One of the best place to launch an innovative tech startup is France

Cecile BERTHELEME - 10/07/14

France is a country particularly appealing to technology startups. This goes especially for companies doing predictive analysis using Big Data such as PrediSis, a startup launched a year ago and working with distribution, e-commerce, and bank-insurance companies. Jean-Louis Fuccellaro and Bertrand Grezes-Besset, co-founder of PrediSis describe the reasons making France one of the greatest location for startupers.

When talking about startups and technologies, France isn’t usually the top of mind. When leaders of the sector are in the US and London is the second world financial center, France offers key succes factors that can make the difference for tech companies. 

France is one of the only country benefitting from both highly qualified and educated engineers as well as a support  from public authorities encouraging innovation.

Most of the market is located outside of France, often in the US when taking into account the biggest players but being a startup using the web means forgetting about geographical barriers and being able to work from anywhere. Thus, location of the market shouldn’t be the most important aspect when choosing a place to launch a startup, resources should be. France has it both: capital and human resources.

Engineering is a strong suit for France. The average level of its engineers is high. PubliSis partners can take their many years managing international teams as a proof. Moreover, trainings usually include  a strong culture in software engineering and mathematics as well as a theoritical base which is quit unique. Young graduates are capable of developing skills and know how to adapt to new technologies. For instance, Big Data, implies a development strategy that is absolutely new. Having talents at the cutting edge of technology, France is part of the world leaders in this sector.

Moreover, public authorities in France are supporting innovation and technology. The government is well-aware of the importance of the tech sector for its economy. As a result, many organisations and mecanisms can be used by companies to raise funds and invest in R & D giving them a distinct comparative advantage.

Founded in June 2013, PrediSis is located in Lannion, France by Jean-Louis Fuccellaro (former CEO of Orange Labs in the UK) and Bertrand Grezes-Besset (from Orange Business Service and n°2 of Sofrecom,  international consulting firm).

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