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Production of thermal solutions and equipements for Aerospace based on the mineral insulated cable technologies

We design and develop solutions for our customers, from prototyping up to qualification and industrialization for high volume production

Components of custom assemblies - one-of-a-kind projects or long term recurrent production:
With more than 55 years experience, THERMOCOAX uses its knowledge and capabilities to manage customer projects through to a successful outcome

Tier one supplier in many programs:
- temperature measurement: helicopter gas engine (Arriel, Arrius, Ardiden, RTM etc…..)
- Aircraft brake temperature monitoring : A350, MRJ
- health monitoring: detection of debris at the air inlet and gas exhaust of the gas engine. - Military program
- Signal transmission:
for harsh and high temperature environment where the organic cable can’t survive
Coaxial, triaxial, mono or multiwire, high frequency bandwidth

-Anti-icing systems: self regulated technology, cold end parts, for pitot tube, waste water drain mast, gas engine air inlet grid, TAT sensor etc…..
- Overheat detector for bleed air leakage detection
- Fire detector for engine calculator

A project management approach to develop and propose the best and most cost-effective technical solution.
ISO 9001 - EN 9100/2003 n° AERO/2006/27443 -ISO 14001 -OHSAS 18001
Manufacturing in Europe and North America

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Tags: drain mast, overheat detector, fire detector, TAT, pitot tube, Angle of attack, de-icing, anti-icing, brake temperature monitoring


Company Profile

Company profile

Tags: thermocouples, heatings elements, ADS, Space, Gas Turbine


Gas Turbines

Gas turbines application

Tags: thermocouples, blade tip clearance, tip timing, stress relieve, blade reparation


Signal Transmission Cables

Signal Transmission Cables low capacitance, high frequency, coaxial, triaxial, multiconductors

Tags: Signal Transmission Cables low capacitance, high frequency, coaxial, triaxial, multiconductors




Which thermocouple to Choose

Which thermocouple to Choose

Tags: thermocouple, high temperature, diameter 0.25mm, high flexibility











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