Electric renewables grow and cover nearly 20% of French consumption in 2014

Christine Deniel - 16-mars-2015 13:25:18
The regulatory systems as well as more favorable economic provisions in 2014 allow renewable energy to pursue their development.     Wind and photovoltaic improves with nearly 1 900 MW installed additional-owners in 2014. France includes now more than 9 100 MW of wind and near 5 300 MW of photovoltaics. The electrical energy produced by non-hydraulic (28 TWh) renewables energy exceeds the production of thermal fossil for the first time in 2014. More than half comes from wind generation, the rest is divided between photovoltaic and biomass. On the 27 th of December, the maximum of wind production has reached 7 000 MW, or 80% of wind power installed. The maximum of photovoltaic production reached on May 17, a capacity of 3 700 MW. Such levels had never been achieved before. In addition, water availability is rather high this year, because of a high volume of rainfall: level of hydraulic production (68.2 TWh) is the strongest of the decade after 2013, which was exceptional.  

French Industrial groups Alstom and DCNS working alongside to build a floating wind turbine.

Christine Deniel - 14-oct.-2014 17:22:47
Alstom and DCNS signed a contract on October 13 for the development and manufacturing of a 6MW floating wind turbine under the name SeaReed. The two companies will join their knowledge of the industry to fashion a semi-submersible floating device provided by DCNS and combine it with an existing Alstom offshore wind turbine. The two companies will firstly work on adapting the two devices and setting it up. The project already received a public financing of 6 million euros from future investments programs.    

A successful Trade Mission in the medical devices industry

Vimla Hunt - 09-oct.-2014 13:25:22
The two day trade mission in the medical devices industry organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE gathered three companies in Galway on the 1st and 2nd of October.  The Trade Mission opened on Wednesday with the visit of MEDTRONIC’s facility followed by a visit of MEDTEC Ireland Trade Show. The following day was dedicated to B to B meetings between French and Irish companies. Our partners on this event, Galway Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network, then joined the French delegation to visit NUI Galway. A meeting with Professor Rhodri Ceredig, Director of NCBES, was held to conclude a productive day.                                                                                                                                                                     This second export mission dedicated to the medical devices industry has been successful and the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE was pleased to organise this event in a growing sector for both our countries.  

France’s difference when it comes to Intelligent Transportation Systems

UBIFRANCE - 20-juin-2014 10:24:00
The trend, across cities around the world, is for ever-higher densities in urban population. Benoît Perino, UBIFRANCE’s expert on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs), says that, once a city reaches a critical size (i.e. a population density of up to 20,000 people per square kilometre), urban mobility becomes a paramount issue. Public-sector authorities need to solve such issues as to how to manage road traffic flows, give commuters up-to-the-minute information, and run efficient back-office payment systems to make these essential services financially viable.     High tech makes a difference, and France has been a precursor in ITS technology for over 40 years now, designing and building ‘the future is now’ solutions. The ITS market in France is worth €4 .5 billion per year?, generating 45,000 jobs. Naturally, Paris is the premier showcase, although every major French city displays impressive achievements in urban transportation.   In Paris, the métro is being automated and ‘traditional’ tickets are on their way out, being replaced by dematerialized Near Field Electronic paid-entry systems such as Navigo that whisk passengers through the turnstiles. Navigo will soon to be deployed across Thalys services — the bullet train serving the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. One of the key players behind these ultra-efficient, yet complex, ticketing solutions is ERG Transit Systems SA — a specialist company capable of designing ITS ticketing systems for target groups of users ranging from 10,000 to 10 million passengers a day, in cities such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, Rome, Singapore, and maybe San Francisco soon.   Managing environmental impact and highway safety is a prime concern, and French technology has met another ITS challenge on its highways (the country’s autoroutes ), providing traffic reports and free-flow tollbooth collection (or ETC, for Electronic Tolling Collection). This complex mix of infrastructure and back-office consolidation of on-line toll collection works now in the United States, while respecting each individual state’s strenuous and complicated guidelines for toll-collection management, yet still designing a reliable, interoperable system that makes financial sense.   Systems have also been designed to identify licence plates on trucks in order to apply the eco-tax, as the vehicles pass under electronic sensory equipment. Obviously, a variant of this multi-mode system is equipment that checks for vehicles exceeding the speed limit, combined with the processing of massive volumes of data in order to properly assess fines.   French players have developed solutions that are environmentally and user friendly. Autolib , introduced by Blue Solutions, Bolloré SA’s subsidiary, has put up to 1,800 electric cars on the streets of Paris and its region (with 59 suburbs of the French capital included in the scheme) – an environmentally friendly initiative soon to be launched in Indianapolis (USA), where the scheme will be known as Speedy Car .   Any visitor to Paris has seen, or perhaps even used, Vélib’ bikes to get around. The Vélib’ scheme, launched and managed by JC Decaux SA in 2007, maintains a fleet of 17,000 bicycles used by an average of 85,810 riders every day and extends to over 30 suburbs. The running of the Vélib’ scheme requires real-time back-office management software and a convenient, yet secure payment system — always the prime ingredients for a successful ITS.   What about the role of UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency ? UBIFRANCE interacts with the key players in the sector, such ATEC ITS France ( ), a professional association that brings all the ITS industry together in order to shape the public debate and lobby in favour of future land-based transportation projects. Another important player is TOPOS, an association that is particularly active in the south-west of France ( ) and has a special interest in developing geo-localization in the transportation field. In fact, a highlight with an international dimension for the entire sector will be the World Congress for ITS in Bordeaux (in south-western France), to be held from 5 to 9 October 2014.   As Benoît Perino of UBIFRANCE sees it, “There is a high potential for ITS in France and internationally. There are a lot of French SMEs with great, highly advanced technologies. Our role at UBIFRANCE is to accompany them, so that they can meet local operators and authorities throughout the world and have their technology integrated into turnkey projects.”   Further information about French companies:   BMIA COMATIS LOGIROAD MIOS Other companies in the field of urban transport Other companies in the field of transportation

Printemps: a true flagship for the shopping center Terrasses du Port

Celine Chevreux - 27-mai-2014 10:56:05
A fifteenth department store of 6 000 square meters has opened this weekend in Marseille. Despite an unfavorable context of its markets (textile, shoes, jewelry, beauty), Printemps Group recorded a 40% increase in sales over the past five years with a turnover of almost 1.6 billion euros in 2013.   Last year, the sales in fashion/ luxury/ beauty departments increased by 4.9 % and the accessories segment grew by 8.1 %. Seven of the fifteen Printemps’ stores increased their performance, including those converted to luxury, as in Deauville, Rouen and Parly 2.   International customers, especially Chinese ones, are increasingly seduced by the luxury image from the products sold at Printemps. At the department store Printemps Haussmann, it represents 40% of their sales and 50% during the month of August. Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Malaysian, Brazilian, Middle Eastern and North- wealthy Americans are fans of this “chic shopping”. These international customers are generous, with an average basket above 400 euros. Among them, tourists from China spend (almost) without counting: they represent 14 % of foreign consumers, but 28 % of purchases.   With 300 million euros investments planned, the store Printemps Haussmann (44 000 m2) and two thirds of regional surfaces (100 000 m2 in total) will be transformed and upgraded to appear more modern. Other stores will be renewing in the next 3 years. The department store opened in Marseille, the first one in 32 years, hopes to benefit from the million cruise passengers stopping in the harbor. Moreover t he number of upper middle-class inhabitants in Marseille is one of the highest of the Hexagone as expenses for fashion and accessories. The department is located in the shopping center “Terrasses du Port” among 160 shops.

Sophie la Girafe celebrates 53

Marine Vicenzotti - 13-mai-2014 18:40:43
From 23-25 May, to celebrate French Mother’s Day and also its 53rd birthday, cult children’s brand Sophie la Girafe will open a pop-up store at 29 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in Paris. The store will host three days of events and workshops for mothers and babies, for which women can sign up at a dedicated internet site, (Sophie the Giraffe Mommies). Workshops cover the three themes of play, food and sleep. The firm will also use the event for the French launch of its new Ecocert-certified baby range, produced by Finnish natural cosmetics firm Alva Organics. The range includes a 200ml hair and body wash, 50ml face cream, 50ml protection cream, 150ml body lotion, 150ml bubble bath and the latest additions to the range: 200ml baby oil and 150ml cleansing cream. There is also a starter kit with 20ml sizes of the face cream, body lotion, baby oil and hair and body wash. Prices for individual products depend on the stockist: from £11.99 at Ocado, but more in the range of £22.95 at Harrods. “We already sell the range in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and UK – with retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, – to mention a few,” Jonna Jalkanen, CEO and co-founder of Alva Organics, told Cosmetic News Weekly. “We will launch the range in around 15 countries during 2014 and expand to around 40 countries during 2015.” The Sophie la Girafe toy is sold in more than 60 countries, said Jalkanen. “Our target is to sell the skin care in all the same countries within four to five years.” Source: ECM, 13/05/2014

Oil and Gas: France is one of the world leaders

Christine Deniel - 14-avr.-2014 11:34:10
  When we think of French Oil & Gas, we immediately think of Total. However there are others. The French sector is actually far richer than previously supposed. “What people need to know is that France is counted amongst the main leaders worldwide” explains Agnes Hagyak, PM for Hydrocarbons at Ubifrance. The French para-petroleum sector comprises over 400 companies employing up to 55,000 highly qualified technical and scientific people. With regards to exports, France holds joint 2 nd place with Norway and the UK, in the para-petroleum sector, second only to the USA. French suppliers account for up to 90% of total exports. The main Petroleum companies such as Total and Suez command the bulk of attention, however there other as of yet, not fully acclaimed French companies which deliver very high international performance. Many of these aforementioned companies are SME’s, and each performs with a very high level of technical expertise. These companies are a hive of innovation and creativity, and when it comes to technological needs for exploring, producing, transporting and refining hydrocarbons they perform to a very high standard. French “savoir-faire” in deep water drilling and offshore high sea platforms is highly accepted worldwide. They have the means of easily positioning themselves in highly contested niches. There is no fear to altering strategy, in fact they are well known for customizing their solutions to fit the need required. For example, Bardot Group, an SME which commands an international presence specializing in para-petroleum equipment, fabricates technical polymer based tools and structures using robotic equipment. Further to this, they also develop the means of attaching and assembling these structures. With such technical know-how, in this very refined niche, Bardot has successfully worked and performed in sites in Angola, Texas, Brazil & Malaysia. This is just an example of “one” French company, there are many others capable of such international notoriety. Others include; Nexans a cable fabrication specialist, utilising expert electrical engineering and automated systems CEGELEC, which has enjoyed huge success on international projects. The list is exhaustive, however, Air Liquide, Bureau Veritas, Entrepose & Ponticelli all deserve special mention as highly renowned companies in this sector. Photo: Agnès HAGYAK, Manager of the Energy Department, France
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