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Perancis Siap Bantu Suskeskan Asian Games 2018

Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun - 22-juin-2016 03:46:43

    RMOL. Pemerintah Kota (Pemkot) Palembang kembali kedatangan pengusaha asing, dari negara Perancis. Kali ini, pengusaha asing tersebut, bukan untuk melakukan penanaman modal, yang biasa dilakukan investor asing yang pernah datang ke Palembang. Kali ini, mereka datang menawarkan kerja sama dan partisipasi dalam persiapan Asian Games 2018, yang akan dilakasanakan di Palembang. Yakni Mr Jean Philipe Arvert selaku Direktur Atase Perdagangan Kedutaan Prancis, Trade Advisor Atase perdagangan Kedutaan Perancis Mrs Natacha Bernstein dan Business Development Ececutive Kedutaan Perancis Azhar Marbun yang datang langsung ke Kantor Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga (Dispora) Sumsel. Perancis menawarkan diri untuk bekerja sama dan berpartisipasi dalam persiapan Asian Games 2018 di Palembang. Hal ini diketahui dalam pertemuan Kedutaan Perancis untuk Indonesia dengan pihak Pemkot Palembang. Kedatangan pengusaha Percancis ini, didampingi langsung pihak pemerintahan setempat. Dimana, ketertarikan mereka terhadap Asian Games, ungkap Asisten II bidang Ekonomi Pembangunan, dalam melakukan pengembanan smart city yang kini sedang dilaksanakan Pemkot Palembang, jelang Asian Games 2018. "Kami menyambut baik dengan niat baik pihak Perancis yang datang hari ini. Pemkot berharap kerjasama yang ditawarkan nantinya bersifat hibah, baik itu teknologi maupun fisik karena kami sudah pernah mendapatkan tawaran pengembangan smart city tapi bentuknya soft loan," harapnya. Bukannya meremehkan, saat ini banyak sejumlah negara yang tertarik dengan pengembangan proyek smart city di Palembang. Hanya saja, sampai sekarang belum ada satu pun yang terealisasi, termasuk pihak Perancis yang pernah datang. "Yang terakhir dari Perancis juga namun dari pihak swasta, kami masih. mikir-mikir dulu kalau skemanya pinjaman, meski katanya lunak tapi kan susah juga bayarnya," ucapnya. Hardayani mengungkapkan, akan melihat lagi seperti apa tawaran pada hari ini yang katanya dari Pemerintah Perancis. Karena, Pemkot Palembang tidak mengetahui apa maksud dari tawaran tersebut. Karena, meski banyak tawaran bantuan, sampai sekarang juga belum ada satu pun perusahaan Perancis yang berinvestasi di Palembang, padahal Kedutaan Besar Perancis untuk Indonesia menyebut terdapat 200 perusahaan negara itu yang beroperasi di RI. "Kita lihat dulu, jangan sampai seperti yang sudah-sudah," tandasnya. Sementara itu, Jean Philippe Arvert, Managing Director Indonesia Komisi Perdagangan Perancis mengungkapkan melalui translaternya, bahwa ketertarikannya kepada Palembang karena palembang adalah Kota yang aktif. Apalagi, ketertarikan negaranya untuk bekerjasama dalam pembangunan di Palembang, karena adanya event-event akbar yang memicu pembangunan di Kota ini, terutama yang berkaitan dengan Asian Games. Pihaknya percaya diri mengajukan diri karena sudah berpengalaman dalam event olahraga internasional, seperti moto GP dan event Olimpiade hingga Piala Dunia. "Kami tertarik dalam proyek-proyek persiapan Asian Games 2018 di kota ini. Apalagi kesiapan Palembang kami akui sudah cukup baik," tandasnya. Source: RMOL Sumsel, 22/06/2016

Tourisme, santé, sport des secteurs poteurs en Indonésie - Mars 2016

Gaya Guirous-Medjnoun - 07-mars-2016 03:48:06

Tourime - Santé - Sport : L’indonésie monte en puissance Tourisme : L’aéroport Silangit à Medan sera inauguré au mois de décembre 2016. Cet aéroport sera un accès pour quelques lieux touristiques à Medan comme Lac de Toba (Danau Toba) qui constitue l’un de 10 destination touristiques en prioritaire en Indonésie. Lors de sa visite à quelques régions à Sumatra, le président Joko Widodo affirme que des endroits touristiques à Medan seront beaucoup renouvelés afin de mieux attirer les visiteurs. Santé : Le chef de l’Agence de Coordination d’implantation, Franky Sibarani mentionne que l’appartenance étranger dans le marché de produit médicament qui fait partie dans la liste négative d’investissement pourrait atteindre 100 % (avant seulement 85 %). Cette mesure est par rapport le changement de la valeur de dans la liste négative. On souhaite que ce changement provoque les investissements dans d’autre domaine pharmaceutique. Asian Games : Le cout de la rénovation en détail des arènes sportives) à Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) par le Ministère des travaux publics et des logements (KEMENPUPR) Rénovation du stade principal Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) : 66, 7 M EUR Rénovation de la piscine (Aquatic) Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) : 19, 8 M EUR Rénovation de « Istana Olah Raga » GBK : 9, 4 M EUR Rénovation de l’arène d’hockey, d’archerie, et du football (cour A, B, et C) GBK : 6, 8 M EUR Rénovation de cour de tennis (intérieure/extérieure) GBK : 6, 6 M EUR Rénovation « Stadion Madya », arène  de softball « Pintu 1 » et « cemara III » GBK : 6, 4 M EUR Rénovation Batiment d’entreinement du badminton, du volley, et du basketball : 4, 5 M EUR  

Biotechnology in France

Rachid Boulaouine - 09-avr.-2014 06:56:48

Even though biotechnologies may be a recent sector of business activity, France has succeeded in developing real know-how  that is gaining international recognition. When it comes to biotechnologies, the French are cutting edge. According to Leeme, the federation of French medical companies, today France numbers 388 biotechs in the health field in France. Biotech France, another French association for biotech companies, indicates that a third of these companies have been in existence for over 10 years. Yet the number of creations in this field is exponential. To get an idea, 50 companies were started in 2012. Unheard of! Proof that there is a real entrepreneurial effervescence when it comes to this research in France. Young start-ups for the most part, French biotechs are mainly Small Medium sized companies. Only 4% of them have over 100 employees. On average, they employ 22 people. As to the type of activity, most of the French companies specialized in human sciences with therapeutic products are concentrated on cancer treatments. “The French have developed a full-fledged know-how on cardio-vascular devices, infectious diseases, dermatology, blood diseases and for surgery,” explains Yves Germani, Ubifrance’s manager for the health sector in North America. French enterprises don’t just do research; they discover! Altogether, the French biotech industry generated 261 Million Euros in turnover in 2011, compared with 186 Million in 2010. As for companies on the stock market, they generate 369 Million Euros in turnover. Concerning the pipeline, the expression used to indicate the number of molecules being developed, France is 4rth, behind the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Quite a solid ranking, but which should nevertheless be improved. When their results are examined in detail, we see that depending on the stage of development, French companies create more products in the pre-clinic phase, in other words, all those that have been carried out before the clinical trial with patients, which is completely logical. Between the start of development on a new medicine, a molecule and its release on the market can sometimes take up to 10 years. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is that a number of products fall by the wayside. To be noted, however, is one undeniable fact: since 2008, French companies have sold more and more products. To put it another way, as Yves Germani points out, French companies don’t just do research; they discover!” An increase of 63% in investment Even more impressive than all the rest, French biotech companies tend to have smaller R&D budgets than their European and international competitors. Fortunately, the culture of venture capital is developing very quickly in this sector. To give the general picture, the funds raised by French biotechs have increased by 63,1% from 2009 to 2012, reaching 178 Million Euros. Since the year 2000, they have managed to raise 2.920 Billion Euros. Today, French companies are naturally turning towards international opportunities to find new partners and new financial leverage. The proof is that such Small Medium companies as Affilogic, MedinCell, Interactive Biosoftware, Imabiotech or even O4CP all have one thing in common: they all are reaching out with confidence to mature markets like the United States, Canada and Western Europe.


Rachid Boulaouine - 09-avr.-2014 06:37:26

  UBIFRANCE in Indonesia received a delegation of six French companies in the health sector from the 20 th to the 24 th of March 2014. This event gave the opportunity to our French companies to meet recognized and well-known players related to the health industry in Indonesia such as Siloam Hospital Group, Impression Body Care, Aneka Gas Industry, Telekom Indonesia and much more. BETEM INTERNATIONAL is a French engineering company with an expertise in clean room, and fire security engineering for hospitals. C2P HEALTHCARE offers Skin Breath, a high quality medical device to perform aesthetic and medical carboxytherapy treatments. DATEXIM commercializes a software platform for the storage, management and sharing of whole slide images. The included « full web » application has the advantage of being usable on every web browser supporting the HTML5 standards, without any third party software or plugin installation and on every operating system. GENEWAVE is developing GeneSpress which is an Automated Molecular Diagnostics Platform aiming at simultaneously testing a large numbers of markers. In less than four hours, these tests will be automatically made from a biological sample. LABORATOIRE PROTECSOM is a French high-technology company and offers performance valve holding chamber designed to optimize lung deposition of corticosteroids from HFA puffers. TLV HEALTHCARE is a French company that offers medical gas installation, bedhead and pendant systems.

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