France to put pressure on Phil Hogan to cut EU milk production

Elisabeth Fosso - 19-févr.-2016 18:00:44

  Mr Hogan agreed to go to Paris on February 25 to meet French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, to hear French proposals.     On Monday, Mr Hogan acknowledged a shared understanding in the EU Council of Ministers that there is a crisis in a number of sectors, notably dairy and pigmeat. He said he is not happy with the current situation of farmers, and it requires an EU-wide response.     Mr Le Foll presented proposals to regulate oversupply in the milk and pigmeat sectors, but the European Commission asked him to come back with new proposals. Mr Le Foll pledged to work on new solutions and “convince all our partners and the commission to make proposals.”     However, the Irish dairy industry will oppose any re-introduction of quotas “by the backdoor”, if that emerges from talks.     Meanwhile, Mr Hogan said any crisis aid for farmers has to be consistent with the CAP legal framework, be within the constraints of the EU budget, and be broadly supported by member states.   © Irish Examiner   © Faimali/GFA      

LACTALIS, leader in the dairy Industry

KOVALICEK Laura - 22-avr.-2014 16:52:22

LSA established recently an international ranking of dairy industry companies by turnover. There are now three French companies in the top 10: Lactalis, international leader with a turnover of 16 Bn EUR, Danone with 12 Bn EUR and SODIAAL, a French cooperative with a turnover of 5 Bn EUR.   Lactalis is now far ahead of its competitors Danone (12 Bn EUR), Fonterra (12 Bn EUR) and Nestlé (11 Bn EUR). The French dairy industry has also known some changes: Lactalis is still the leader, followed by Danone but the third company is now SODIAAL, in front of Bongrain and BEL. Lactalis is established in more than 140 countries and counts 55 000 employees. The French familial group has 192 industrial sites and produced more than 15 Bn liters of milk in 2012. The group owns many different and well-known brands such as Lactel, Bridel, President, Galbani. Today, Lactalis is the 15 th international agribusiness group, the 1st international cheesemaker and the 1 st European milk collector.

Networking cocktail

KAJJI Myriam - 24-févr.-2014 15:55:40

On the 30 th of January, UBIFRANCE Ireland, the French Trade Commission in Ireland, had the pleasure of inviting the Franco-Irish business community to their annual networking cocktail in the Crypt of Christchurch. This event was the opportunity for Jim Rice, Chairman of the IFCC ( Ireland France Chamber of Commerce ), to illustrate the ongoing successful collaboration between the IFCC and UBIFRANCE Ireland with the upcoming signature of a convention between our two organisations. The “Grand Prix VIE” (International Internship Program Competition) was also launched during the evening with Yann Mazeman, Director of SERVIER Ireland, speaking on the benefits of the VIE (International Internship Program) for both companies and volunteers. Finally, Valentin Poussin, Sales Manager of Lacroix-Sofrel, spoke about his collaboration with UBIFRANCE following the success of the introduction to the Irish market of his products: data loggers and leak detection devices. The evening was the perfect opportunity for UBIFRANCE to thank its business partners for their trust and collaboration during the past year and to hope for continued business relationships between our two countries for 2014.


Antoine TETE - 01-oct.-2013 12:39:59

Today, UBIFRANCE Ireland invites you to discover another region of France. For this fourth Regional focus , we will discover the “Rhône-Alpes” region. The agricultural sector in Rhône-Alpes With a gross production of 3.3 billion EUR, the agricultural sector in Rhône-Alpes has an important place to play in the local economy. 38% of the region is in “Utilised Agriculture Area” (1,435,000 hectares) which sums 1,352,000 large stock units over 707,000 hectares. With a turnover of 619M EUR, dairy is the main production followed by wine (420M EUR for 2,800,000 hectoliters), beef (390M EUR) and cereals (355M EUR). Agriculture is changing in Rhône-Alpes with fewer farms yet getting bigger. In 2013, there were 39,020 farms employing 58,220 people full time. This sector suffers also from the ageing of farmers: approximately 60% of them are between 40 and 60 years old. Agribusiness in Rhône-Alpes In Rhône-Alpes, agribusiness production represents a turnover of 7.86 billion of which 15% are exported. It’s a really dynamic industry which represents 7,040 companies and employs 46,980 people (in the production process). Nevertheless most of these companies are mid-sized and 6,250 have less than 10 employees.  Main companies: Even if this sector is largely composed by mid-sized companies, Rhône-Alpes hosts also some international companies representing a real strength for the agribusiness sector in France. - DANONE: world leader in dairy products, second in biscuits production. Owner of EVIAN , the most exported mineral water in the world, and of BADOIT leader in France in the fizzy mineral water category. - CLÉMENT FAUGIER: world leader in candied chestnut, and French leader in chestnut cream. - ENTREMONT ALLIANCE: world leader in pressed cheese and French leader in Emmental. - AOSTE: world leader in cured ham and French leader in charcuterie. - BONDUELLE FRAIS FRANCE: world leader in vegetable (tins and frozen). - CANDIA: European leader in large scale milk distribution. - BRESSOR: world leader in cheese specialties. - PANZANI: European leader in dry pasta and pasta sauce. Some other leading companies in Rhône-Alpes start to have strong positioning abroad:   BLEDINA (French leader in infant nutrition), VALRHONA (French leader in chocolate industry), BRIOCHE PASQUIER (French leader in viennoiserie), HERO FRANCE (French leader in the production of compote) and TEISSEIRE (French leader in concentrated fruit syrup)… Clusters: This region tries to keep its major position in agribusiness and consequently many companies, schools and regional authorities invest money to create a real agribusiness hub. We can find 5 agribusiness clusters: -   INNOVIANDES: slaughter, carve, transformation and distribution of meat ( www.innoviandes.org ). - P ASS: ( Parfums , Arômes , Senteurs , Saveurs ) perfumery, food aromatic and cosmetics. (www.polepass.com). -  P ÔLE EUROPÉEN D’INNOVATION FRUITS ET LEGUMES, pôle terralia: nutrition and health, food safety, taste, packaging, food-process, agriculture for fruit and vegetables (www.peifl.org). - ORGANICS CLUSTER: organic products in agribusiness, cosmetics, textile and housing ( www.organics-cluster.fr ). -   TECHNOPÔLE ALIMENTEC: food safety ( www.alimentec.com ). Production:   Agribusiness in Rhône-Alpes plays an important role within the global French agribusiness sector. Indeed, some products of this region are identified by prestigious distinctions thanks to the particular climate conditions, the good knowledge of their industry and its producers’ skills. For example, we can find in Rhône-Alpes, 59 different AOC ( Appelation d’origine controlée ) including 13 for cheeses (Beaufort, Bleu, Chevrotain, Reblochon…) and 36 for wines (Beaujolais, Côte du Rhone…). However, the production in Rhône-Alpes is not only focused on wine and cheese. This region has also a real expertise in pasta, drinks, chilled food, charcuterie and mineral water: - First producer in dry sausage, dairy products, stone fruits, chestnut and walnut - National leader in organic food and farm cheese - 4th producer in wine and poultry - 20% of the national production of mineral water Agribusiness is a key sector of the Rhône-Alpes economy. Nevertheless, it’s not the only strength of this region. Rhône-Alpes is also really attractive thanks to its location, close to various international cities and markets, and its expertise in textile, nanotechnologies and renewable energy. Some key information: Surface : 43.698 km² 8 Department : Ain, Ardèche, Auvergne, Drome, Haute-Savoie Isère, Loire, Savoie Capital: Lyon Population: 6,272 millions Regional GDP : 187,426 billion EUR (9.9% of the national GDP) Unemployment rate : 9.3% Source : www.rhone-alpes.cci.fr www.insee.fr/fr http://fr.123rf.com/photo


Florian DESHAYES - 09-avr.-2013 17:49:15

Today, UBIFRANCE in Ireland invites you to discover a region of France. For this first Régional focus , we are going to discover Normandy, known for its verdant landscapes, its history, the Mont Saint-Michel and its Camembert. OVERVIEW: Normandy is one of the largest French agribusiness regions. With 35,000 workers (15% of employment of the region), agribusiness is the largest employer in Normandy producing cow milk, fresh cream, butter, fresh cheeses and soft cheeses, cider, flaxseed (67% of national production). It is also a region of horse breeding, tea and coffee brewing and much more… The agribusiness sector weighs 7.5 billion EUR with 75% coming from dairy and meat products. Normandy hosts many food companies (741 in total) on its territory including major ones such as Nestlé, Ferrero, Danone, Bel, Isigny Ste Mère or Bigard. These companies export about 20% of their turnover all over the world. In 2011, Normandy exported 3.3 billion of food products. CULINARY SPECIALTIES: Dairy products: Dairy products are the basis of Norman cuisine. Normandy is internationally famous for its cheeses like Livarot , “ Pont l’Evêque ”, “ Le Pavé d’Auge ”, the heart shaped "Neufchatel" and the famous “camembert”. Each year, approximately 17 million of Camemberts are produced in Normandy and 3.5% is exported around the world. Normandy is the 1st French region producing cheese from cow’s milk (a quarter of national production), the 1st region for fresh cheese (43% of national production) and soft cheeses (one third of the national production). Normandy is also the first producer of butter (33% of national production) and whey powder (16% of national production). Seafood: With its 640 km of coastline, oysters, mussels, prawns and St-Jacques are the flagship products of Norman meals. The French are the biggest consumers of fresh oysters in the world. Normandy is the 1st region producing mussels in France (18 000 tons in the 2010). Drinks: Normandy is also a country of apples . You can find Norman Cider, Calvados (apple Brandy), Embuscade (cocktail made with brandy, beer and white wine), Pommeau (mixing apple juice and Calvados), Poiré (pear cider) and apple juice. In 2011, Normandy has produced 18 000 hl of Calvados of which more than 50% is exported around the world. France is the first producer of cider in the world and Normandy produces each year between 300 000 and 350 000 tons of apples for cider. With less than 2 liters per year and per capita, cider consumption in France is far behind wine, beer, soft drinks and water yet represents more than 120M EUR. And why not enjoying the local gastronomy yourself? If you’re coming to Normandy, do not hesitate to try the “andouille de Vire”, the “Teurgoule” (caramelized creamy rice pudding flavored with cinnamon), the” tripes de Caen” (tripe prepared in a vegetable broth), milk jam, “l’omelette de la mère Poulard” (famous omelette handmade in Mont-Saint-Michel), the “tarte Tatin” (delicious caramelized apple tart) and rabbit cooking with cider. So many wonders to discover! For further information about Normandy, please click here: http://www.normandie-tourisme.fr/normandy-tourism-109-2.html

Bongrain, the French cheese maker increased its profits in 2012

Florian Deshayes - 11-mars-2013 14:01:26

The French cheese maker Bongrain recorded a 45% growth of its net profit to 63.6M EUR in 2012. The group said its net sales rose of 2.6% to 4.08Bn EUR and Bongrain welcomed “the good performance of its major cheese brands”. Yet, the company noticed “a slowdown in the second half of 2012 compared to the trend in the first six months of last year”. These positive financial results are announced while Bongrain and Terra Lacta are under the process of merging. With its 870M liters of cow’s milk and about 130M liters of goat milk collected per year, Terra Lacta is the first collector of goat milk in France. The two groups are hoping to close the deal by the end of March. France exported 6.4Bn EUR of dairy products in 2011 including 2.8Bn EUR worth of cheese (+5.1% in comparison to 2010). Every year, France exports 42.5% of his milk production or 10.2Bn liters and in Ireland, 10M EUR of French cheeses are sold per annum. Source : http://www.usinenouvelle.com/article/lait-bongrain-et-terra-lacta-devraient-fusionner-d-ici-fin-mars.N191105 http://www.lsa-conso.fr/bongrain-voit-son-benefice-progresser-mais-reste-prudente-pour-2013,139411

A Protected Geographical Indication for the French Gruyère

KAJJI Myriam - 03-janv.-2013 16:14:37

A European committee of experts just gave the agreement to register the Gruyère as a Protected Geographical Indication. The Gruyère produced in France can now keep his name as long as the cheese has holes ranging from the size of a pea to that of a cherry. This Protected Geographical Indication will help to avoid any confusion with the Swiss Gruyère, which has no holes at all. Until now, the only cheese allowed to be called Gruyère was the one produced in Switzerland, according to a bilateral agreement between the Swiss Confederacy and the European Union. Source : France : une IGP pour le Gruyère français, Vigial, 18/12/2012

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