“France Viande Export”, a new hub for the promotion of French meat

Elisabeth Fosso - 10/12/15


On October 12th, the French Department of Agriculture launched the French Meat Export hub as a response to the current crisis in the livestock sector. This initiative aims at promoting French meat exports and creating new market opportunities for French producers. In the meantime, the government also negotiated the lifting of the Malaysian, Saudi Arabian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and South African embargoes on French beef. Indeed, Asian and Middle East markets represent worthwhile prospects since the total animal protein intake of European consumers is forecasted to decline.

France Meat Export currently gathers 32 companies that produce beef and pig meat. The hub ensures collaboration between small and medium enterprises thanks to a better access to useful information. It also increases their competitiveness by enabling them to tender for contracts. Supported by the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Agriculture as well as embassies and Business France, the hub will help companies defend the French origin of their meat during international trade shows.






Sources : agriculture.gouv.fr, lemonde.fr


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