Why should we consider Indonesia as one of the world’s major e-commerce market?

Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun - 22-sept.-2016 06:09:30
Why should we consider Indonesia as one of the world’s major e-commerce market? My post of Today will try to explain you in few facts, why we have to consider Indonesia as one of the world’s major e-commerce market and invest largely in this field with my foreigner eyes and my small experience over this business field. With more than 100 million of internet users, an average growth of the GDP upper than 5% each year, Indonesia still suffer of a deficit of image compared to Singapore, China or Eastern Europe. Because of the geography of the archipelago (+17 500 islands), the Internet and e-commerce will lead and solve some of the biggest challenges of the country like logistics and inter-island connection and access to goods and services. More globally this is a moving forward field, thrived by a Young, over connected (67% of the connections are made from smartphones) and curious population aware of the potential of the internet to change their life. So why there is a lack of partnerships with foreign innovative SME’s? Of course Google, Rocket Internet, Alibaba and all these world heavyweights are already involved and based in Indonesia, but why a highly valuable company as Blablacar is not yet there? In most of foreign players eyes, the Indonesian market has the reputation to be a highly controlled and very protectionist market. Recently, the Indonesian government totally opened some field of the e-commerce market to the foreign players and wants to develop its local players with international cooperation. Most of the biggest local conglomerates are already plugged and active in the e-commerce through VC, through shares or directly through business units and see the e-commerce market and have the ambition and awareness to increase their position in this market and open cooperation with foreign companies. All the Indonesian economy pillar and key actor already developed internet things and e-solutions as banks, ministries, industrials, services, telecom players, universities …. Active in the smart-cities development, moving forward in the IoT field, support by the government and the local key players, developing some of the largest and most valuable ASEAN start-ups and websites and with an enormous potential of growth (only 40% of internet penetration) but already the biggest market of South East Asia, foreign players and especially French foreign players should consider Indonesia as a priority market in the following years. Over the past 3 years, the market has an average annual growth of 42% and is expect to have a strong growth until 2030! So it depends only to you to wait until 2030 to come or to surf and develop your businesses in a really exciting and moving market. Or you can wait the train until 2030… Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun , ICT and Industry businesses specialist, Embassy of France, Business France    
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