A first class reference for Lumiplan in Sotchi

Marine Vicenzotti - 28-mai-2014 16:31:51
Ski area operators must take advantage of a state-of the-art dynamic communication system to improve consumer experience, safety and comfort, and thus increase loyalty. With this goal in mind, Lumiplan Montagne has set out to develop real-time information solutions that are specific to ski resorts. For Sotchi 2014 Olympic Games, Lumiplan Montagne installed in the Alpine Ski Center Rosa Khutor a total of 11 hardware totems, combining high-visibility LED screens and dynamic trail maps displaying in real-time the lifts and trails openings. Thanks to Lumiplan’s unique one-time data entry platform Infoneige, the resort can broadcast consistent content on every device: not only on LED screens and dynamic trail maps on the ski area, but also on screens at cash desks, on hotels TV channel, on the official website and on the resort’s own smartphone application created by Lumiplan. All this is run by only one central software! With Lumiplan’s global information system, ski resorts now have the possibility to use external, incoming information (lift openings, weather conditions, waiting time at the lifts, technical breakdown etc) to then broadcast automatically pre-set messages tailored to each situation. Lumiplan has optimized real-time communication far above any of its competitors, and will continue to do so to help building tomorrow’s ski resorts.     Further information : Lumiplan Mountain Cluster

Pantone Colorwear pops up in Paris

Marine Vicenzotti - 14-avr.-2014 12:07:36
Pantone Colorwear transposes the remarkable range of colors from color authority Pantone onto the world of fashion. The brand, developed by the Monaco-based Giraudi group led by Riccardo Giraudi, had already shown off its colorful artistry with the opening of its first store in 2012. Back then, Pantone Colorwear chose a traditional boutique in Saint Tropez. Today, the company is expanding its retail presence through pop-up stores. It opened a pop-up store in New York on February 7, partnering with Meatpacking District boutique Scoop NYC, located on Washington Street. It has used the same strategy in Paris, where it has just opened its first European pop-up store at 51 rue du Temple in the Marais. “The design for the Paris store was created by Emile Humbert and provides a unique experience by using the Pantone Universe application to recognize colors,” explained the company in a press release. “Taking the staples of a man’s wardrobe, made up of t-shirts, tanks, pants, shorts and sweaters, the collection presents a sophisticated twist on basics in an elegant contemporary style.” Pantone offers t-shirts for 60 euros and swim shorts for 105 euros. While the brand is also pursuing targeted retail distribution through the Parisian boutique Colette, it will continue to take advantage of pop-up opportunities. The company has already signed an agreement for a second location in the Marais. It will reappear in September with a pop-up store at 11 rue Debelleyme. The brand is also planning to be at Bon Marché this coming winter for a month and a half.   Source: by Olivier Guyot for Fashion Mag, 14-04-2014

Romeo, the humanoid robot "Made in France" finally revealed

Celine Chevreux - 03-avr.-2014 11:53:00
The robotics exhibition, held in March in Lyon, was one of the most awaited times for Innorobo. For the first time, the French company Aldebaran Robotics showed Romeo, this 1,40 meter humanoid described as " a true companion and personal assistant " for the elderly. The android is able to walk, to see in three dimensions and to talk. With its 40 kg, the carbon fiber and rubber robot will soon be able to open doors and to place objects on a table. Developed since 2009, the project is structured around “Cap Robotique”, an organisation of 21 companies within the “Cap Digital” cluster. Over the last five years, Romeo has seen its capabilities and features increased. Scientists have worked on its ability to recognise objects, but Romeo still takes time to identify them. In nursing homes in 2017-2019 Romeo can have short conversations from information collected on Linkedin, Google Contact and Google Calendar applications. Then, the robot can use the biography, relationships and agenda of his interlocutors to carry out discussions. Work has also been done on Romeo’s emotional interaction; the robot should be able to tell which behaviour to adopt depending on the situation. At the moment, only four European laboratories have acquired the first prototypes. The project should end in the coming months. The company Aldebaran Robotics will have its humanoid tested under real conditions in 2016 before introducing it in retirement homes around 2017 to 2019.   Designed to secure patients The final goal is for Romeo to assist the elderly. Ultimately, it will be able to write down the appointments of his interlocutor, remind him to buy milk before going shopping or help him to eat. Romeo will be able as well to read his interlocutor’s prescription and may remind him the medication dosage. And if the robot is worried about the condition of his patient, he will be able to contact the hotline center that will take control of the humanoid to assess the situation. Source : Le Figaro, 18/03/2014

Defymed has announced the successful progession of its blockbuster MAILPAN

Marine Vicenzotti - 03-mars-2014 11:36:26
Defymed is a company developping implantable bio-artificial medical devices for diverse therapeutic applications, with a first focus on type 1 diabetes. The blockbuster product is a bio-artificial pancreas, named MAILPAN® (MAcro-encapsulation of PANcreatic Islets). Defymed® is a spin-off of the CeeD (Centre europeen d’etude du Diabete) which has been working on an innovative concept of a bio-artificial pancreas since 1996. This work of conception of a macro-encapsulation device of insulin-secretory cells was carried out in collaboration with STATICE and the CTTM (Centre de Transfert de Technologies du Mans) in the frame of two European programs: 4th PCRD (1996-2000) and 6th PCRD (2004-2007). Defymed has recently announced the successful progression of its product Mailpan and hopes to start the clinical trials by 2015. Source:, Le monde, 03/03/2014

Sanofi develops an app for diabetes

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 08-mai-2013 15:08:31
Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical group, is currently developing a telemedicine solution for people with diabetes. In order to define the medico-economic impact and the medical relevancy of such a product, the French pharmaceutical leader will test its solution on 700 patients, for which the recruitment has recently started. The app, named Diabeo, which will be available on Iphones and Androids was designed to help patients manage their diabetes on an everyday basis; however, it will only be accessible for those who have been trained beforehand.   The phone app is self-learning; for instance, if a patient is found in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia after several meals, the application will request the user to review upward or downward its doses. The purpose of Diabeo is also to strengthen the link between doctors and patients with an automatic transmission results. A tool for automatic analysis is integrated and alerts the doctor in case of frequent irregularities (hypo or hyperglycemia). "A synchronisation with servers is every two hours, it is not an emergency system: it is a solution for patient’s empowerment," warns Antoine Barbot, e-health Business Partner in Sanofi Diabetes. The automatic analysis of the results is done only once per day.   This study also aims to assess over a 12  to 24 months period, the resources consumed and the satisfaction of patients and doctors. A previous study “Télédiab1”, conducted between 2007 and 2009 among 180 patients with type 1 diabetes, had shown "very promising results," said Mark Holdefehr, Marketing Manager of the Sanofi Diabetes project. "Télédiab1 gave us a proof of concept, says Mark Holdefehr. Now we want to look at a larger scale of Diabeo and the benefits for patients and health care teams”.   Patients will be divided into three groups: the first (control group) will not be equipped with Diabeo and make its records on a paper book. The second group will receive Diabeo and an optional remote monitoring by a referring physician. Patients in group 3 will have Diabeo and monitoring nurses.   This project is the result of a partnership between Sanofi Voluntis editor (in charge of developing the application) and CERITD (Centre for Study and Research for intensification of diabetes treatment) and is one of the largest clinical studies in telemedicine in diabetes in the world.  

Visit the French Corner in video - Hardware/DIY Home Garden Trade Show

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 06-févr.-2013 10:39:33
Visit the French Corner in video! The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE presents its French Corner in video. 6 French companies will be exhibiting at the French Corner at the Hardware/DIY Home Graden Trade Show which will take place in Citywest on the 17th and 18th of February. For more information please contact Vimla HUNT (vimla.hunt at – 01 411 21 13) Christel ROCHE (christel.roche at – 01 411 21 10)  Marine VICENZOTTI ( at – 01 411 21 22)

S2E2 Energy Conference in Orleans

Christine Deniel - 07-nov.-2012 11:51:24
At the initiative of the cluster S2E2, Smart Electricity Cluster, and in association with the Centre Region in France and ADEME, the 2012 S2E2 Energy Conference will be held on the 20 th and 21 st November 2012. In a constantly changing environment regarding the design, the manufacturing and building of energy efficiency, the two days of plenary sessions and workshops on the theme “Building Energy Efficiency: improving the democratization of solutions” will take place at the Conference Centre in Orleans next month. Every two years, the Energy Conference held an overview of applications and technologies on energy efficiency through projects at the regional and national level. This year, the emphasis will be placed on the use of the energy balance in the building sector and the ability for professionals to consider and support it.  
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