of the pharmaceutical industry by PharmaChemical Ireland and an overview of the plastics industry by Plastics Ireland. The individual B to B meetings will begin at 9.45 am, with a buffet lunch served between 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm, courtesy of UBIFRANCE Ireland.   For more information please contact Vimla Hunt (vimla.hunt at and Christel Roche (christel.roche at
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