French aeronautical industry set for new heights as global demand skyrockets

Vimla Hunt - 17-déc.-2014 12:12:38
Airbus, headquartered in the French city of Toulouse, projects that the global number of in service passenger aircrafts will double by 2033, to 31,400. The usual suspects can explain this rise in demand: change in demographics in developing economies, and tastes and preferences of their emerging middle class. Who will benefit from this near certain doubling of the market? Certainly one of the strongest cases comes from Airbus and the rest of the 3,000 French companies working in the field of aerospace. More than Airbus The European aviation industry, the production, maintenance and support of civil aircraft, is currently second largest in the world following the US’s Boeing led sector. It is undeniably integral to France in producing jobs and growth, as it is the largest foreign looking sector with 22 billion euros in net exports. Many SMEs depend and service Airbus and these will directly benefit from the impending expansion of the giant’s aircraft deliveries, as for the A320 for example, rising from 42 to the target of 50 planes per month. Aside Airbus’s presence, there are many smaller companies that have succeeded independently and are capturing attention abroad. For example, Mapaero produces paint for airplane interiors and exteriors, such as for aircraft’s wheels. They rapidly acquire new airlines as clients, the company being particularly innovative as its products are in line with recent EU regulations restricting chemicals in paint. The company’s attempts to limit impact on environment will also secure it a bright future. Ready for Take Off The French aviation industry is currently well diversified, mature and a world leader. What are its prospects for the future? It seems hard for things to get better, but it certainly looks this way. Brice Robin, Ubifrance’s project head explains that the industry is not lingering on its current successes: “Yes, over the last 100 years France has a history with aviation. This however is never enough, and we have to look to innovation for the future. For example French companies spend an average of 14% of their revenues on R&D.” Innovation is incredibly important for France to extend its advantage in a market that requires the utmost quality in order to ensure the security and longevity of its very expensive products to its prospective clients. Mr. Robin adds that there is an industry pressure for firms to “deliver faster, perfect parts with high level of quality, and better products with new technology, such as lower weight.” There are competitors arising in developing markets such as Brazil, China and Russia. However, they are likely to have difficulty in competing with France’s knowhow and completeness of services.  Mr. Robin explains, as an example, that the French maintenance’s market provides a one-stop shop for clients and this reduces costs as well as being convenient: “Today buyers don’t only look at the cost of aircraft, but also the maintenance and all else surrounding the aircraft since they will keep the aircraft for 25 to 35 years. They will also be renovating the aircraft interior every 5 to 10 years.” An airline doing business in France will not only purchase from Airbus but also look to other French companies, some located as near as the Toulouse metropolitan area, that provide maintenance and other support in usage such as refurbishment.  Mr. Robin puts this all in perspective of the emerging competition of the French industry: “Clients cannot supply all of their parts and components from a new player in an emerging market because some technologies, materials, designs, and new processes there will not be available and this is a French advantage.“ For example, for the maintenance of certain structural parts that are produced by Airbus, there is a requirement of special certification that can only be found amongst French engineers. Ubifrance and French SMEs Ubifrance helps French companies find clients and partners abroad. For example, Win MS participated with Ubifrance at trade shows in Dubai and was able to attain contacts with local airlines. Their aeronautical maintenance equipment were very impressive to Qatar Air, world’s second most preferred airline according to the World Airline Awards.  Aeroform provides repairing equipment for composite materials, much of which can be found in the structure of modern aircrafts. The company was looking for one distributor in Spain and Germany, and with help of Ubifrance was able to attain a list of seven to ten possible suitors in each of the markets. In three months they signed one distributor in each country and are now working with Ubifrance to achieve the same results in the Russian market. For further information about French exporting companies, please go to: Airbus :   Aeroform : Mapaero :  

The French aircraft constructor, Airbus, leave Farnborough with 55 billion € of orders

Christine Deniel - 22-juil.-2014 15:44:45
The Farnborough International Airshow, located next to London, is one of the world’s largest exhibitions and air displays for facilitating first-class businesses opportunities for the global aerospace industry. The 2014 edition was the best of Airbus history. The group has signed orders of 353 aircrafts, worth of 28.3 billion € and memoranda of understanding for the purchases of 138 others devices for 27.2 billion €. The event was marked by the successful launch of the A330neo with a record of 121 purchase intentions by the Russia’s Transaero Airlines. The main order was from the Irish based leasing company: SMBC Aviation Capital, with 110 A320neo and 5 A320 for an estimated value of 8.5 billion €. 

Airbus will exceed its business objectives in 2013

Christine Deniel - 14-mai-2013 11:16:47
By April 30th, Airbus received 493 net orders (514 gross) since the beginning of the year, achieving 73% of its annual target, recently raised from 700 to 750 commands. Boeing recorded, on its side, 255. Airbus delivered, at the same time, 202 aircrafts, including four A380, and Boeing 183.

Companies in the running to buy French brands Maje and Sandro

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 04-mars-2013 18:01:36
The French company SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot) announced in 2012 the release of the luxury brands, currently owned by Bernard Arnauld from L Capital (the private equity unit of LVMH), Florac and the company’s own management. In 2011, the company indicated a 40% growth, generating a turnover of 303 M€, and 350 M€ in 2012. The list of potential bidders for SMCP continues to grow. According to the Financial Times, Chinese conglomerate Swire Resources has been shortlisted as a bidder for the French fashion brands. Swire Resources partakes in various industries, including fashion, real estate and even aviation. The Cathay Pacific owner, Swire Resources, already has a strong presence in the Chinese retail industry, especially in the sports footwear and lifestyle sector with international brands Arena, Champion, Chevignon, Columbia, Repetto and Rockport. Amongst other companies in the running for the control of the fashion brands are French companies PAI Partners, Eurazeo and Wendel. The Galeries Lafayette group is also said to be interested as well as British investment firm CVC Capital Partner. SMCP have confirmed that discussions have taken place but have not divulged a list of potential bidders yet.

Top Transport Europe

Christine Deniel - 25-août-2011 11:51:12
  Top transport Europe will be held in Marseille from the 27 th to the 28 th of September at the Palais du Pharo. This Exhibition is dedicated to the Railway, Shipping & Aviation sector in Europe . It provides a complete overview of both light and heavy commercial vehicles. In 2010, the Top Transport Europe exhibition celebrates its 20 th birthday! They were 530 professionals present during the 2 days, 4.725 business meetings has been organized in 2010, 8 conferences and workshops and 1 innovation forum. The Exhibitor’s profile include Air Transport, Automobile Transport, Railroads, Railway Transport: customs services, logistics, loading-unloading equipment, shipbuilding, warehousing etc. Do not miss this unique opportunity to do business with French companies. For more information about this exhibition, please click on the following link: .          

International Paris Air Show

Christine Deniel - 13-avr.-2011 11:21:29
The largest worldwide event dedicated to the aviation and space industry, The International Paris Air Show, will take place on the 20th to the 26th of June 2011 in Paris Le Bourget. First French export sector, the aviation, spatial and electronic defense industry is also planning to recruit 8 000 persons in 2011. All the industry leaders will be present. The first 4 days of the Show, exclusively for the industry, are followed by 3 days for the general public. At the program, business meetings, conferences and flights display included the Solar Impulse demonstration, the first aircraft designed to fly night and day without fuel or polluting emissions. It will show the huge potential of new technologies in terms of energy savings and renewables. Some key figures: • 2 000 international exhibitors • 138 000 trade visitors • 193 000 general public visitors • 130 000 sqm total area sold (halls, village, chalets, outdoor area) • 192 000 sqm aircraft display areas • Over 140 aircrafts present including 42 in flying display • 205 official delegations from 88 countries • 3 000 accredited journalists from all over the world The event is the best place to go for passionate or neophyte people that want to admire the world’s most amazing aircrafts, to attend sensational flight presentations and to discover the latest developments and innovations in the aviation and space industry. For more information, visit the exhibition website:  


Christine Deniel - 18-janv.-2011 15:22:04
Airbus announced yesterday its 10,000 th order with a firm contract from Virgin America for 60 A320s, including 30 A320neo aircraft. This is the first firm order for the A320 new engine option. The European aircraft manufacturer hits also new record aircraft deliveries in 2010 with a new company record of 510 (2009: 498) commercial aircraft deliveries to 94 customers (of which 19 were new). His rival, Boeing delivered 462 devices. This was the ninth consecutive year of increase in production, which has thus doubled in ten years. Airbus confirmed his lead over Boeing in terms of command. The European aircraft manufacturer reaches 574 commands against his rival with 530 and holds 52% of the market for aircraft over one hundred places. Airbus has 3552 planes to produce worth $480 billion, representing six years of production. Airbus could hire in 2011 up to 3,000 people in Europe, half in France, to cope with the increase in production rates.  
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