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Assetsman has been a pioneer in regards with Industrial Asset Management solutions. We carry out studies, audit and professional training in maintenance, stocks, lifespan and investments optimisations for industrial equipment.

Assestsman’s mission is to offer innovative services in maintenance engineering and in Industrial Asset Management. Thereby it allows us to increase the availability and profitability of production equipment by evaluating and optimising “the risks and costs relation”.

Assetsman’s innovative approaches are based on full care of / fully consider the equipment’s life cycle (from the project phase to replacement) and include different aspects of this cycle: investments, exploitation and maintenance, purchases and items supply, modifications and upgrades.

Industrial maintenance’s cost reduction causes equipment’s death or failure and therefore industry faces a great challenge: how is it possible to maintain profitability with availability? For Assetsman, the best way to tackle this challenge is to analyse “the Risk and cost relation”. Through this approach we can evaluate the impacts of decisions on both the technical and economical performance of the industrial site. That is why we come along with the Profitable Availability concept, which is one of Assetsman’s added values.

Assetsman’s innovation: the Risk/Cost relation
In terms of industrial maintenance, risks are bound to costs. A decision can be made in order to only reduce the costs but such a decision is very likely to increase equipment’s failure and unavailability. Assetsman’s great innovation is to provide objective data to master the Risk/ Cost relation. Thanks to a unique methodology allowing the establishment of a pattern for equipment’s behaviour laws and probabilistic calculations, our firm carries out simulations that lead to an economic interpretation of the risks. As a matter of consequence, it is possible to take decisions that match with/ level up to corporate objectives.

Assetsman is a consulting firm composed of 20 very experienced consultants in Industrial Asset Management. The firm was created in 2001 and was rewarded the “JEI” label –Young Innovative Firm- in 2004. Its work in R & D enabled the conception and development of its own working tool called “ASSETSIM”, as well as very innovative industrial asset management’s methodologies.

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