France to put pressure on Phil Hogan to cut EU milk production

Elisabeth Fosso - 19-févr.-2016 18:00:44
  Mr Hogan agreed to go to Paris on February 25 to meet French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, to hear French proposals.     On Monday, Mr Hogan acknowledged a shared understanding in the EU Council of Ministers that there is a crisis in a number of sectors, notably dairy and pigmeat. He said he is not happy with the current situation of farmers, and it requires an EU-wide response.     Mr Le Foll presented proposals to regulate oversupply in the milk and pigmeat sectors, but the European Commission asked him to come back with new proposals. Mr Le Foll pledged to work on new solutions and “convince all our partners and the commission to make proposals.”     However, the Irish dairy industry will oppose any re-introduction of quotas “by the backdoor”, if that emerges from talks.     Meanwhile, Mr Hogan said any crisis aid for farmers has to be consistent with the CAP legal framework, be within the constraints of the EU budget, and be broadly supported by member states.   © Irish Examiner   © Faimali/GFA      

A unique exhibition of low carbon solutions during COP21

RAMHIT Emilie - 16-déc.-2015 16:33:50
The Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21) this December is intended to result in an international climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. This agreement must be capable of driving forward the reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions so as to restrict the rise in the Earth’s mean temperature by the end of the century to 2°C above the pre-industrial level. Against this background, Reed Expositions France has been working with the General Secretariat of COP21 to organize the Galerie des Solutions [Solutions Gallery] from 2nd to 9th December in the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget. Intended to support the diplomatic negotiations, the Gallery will be an exhibition of low carbon solutions exclusively reserved for professionals, and its mission will be to demonstrate that solutions do exist and to accelerate their market uptake. Occupying an area of 10,000 m2, running for seven days, and accessible from the Blue Zone (COP negotiations zone), the Galerie des Solutions [Solutions Gallery] will present innovative solutions developed and applied by companies, industries or territories that are designed to reduce the impact of economic activities on the climate: equipment, technologies, new models of organization and reproducible best practices… Over twenty countries will be represented including: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom,… More specifically, the Ivory Coast, one of the African countries most committed to climate questions, will have a strong presence through a stand presenting initiatives and projects in the country, a broadcast from the TV studio, and visits by numerous officials from the country. As host country, what France has to offer will take pride of place in a dedicated space at the heart of the exhibition. It is therefore planned to demonstrate solutions – including clean vehicles in a dedicated outdoor space – and to stage special events, such as themed days that are integrated into the schedule of COP21, broadcasts and interviews with companies in a TV studio (eg. daily transport programme with Fer de France), guided tours and site visits for UN delegations. Other highlights will be prestige events such as networking sessions in a dedicated lounge, business lunches, VIP receptions in the heart of Paris… It will also host the official awards ceremonies for two sets of awards. The first Climate Solutions Awards, which will carry the COP21 label. Organized by Orée, AdEME, C3D, Crédit Coopératif, Solutions COP21, the Shift Project and World Efficiency, these will provide recognition for innovative solutions put forward by French SMEs or major groups to reduce energy consumption, limit greenhouse gases and preserve resources. There will also be the ceremony for the international Green Building Solutions Awards, which will be presented for outstanding examples of sustainable construction (building, technical solutions or materials) undertaken in countries covered by Construction21 or in its partner countries. Over 20,000 professional visitors are expected: participants in COP21 (heads of state, ministers, UN delegations from 197 countries), professionals (private and public sector decision makers and specifiers, delegations invited by the organizers…) and representatives of the media (printed press, radio, television, blogs).

Agricultural issues at stake during the COP 21 climate conference

Elisabeth Fosso - 15-déc.-2015 11:22:22
  From November 30 th to December 11 th , Paris hosted the 21 st Conference of the Parties (COP 21), where 195 countries gathered to find an agreement on climate change. Among the 180 states who published their intentions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, more than a hundred included the agricultural industry in their plan. French minister for Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll created several projects to tackle the issue of global warming, as agriculture accounts for 19% of the national greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, the government officially launched the “4 per 1000” initiative on December 1 st . It aims at demonstrating that agriculture, and agricultural soils in particular, can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned. Therefore, a “4‰” annual growth rate of the soil carbon stock would make it possible to stop the present increase in atmospheric CO 2 . Hundreds of states, institutions and international NGOs already manifested an interest in this initiative. Stéphane Le Foll also presented the “Beef Carbon” project that plans a 15% drop in greenhouse gas effects for the beef meat sector by 2025.      Sources : La France Agricole,   © Xavier Remongin    

Paris terrorist attacks: many stores closed their doors this Saturday

Vimla Hunt - 16-nov.-2015 17:16:48
After opening for a few hours on Saturday morning, Parisian department stores Le Printemps and Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, closed their doors for the rest of the day in the afternoon, as a consequence of the terror attacks that struck the French capital on Friday evening. Other ready-to-wear and luxury stores took similar action. At 11:30 am, Le Printemps, a department store popular among tourists, announced to the AFP - the French news agency - that it was about to close its doors. The Galeries Lafayette group, owner of the eponymous store, as well as of the BHV department store, in the center of Paris, had also opened its doors on Saturday morning, marking its "civic engagement" and its "willingness to resist". However, according to a press release, "the group was compelled to reconsider its position at noon today, for its Parisian stores, [...] given the difficulty to maintain service quality for customers." The LVMH group also announced that its Parisian outlets, including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, as well as Sephora and Le Bon Marché, would stay closed all day. A similar decision was made by H&M, which did not open its Parisian outlets on Saturday: "For the security of our staff and our customers, and in solidarity with the victims, we chose not to open our stores on Saturday, in Paris and its area." Finally, Unibail Rodamco, which manages a number of malls in France, closed the Les Halles shopping centre at the heart of Paris, this time following a request from the authorities.  

Sommet de l’élevage

Elisabeth Fosso - 16-oct.-2015 10:41:41
Europe’s main livestock show took place in Clermont-Ferrand during three days. Along with the SPACE 2015, it is one of the main events in the French agricultural industry. From Wednesday 7 th October to Friday 9 th , 1300 exhibitors gathered to welcome 85,000 professionals as well as 4,000 foreigners. About 70 countries were represented including newcomers such as Greece, Hungary, New-Zealand and Australia. The Sommet de l’élevage is thus the second biggest agricultural event after the Paris Agricultural Show.   Even though Clermont-Ferrand is the cradle of the biggest cattle breed, cows were not allowed to attend the show due to outbreaks of blue tongue in the region. Only sheep and horses could be represented for sanitary reasons. Yet, the main objective remained trade and exports for farmers in a crisis context, and international visitors could still discover some French breeding farms. Source:,,,  

Dior’s floral extravanganza wows Paris fashion week

Vimla HUNT - 05-oct.-2015 13:15:19
Designer Raf Simons paid homage to Christian Diors legendary love of flowers creating a mountain of 400,000 delphiniums in the heart of Paris, the centrepiece of a stunning setting to show the houses collection on Friday. The giant lavender hill created in the courtyard of the Louvre drew A-list celebrities including brand ambassador Rihanna, resplendent in a diaphanous pink fur trimmed coat and aviator glasses, and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Simons took the house creators classic lines further showing off cropped sweaters with scalloped edges and delicately undulating sleeves, satin parkas with stunning embroidery and peekaboo but prim ivory lingerie under organdy gowns. "I wanted the collection to have a certain purity," Simons said in a statement. "I wanted to express an idea of femininity, fragility and sensitivity without sacrificing strength and impact," he said. "A collection that is simplified to the extreme, focussed on a single directing line which at the same time evokes feminity, fragility and sensibility." Pastel shades abounded and the models, led by house favourite Sodia Mechetner, had minimum make-up in line with Simons avowed objective of purity. There was also a new version of the Bar, Diors iconic and form hugging jacket with pleats at the back, and masculine tailoring in some trousers and shorts. Actress Chiara Mastroianni, the daughter of screen legends Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, gushed praise after the show. "I found it very beautiful, very romantic. This romanticism and this softness is very unexpected today," she said. At Issey Miyakes show in the nearby Tuileries Gardens, pleating, the maisons speciality, took on a new twist being made with baked fabrics that bounce and bob to create an optical feast. The tropics-inspired collection was awash with a riot of colours with stripes and squares and raffia dresses. At Isabel Marant, exoticism abounded with Berber blouses, harem trousers, tunics with billowing sleeves and silver lame pants and short skirts.

The City of Paris to start investing more heavily in fashion

Vimla Hunt - 29-sept.-2015 11:25:59
The launch of a major campaign by the City of Paris during the French capitals Fashion Week is not an isolated action. As explained to FashionMag by Bruno Julliard, First deputy of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hildago, responsible for culture, heritage and the arts, the City of Paris is planning to put more of an emphasis on the fashion sector in Paris than ever before. "In Paris, there was a certain shyness in fully claiming the Citys role in fashion," he said. "Paris is of course still the n°1 fashion capital in the world, and recognised by all as such. But the competition is extremely thick. We are lucky to be ahead of the crowd thanks to the renown of all of our fashion houses. But New York and London are closing in. The former is playing the sportswear card while the latter is known for its unbridled creativity."   In other words, for Bruno Julliard, the City has decided to invest even more into Paris as the worlds fashion capital by, on the one hand, the number of extras it has to offer and, on the other, by serving as a unifying factor.   The city is thus working with different players on several actions to be carried out in the coming seasons. "For example, we hope to involve the RATP and the SNCF [Frances public transport system in the Paris region and its national railway company] in this policy of mobilisation. We have also started to work with Aéroports de Paris so that as of 2016 the Paris airports have a special set-up for welcoming guests specifically coming to Paris for fashion week," said Bruno Julliard. "We are also in talks with the Chambre syndicale des créateurs et Couturiers [the trade union of couturiers and designers] to open even more of the Citys locations up to runway shows and events. This could mean museums but also sites under construction. We would also like to be able to propose young designers affordable places for showing or presenting. And why not install a giant screen to broadcast some of the shows live in a public place and thus mobilise the Parisians even more." Some of the initiatives are not just aimed at Fashion Week, such as the role of fashion schools especially and the funding of young companies. "We have every intention of creating a masters programme in Paris," emphasised the first deputy of the mayor of Paris. "There has to be an acceptance procedure decided upon by several schools in order for it to work. We also have to remember that we have the best workshops and very good students. Yet these students, the best of them, sometimes leave Paris to finish their studies elsewhere. There needs to be a recognition of these talents. Another important aspect is to allow for the development of business creation. On this subject we are intending on developing incubators and platforms of creation by working with Ateliers de Paris. We need a real eco-system dedicated to the development of fashion activities and creation."   It is true that the role fashion plays in Paris economy is quite significant, even beyond its role as a global influence. "Some 60,000 people work directly in the fashion world of Paris and 100,000 with indirect jobs are included. We include retail in this number. As for what that represents in terms of business and Paris Fashion Week, we have set up a study group comprised of students from the Paris School of Economy to evaluate this question. But there is no doubt about it, it is worth doing more than just being interested in it!," concluded Bruno Julliard.  
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