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Agro -technology : French know-how is still one of the best in the world - Interview : Tatiana Miron, UBIFRANCE’s Export Advisor for the Agriculture and Food sector.

Rachid Boulaouine - 19-mai-2014 15:19:25

  With the mechanization of farming these past few decades, France has demonstrated its know-how in developing high-performing Agro-technology solutions worldwide. 2 nd importer and 5 th exporter for international markets in farming technologies, France is undoubtedly one of the major players in the sector, with 9% market share worldwide. “French companies are recognized and quite present internationally,” explains Tatiana Miron, UBIFRANCE’s Export Advisor for the Agriculture and Food sector. France has 230 enterprises that export farming equipment. Most of them are SMEs (60 %). Among them are companies like Grégoire Besson, Kuhn, Exel Industries and Manitou.   “70 % of French production in farming equipment is exported,” points out Tatiana Miron. When the exporting company is French, doors open more easily As an example, in South Africa, the exports for French farming machines increased 6 % between 2013 and 2012. Local prospects started noticing the Kuhn, Manitou, Pellenc or Berthoud logos hard at work. “These companies found the right distributors and they are focused on specific niches, ones whose needs they really understand,” analyzes the UBIFRANCE’s expert. In a completely different business segment, that of equipment designed and manufactured for the food industry, “France is still the reference throughout the world,” asserts Tatiana Miron. “When the exporting company is French, doors open easier.” With an international market share of 5.4 %, France is ranked 5th, behind Germany and Italy, two big leaders in the market for the food industry’s equipment. Innovative, flexible and well-adapted to its markets To go into detail, “the French offer is well-positioned for producing machines and implements for industrial preparation of food and drinks,” says UBIFRANCE’s advisor. France is also very present in baking and pastry equipment, plus biscuit-making as well as for specialized implements designed for meat. According to Tatiana Miron, “All of these specialties are growing at an exponential rate.” “France is displaying all its ability to innovate. Flexible and well-adapted to each market, French companies have become highly specialized,” she adds. This is certainly the strategy the major French trademarks in the sector have adapted, like Bongard, Serac and Cermex. They combine their knowledge of different markets and their own reactivity to respond quickly and well to calls for bids. This competitive edge is what allows them to reinforce themselves on several market niches. Further information about French companies - Agri-food Sector : > Livestock, Meat, Processed meat products > Fishery and Aquaculture products and processed > Agricultural equipment and Food processing, Packaging

Indonesia whose 55 % of domestic revenue is allocated to food and beverages

Rachid Boulaouine - 21-avr.-2014 14:12:40

Indonesia whose 55 % of domestic revenue is allocated to food and beverages now considers bakery products as common consumption. Some producers manage to sell bread with affordable price for the lower classes. Meanwhile the growing middle-up classes consume some sophisticate items with higher price which is triggered by their western lifestyle. Even though this trend mostly happen in urban area but it is being interpreted as good potential for French Bakery and Pastry market development in Indonesia. French bakery and pastry which are famous world widely is now being produced all over the world including Indonesia. It’s not necessarily produce by French brand but also by various franchises from Japan, Korea and some of them are now present in Indonesia. Indonesian brands are also taking part in the market competition with some basic French bread and pastry. Unfortunately some bakeries and pastries attempt to produce such products without sufficient knowledge and equipment which are reflected by the quality. Hence, UBIFRANCE Indonesia in collaboration with UBIFRANCE Malaysia try to respond this situation by creating the buyers meeting by inviting around 6 companies “bakery and pastry equipment producers” from France. This event is dedicated to hotel- restaurant-café, ingredients importers & producers, equipment distributors, bakery and pastry association, bakery & pastry school… in Indonesia and Malaysia. The event will be held on 16 & 17 of June 2014 in Mandarin Hotel Jakarta-Indonesia.

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