Marine Vicenzotti - 11-août-2014 18:28:27
MEET OUR FRENCH DELEGATION at MEDTEC IRELAND French companies will be travelling to Galway on a two day trade mission to discover the irish medical devices industry at the Medtec trade show and meet with Irish based companies. Organised by the trade section of the French Embassy, the mission will combine a visit of MEDTEC Ireland, on October 1 st and pre-booked individual meetings between French and Irish companies, on October 2 nd .   The companies: NIMESIS :   develops and manufactures medical devices for its customers using Nitinol and shape memory alloys. Their standard semi-finish products are self expanding braided stents and retrieval baskets.     WESTLAKE : specialised in the production of plastic parts for the orthopedic   industry, implants, instruments and containers. They have state-of-the-art computer numerical command machines and are also sole distributor in Europe of medical grade polymers made in the US .   MONT BLANC MEDICAL INDUSTRY :   MB-MI is a pool of companies’ experts in medical devices with a global offer for the manufacture of a complex assembly product: co-design, industrialization, surface treatments, biocompatible coatings, assembly, packaging, etc. Their offer includes precision engineering and machining, bio-materials and polymers, plastic injection.    Please contact us to book a meeting ! Marine.vicenzotti at +353 1 411 21 10      

The construction of the floating wind turbine WINFLO will begin in Brest

Christine Deniel - 11-avr.-2013 15:15:57
The production of WINFLO, the French first floating wind turbine, will be launched within coming weeks in Brest. DCNS and Nass & Wind, in collaboration with Vergnet, Ifremer and ENSTA Brittany, have just completed the design of the machine. After two rounds of tests at Ifremer test basin in Brest, a final campaign is being conducted to study the behavior of the anchoring system.   After several years of study, the design of the turbine has gradually evolved. For example, the machine has only two blades instead of three; solution helping to reduce the number of components of the machine and improve its reliability. It also allowed to achieve gains in weight of the structure. The float has also changed shape since the first drafts. "The new design reflects the desire to make the whole more stable, reliable and lightweight», announced Nass & Wind.

Merci.chéri intends to promote and sell the “Made in France” abroad

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 08-avr.-2013 13:12:29
The “Made in France” is a major selling guarantee in the fashion sector! To seize this opportunity, merci.chéri website was created for foreign customers. This initiative came from two graphic designers, Eva Edelstein and Cedric Hugonnet. Eva studied in the Penninghen Design School in Paris and is a freelance graphic designer who worked for the brand Blue Rider. Cedric, on the other hand, is a graphic designer in a photo agency. Their approach was simple: they wanted to settle abroad, Berlin as their first choice, and their only asset, they say, was to be French. Hence their idea to open a shop dedicated to the “Made in France” in the German capital. Then, the idea evolved into creating an online concept-store dedicated exclusively to French products. "Many people think that products from France are of good quality but expensive” said Eva Edelstein. “Our challenge is to make all types of products and from all sectors reflect the diversity of the French offer." Cedric continued: "The aim is to put forward young designers, from small craft and emerging brands to more renowned labels. The objective is also to rediscover past successful products and to highly emerging talents" The site offers a wide range of products: fashion for man, woman and children, accessories, cosmetics, candles, etc... Fashion representing about 45% of the offer. Source: Fashionmag, 8/04/2013  

Success story: Terre de Marins successfully distributed in Ireland

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 03-avr.-2013 18:48:25
  Terre de Marins was created in 1994 in France by Elise and Michel PEAULT. The clothing brand, which has built 25 years of experience in the textile field, is today part of the Publi Impress Group. Focused on a family spirit with values of quality and comfort, Terre de Marins was first specialised in women’s wear. Later, in 2000, the brand developed a collection for men and in 2004 it launched a range for kids.   Willing to develop and to target foreign markets, the company has trusted UBIFRANCE’s expertise in order to expand successfully on the Irish market. In fact, it is as a result of a partnership set up between UBIFRANCE Dublin and Shaw’s Department Stores in 2011, that Terre de Marins is successfully distributed in Ireland for the 3rd season now.   For more information about French brands please contact Vimla Hunt (vimla.hunt at and Christel Roche (chirstel.roche at

French luxury retailer PPR to become Kering

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 25-mars-2013 13:07:06
The French high-end retailer PPR has announced yesterday that the name of the group will change to Kering. The group is willing to change its name as to reflect a fresh focus on sportswear and luxury goods, chief executive Fran ç ois-Henri Pinault said last Friday. The change reflects a "radical transformation" of the company created in 1963 by wood trader Fran ç ois Pinault. PPR, originally known as Pinault Printemps Redoute, is shedding its image as a distribution conglomerate to push global brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Puma with an owl as its logo. In addition , to symbolising wisdom, the owl logo was chosen because it is "a discreet and protective animal," and is the elder Pinault’s favourite animal. In the shake-up, the company is making some change and is spinning off European outlets such as the FNAC media and electronics retailer. Department store Le Printemps was also sold in 2006. France now accounts for just 5% of the group’s sales, whereas the international market represents its future.   The new name is pronounced like the English word caring, but nonetheless draws on the company’s roots in Brittany, where Ker means home, to which the English suffix "ing" has been added to invoke action, Pinault said in a statement. Furthermore, Kering is also pronounced similar to the Chinese expression Kai Yun, which means "the sky which opens," signifying good fortune, Pinault noted. The new name will be submitted for approval during an annual general meeting on June 18. Source: Fashion Mag 22/03/2013

Sépia targets franchises for exports

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 21-mars-2013 12:24:01
Created in 1997 by René Prez, Sépia is a family company targeting women in their 40’s. The brand offers “authentic and different ” clothes and accessories at middle range prices. Sépia has currently 66 shops in France, 22 of which are owned by the company and 44 are franchises. The brand’s priority is to maintain a growth of 20 new franchises per year. It i s aiming mainly at city centres and shopping centres in towns of 30,000 to 50,000 inhabitants in France and abroad. In fact, to boost its expansion strategy and to target potential foreign market s , Sépia will be exhibiting at the F ranchise S how in Paris from the 24 th to the 27 th of March 2013. Regarding the shops, an architect has recently modified the décor as to create a “spacious, bright, friendly and warm atmosphere” which should help to further develop the brand.   Source: Fashion Mag 19/03/2013

Success Story: Lytess is now successfully distributed in Ireland

Consumer Goods and Life Sciences - 12-mars-2013 10:58:58
Lytess has established itself as the leading brand in cosmetotextiles. It owes its success to having perfected and brought into use brand new and exclusive technology as well as its creativity in developing the widest range of certified dermotextiles products in the fields of beauty and wellbeing. With over 5.4 million products sold throughout the world, the creator of the 1st cosmetotextile product to target slimming has realized a 100% growth in 5 years. The brand is sold and recognized internationally with 30% of its turnover made abroad. Lytess is currently distributed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Middle-east. Willing to target Ireland, the company has trusted UBIFRANCE in order to expand successfully on this market. An operation of prospection was thus conducted in May 2012 , Lytess’ products are now distributed in more than 28 pharmacies in Ireland. The company was also exhibiting at the last Beauty Show in Dublin on the 3th and 4 th of March through its distributor.
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