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Our company specializes in devices for generation of high average power and high peak power pulses. Products are optimized for specific applications using an integrated approach combining optimum choice of doped fiber, pumping method, amplifier architecture and sub-components, diode pump laser type and wavelength, and electro-mechanical configuration. Several proprietary methods are used to achieve state of the art performance in terms of peak power, electrical efficiency, size and weight.

"One of Keopsys’ core technologies is the use of double cladding gain fibers (DCF) pumped with high power and reliable broad area laser diodes. Although Keopsys makes use of several methods for injecting pump light into the DCF, the most common technique used is that ofv-groove side-pumping (VSP®)."

1. Higher total coupling efficiency
Whereas other DCF pumping methods rely on a two-step process in which diode emission is first coupled into a pump delivery fiber, which is then fused to the DCF, the VSP® is a one step coupling process. This results in a significantly higher : (90%) total diode-to-DCF coupling efficiency for the VSP® .

2. No loss for signal
Because the v-groove does not penetrate into the evanescent field of the light propagating in the core, there is no loss for the signal. This is not the case with other DCF pump couplers that typically introduce a 5-10% signal loss.

3. No significant increase in amplifier length
The v-groove can be placed very close (as little as few cm’s) to the output face of the DCF, minimizing effect of fiber non-linearities encountered in generation of high peak power pulses.

4. Pump diode & coupler integration
The very compact size of the v-groove side-coupler makes it possible to integrate it together with the broad area pump diode in a single compact hermetic enclosure, reducing the overall amplifier size and volume. Combined, these features make the VSP® particularly beneficial for amplifiers designated for CATV, high power WDM, high peak power pulse generation, ultra-short pulse generation, and all other applications where compactness, high power and efficiency are important.
To take full advantage of the VSP® and make it compatible with applications requiring hermetically-sealed pump diodes, Keopsys developed the VSP-3000. VSP-3000 is a hermetically-sealed pump diode : 14-pin butterfly DCF pump module with a standard footprint and electrical pin-out pattern.

The module, shown above, uses industry-accepted laser diode hermetic packaging practices, with organic-free and flux-less diode encapsulation, and is Telcordia-compliant. Keopsys has a completely equipped fabrication line for manufacture of VSP® and other types of broad area laser diode hermetic pump modules.

On the output side, the module delivers 2.5-3 W of pump power from a DCF fiber with an un-doped core that can be fusion spliced to any doped DCF. The input side pigtail is a SMF 28 fiber. The VSP® module provides a loss-less "flow-through" path for the signal. Modules that do not include a TEC cooler can generate significantly higher powers. To further increase the pump power injected into DCF, multiple VSP® can be inserted along the amplifier length.

In addition to its existing product offerings, Keopsys is committed to continually advancing fiber amplifier and laser device performance based on ongoing improvements in fibers, pump diode technology and other components.

Keopsys is part of the collaborative action Pythagore China supported by the Ministry of French Economy, Industry and Employment (DRCE), the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST), COFACE, UBIFRANCE and others.
This action aims to develop French business in China.

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