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LASELEC is an international company specializing in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of industrial equipment and lasers as well as associated services (training, installation, and maintenance).

Thanks to the quality of our products and to our innovative strategy, LASELEC has long been a motor driving the development of laser wire processing technology and has set an unbeatable standard for customer satisfaction.
We are now the world leader in the conception and production of cable marking machines.

Our offices are strategically located in Western Europe, the USA, Mexico, Japan, China, and North Africa in order to respond rapidly to the needs of our clients throughout the world.

LASELEC offers a large range of equipment:

- UV laser cable markers
- Laser cable stripping systems (including jacket stripping)
- Interactive harness layout boards for the mass production and prototyping of electrical harnesses
- Laser industrial parts and mold cleaners
- Laser diode drivers

The expertise of our R&D team and our mastery of the development and manufacturing of laser sources allow us to offer researched solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

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Company profile

Related activities :

Engineering industry, steel industry, defence

Export area :


Europe outside E.U.

Near and Middle East

North Africa

North America

North Asia


South America

South Asia

South-east Asia

Sub-Saharan Africa

Local presence :

European Union

North Africa

North America

North Asia

Target countries :


European Union

North Africa

North America

North Asia


South Asia

South-east Asia

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Automatic marking and cutting production line Rapidshare

The RapidShare system is designed for the automated handling of laser marked wires and cables. It is a flexible solution in which each production process –sorting at the machine output, labelling, grouping, storage, etc. – is customized according to the customer’s needs. RapidShare works with the entire line of ULYS Modena machines and offers advanced sorting features to speed up electrical harness manufacturing.

Tags: automated handling of laser marked wires and cables; electrical harness manufacturing


EasyContrast brochure - Contrast measurement system

EasyContrast : Contrast measurement system

Tags: marked wires control system, contrast meter, contrast measurement system, wire quality control system


Laselec - Interactive wire harness layout board EasyWiring

The interactive wire harness layout board is bringing wire harness manufacturing to the digital age. The system replaces paper diagrams with a dynamic display of information to guide the production process of an electrical harness. At each step, the operator validates the progress of the job by scanning bar-codes on the screen. LASELEC is offering a complete setup made up of the display device, the CAM software, and moveable supports in various forms adapted to all types of harnesses.

Tags: interactive wire harness layout board; harness manufacturing;


LASELEC Company brochure

As the global leader in the laser industry for wiring and laser cleaning, LASELEC designs and manufactures high-quality machines used in demanding industrial sectors: high performance laser wire markers, laser wire stripping systems, interactive wiring boards, injection and compression mold cleaning machines... Having strived to be at the forefront of innovation and quality, LASELEC’s unique expertise and experience allows us to manufacture the most efficient equipment available, while providing our customers with low maintenance and operating costs.

Tags: Laser wire markers, laser stripping machines, laser strippers


MLC 500 brochure - Laser cleaning

LASELEC has developed a rapid and efficient alternative to traditional solutions for cleaning rubber and polymer injection molds: the MLC 500.

Tags: injection and compression mold cleaning machines, laser cleaning, laser cleaning solution


MRO 200 brochure - Laser wire markers

The MRO 200 line meets cable marking and identification needs ranging from occasional small runs to significant volumes while guaranteeing the best balance of quality and price. The MRO 200 has numerous features available to fit the needs of every client. You can even upgrade your MRO 200 in the field to a higher model within the line.

Tags: Wire and cable UV Laser markers,


MRO CUT brochure - wire and cable cutting machine

Wire and cable cutting machine

Tags: Wires and cables cutting machine


Ultra-Compact Laser Strippers Sylade

The SYLADE laser wire stripper is the ideal tool for stripping single core, twisted and shielded multi-core cables through a simple operation that offers no risk of damaging the shielding or the sensitive inner core of the cable. The contact-free cut allows the system to adapt itself to the diameter and type of cable, unlike mechanical strippers. SYLADE thus combines the efficiency, quality and security of laser stripping with the ease of use and reliability that LASELEC equipment is known for.

Tags: laser wire stripper; laser wire stripping; wire stripping; wire stripper


ULYS Modena brochure - Laser wire markers

Ideal for medium to very high production volumes, the ULYS SL Modena line consists of upgradeable machines which guarantee a level of productivity and quality unparalleled on the market, along with the best balance of productivity and price. All of the machines of the line can be equipped with a multi-spool de-reeler capable of holding between 6 and 24 spools, as well as an automatic feeding system including the wire waste reduction feature.

Tags: UV laser marking, UV laser wire and cable marking, laser wire markers, laser cable marker


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