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Anéolia is a gas instruments manufacturing company founded in June 2009.

Our office is located in great Paris, in France. Our company designs, develops, produces, sells and supports gas analyzers and micro-leak detection systems.

Anéolia’s team is recognized for its unique expertise in gas analysis and leak detection devices. Our staff includes senior technical and sales managers, with more than 20 years experience in the field.

The core team comes from the medical industry, where the different members were in charge of quality, production and service management. The team has extended its knowledge in gas analysis and was part of ABISS development, a very famous brand worldwide for gas analyzers, and developed a large range of instruments.

The team is composed of 11 people including 2 R&D engineers (mechanics, electronics, software), and 4 technical-sales men. Production is partly subcontracted to a local partner. Key suppliers of Anéolia are 15 minutes around its premises, and represent an addition of 4 technicians and designers to the permanent team.

Aneolia develops innovative products with specific interfaces and is recognized for its reactivity and short time to market. We incorporate what the customer wants in terms of range of measurement, sampling method, and human-machine interface.

At the same time, Anéolia develops innovative products such as combined leak detectors to gas analyzers for any kind of contents.

- Development and strategy:

Production raised early 2010 after having introduced automated devices in food industry for gas and leak detection in Pepsico (Fritolay) plants.
Anéolia quickly developed a range of 10 products which are now visible on our website, and keeps hidden special applications for key customers.

The strategy is to offer lab equipment as standard products ready to use and to extend engineering services in offering OEM devices for specific purposes.

Because Anéolia’s devices are sold worldwide, the company is open 7/7 days, 24/24h, to insure assistance to customers.
This permanent assistance allows Anéolia to offer 48h service time on instruments coming for repairs or calibration.

Internal procedures are defined in conformity with ISO 9001, even if Anéolia is not yet certified. 3 members of its team were quality managers in their previous companies, with more than 20 years of expertise in medical industry.

To manage the activity, the premises of Anéolia represent 320 m2 of building including R&D, service, production, stock facility, sales and administration.

- Customers and markets:

The core know how is based on food packaging application, controlled atmosphere application, industrial safety, and medical (plug check at hospital).

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Abiss Gas analysers for MAP applications (english version)

Products dedicated to modified atmosphere packaging for headspace gas control. handheld analyser, desktop analyser.

Tags: O2, CO2, gas analyser, analyseur de gaz, gas control, desktop gas analyser, handheld gas analyser


Abiss Gas analyzers for Safety and process control O2 and CO2 (english version)

Products dedicated to gas process control, and work safety in confined area.

Tags: work safety, gas, process control, leak, confined area


Analyseurs de gaz Abiss pour application packaging sous atmosphère modifiée (version française)

Produits ABISS dédiés au contrôle de gaz des produits sous atmosphère modifiée. Analyseurs portable, analyseur de table.

Tags: O2, CO2, gas analyser, analyseur de gaz, gas control, analyseur de gaz portable, analyseur de gaz de table


Analyseurs de gaz Abiss pour la sécurité des process O2 et CO2 (version française)

Produits ABISS dédiés au contrôle des process utilisant du gaz (mélangeur, injection continue, etc), et à la sécurité des personnes en zones de travail confinées.

Tags: gaz, mélangeur, injection, sécurité des personnes, détection de fuite, contrôle de process


Anéolia company profile (english version)

Company profile of Anéolia. Anéolia is an expert in gas analysis and leak detection. Abiss is the brand of Anéolia.

Tags: anéolia, abiss, service, instruments, consumables


présentation Anéolia analyse de gaz et de fuite

présentation de la société anéolia, expert français de l'analyse de gaz et de l'analyse de fuite pour les emballages alimentaires et pharmaceutiques.

Tags: analyse de gaz, analyse de fuite, emballage alimentaire


Témoignage d'utilisateur d'appareil combinant analyse de gaz et détection de fuite (version française)

La responsable qualité de MAISON MER témoigne après l'achat d'un analyseur de gaz et détecteur de fuite de la marque ABISS.

Tags: analyseur de gaz, détection de fuite, intégrité des emballages, MAP, sous vide


User's testimony about an Abiss instrument combining gas analysis and leak detection (english version)

The quality manager from MAISON MER gives her impressions after the acquisition of a gas analyzer and leak detector, instrument of the brand ABISS.

Tags: gas analyzer, leak detection, MAP, vacuum products












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