French Wine and Spirits Trade Meeting - 18th February 2010

Pierre Olivier - 04/08/10

France is the leading wine producer in the world with 45,7 million hectoliters produced in 2009. French wines are associated with tradition and quality and, with almost 500 AOCs (Appellations d’Origine Controlée) they are also synonymous with diversity.
Today, Irish customers are more and more receptive to wines and wine knowledge and really appreciate French wines. As a matter of fact, France is the second wine supplier in Ireland.


On the 18th February 2010, the French Trade Commission - Ubifrance in Ireland had the great pleasure to organise a French Wine & Spirits Trade Meeting at Ely Brasserie CHQ, Dublin. On this occasion, 19 producers from all over France travelled to Ireland in order to present their finest products to the Irish trade. The trade meeting began with a market presentation to the French producers and was followed by B2B meetings which gathered nearly 50 Irish companies.

The Irish importers were very satisfied with the quality of the products presented that day. The event was a success as some of the wines exhibited are now available on the Irish market. 

The French Trade Commission - Ubifrance in Ireland has the great honor to announce that the French Wine Trade Meeting will hold its fourth edition in 2011.

Here is the list of the French exhibitors:
• ABK6 Cognac
• Ackerman
• Blaceret Roy
• Cave Orschwiller
• Champagne A. Robert
• Château Castera
• Château Vignol
• EJDIS International
• Domaine de Flines
• Foncalieu vignobles
• Château de la Font du Loup
• Loire Links
• Mangot
• Plaimont
• Rethore Davy
• Tutiac
• Veuve Ambal
• Château de Villars Fontaine
• Vin Attitude

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