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Developing Indonesian Marine Potential, BPPT Works Together with Pôle Mer

Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun - 07-oct.-2016 11:40:49

  The Embassy of France in Indonesia through Business France organized in Indonesia   the Maritime and Port French-Indonesian week under the patronage of H.E Madame l’Ambassadeur de France en Indonésie, Mme Corinne BREUZE and H.E the Mr the Ambassador Arif HAVAS OEGROSENO, Minister of State for Marine Sovreignty with the participation of the BPPT, the Ministry of Fisheries, the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia, the BASARNAS, the BAKAMLA, the port authorities PELINDO 1, PELINDO 2, PELINDO 3, PELINDO 4 to a week of B2B meetings and workshop sessions. Jakarta, the 7th October 2016 - Gaya GUIROUS, Technology and Industry Dept. Embassy of France in Indonesia / Business France The Indonesian government define as priority the Maritime sector. Considering that two third of Indonesian territory are oceans, the future prospect of maritime industry in Indonesia are full of potential. During a week in Surabaya and Jakarta, a delegation of valuable french companies highly specialized in Maritime and Port development came in Indonesia to meet the local maritime business affairs key players in order to create cooperation. This week was the occassion to streghten the relationship between the BPPT and the Pole MER: As an agency for the development and assessment of technology, BPPT sees the need to increase Indonesia’s technological advancement in the maritime industry by cooperating with Pôle Mer in various sectors such as maritime infrastructure, port development, shipyard and marine ecosystem.    Prof. Ir. Wimpie Agoeng Noegroho, the Deputy Chairman for Natural Resources Development Technology during the meeting with Pôle Mer in Jakarta, BPPT has been assigned to develop the National Science Techno Park (NTSP) at Penajam Paser Utara, East Borneo. The NTSP is built as an integrated area for: Centers for advanced marine science and technology development Centers for establishing a New Emerging Business in Marine Advanced Technology Centers for Marine Advanced Technology Services to Communities With the previous experience in operating Marine Techno Park of Toulon, Pôle Mer is very keen and eager to assist and cooperate with BPPT for the development of National Science Techno Park at Penajam Paser Utara. The National Science Techno Park itself will contain 4 zones, namely: foresty & plantation, industrial area, waterfront city and agriculture & fisheries zone. The meeting was attended by representatives of BPPT, Dr. M. Ilyas (Head of Marine Survey Technology), Dr. Ir. Wahyu Widodo Pandoe (Head of Center Technology for Maritime Industrial Engineering) and the Embassy of France representatives Mr. Rachid Boulaouine, Mr Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun and Mr. André Pandean and a delegation of 11 French companies in maritime sector.    Pôle Mer was represented by Mr. Sébastien Cann and Mrs. Evelyn Raymond during their visit to Indonesian-French Conference in Port Infrastructure and Maritime Security that took place in Surabaya and Jakarta from 26 th – 29 th September 2016.     

5 PME française exposent leur savoir faire maritime à la demande du gouvernement indonésien

Gaya Guirous - Medjnoun - 27-mai-2016 12:22:12

      Le bureau Business France Indonésie et les équipes Industries& Cleantech ont organisés un focus group discussion dans le secteur du maritime  intitulé « Green Vessels Focus group Discussion ».    Ce projet est l’avènement d’une collaboration de longue date et de relations étroites avec  le gouvernement Indonésien. L’objectif de ce séminaire est de promouvoir le savoir-faire français auprès des chantiers navals indonésiens, armateurs et responsables ministériels pour lesquels le secteur maritime est érigé en priorité nationale et génère de nombreux projets concrets de développement.   Forte de leurs savoir-faire connu et reconnu à l’international navale les 5 entreprises françaises (Alma, Marinelec Technologies, Masson Marine, Sirehna et SLCE Watermakers) ont pu exposer leurs technologies et proposer une offre end-to-end aux key players indonésiens autour de thématique "green vessel" (les expertisent mettaient en exergues des technologies permettant des amélioration des moteurs, économies d’énergies fossiles, amélioration des process de construction, optimisation organisationnelles etc.)   Proactif et à l’instigation de ce rassemblement entre nos deux pays,  le gouvernement indonésien sous la direction de Ministère du Transport, des associations de la construction navale (INSA et IPERINDO), BKI (Bureau de la classification des équipements navale Indonésien) et PT. PAL (Shipyard public)  ont pu eux échanger leur impressions et projets autour des thèmes suivants :  les opportunités et défis dans la construction naval et  le développement de l’‘’Eco-Friendly ‘’ technologie dans l’industrie maritime.   Cet évènement montre au combien nos deux pays, nos deux économies et nos entreprises partagent des potentiels communs.                 Nos deux pays qui partagent en effet une forte empreinte mer, l’Indonésie archipel aux 17 500 iles et la France, deuxième espace maritime au monde      

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