The French drink less alcoholic beverages but spend more on them.

Florian Deshayes - 09-mai-2013 10:01:25
The French association “entreprise et prevention“, campaigning against excessive alcohol consumption, has released its annual survey on alcohol consumption in France. Sales in volume of alcoholic beverages have decreased but the value has increased. A large majority of French people have become occasional consumers. Half of them consume less than one glass per week. Outside of home, 45% consume alcoholic beverages, mainly during mealtime. According to an IFOP survey, nowadays daily consumption affects one French person out of ten. The French are mainly weekly (39%) or monthly (24%) consumers. 11% of them drink less often (every two or three months) and 15% of them don’t drink at all. According to a survey from Kantar, the average level of volume bought by household has fallen by 6.5 liters since 2007 to 74.2 liters in 2012. At the same time, expenditures per year and per household for alcohol drinks (wines, spirits and beers) have increased by 21 euros to 322.5 EUR in 2012. Source :,141351

A half-full glass!

Marion Duguen - 07-déc.-2010 18:57:21
The government’s decision to decrease the excise duty on alcoholic beverages (December 2009) has led to an increase in alcohol consumption of 6.4% during the first six months of 2010. According to the Irish Wine Association, wine sales rose by 3.8% in 2010 (January-September). It’s good news for the industry. This excise duty reduction in ROI seems to have reduced cross-border shopping which was very significant in 2008 and 2009, says Philip Robinson, IWA Chairman. Retailers in the ROI are confident in further growth with the increase of UK VAT applicable on January 1st,2011. With Christmas approaching, Irish drinks companies are doing their bit as well by offering excellent value and services to customers.
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